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Planes of all types being reconditioned.
RAY 79

Women working on an airplane engine at Tinker Field.
RAY 80

Women shown in picture are typical mechanic learners working on the "line" at Tinker.
RAY 81

Mechanic helper at Tinker as she finishes a job on the ball turret of a B-17.
RAY 82

Swank and thoroughly capable P-51. Hailed by many pilots as the hottest thing in the air.
RAY 83

All-girl crew at Tinker Field shown removing fairing and hose connection on a B-25.
RAY 84

Tinker Field motor pool trucks.
RAY 85

Skilled workers doing their part at Tinker.
RAY 86

Depot workers as they load crated plane parts into the maw of the Army C-46 which landed at Tinker to take a rush order.
RAY 87

Two huge hangers at the Air Service command's model depot.
RAY 88

Officer in charge of the motor pool making a final check and giving routine instructions to civilian drivers.
RAY 89

Two workers inspecting an engine being tested in one of the 12 cells of the Tinker test building.
RAY 90

Air Service Command employees repairing the wings of an A-20.
RAY 91

Army sergeant as he conducts a class in aeronautics for new traineer at Tinker Field
RAY 92

Trainees of the Third Airways Communications Squadron.
RAY 93

Worker standing on a fast trainer plane at the Oklahoma City Air Depot and steaming the engine.
RAY 94

Women driving unusual type of vehicle at the Oklahoma City Air Depot.
RAY 95

All girl engine repair crew.
RAY 96


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