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American Indians

Geronimo, before escape in March 1886.
ROSE 850

ROSE 851

ROSE 852

Geronimo and Nachez.
ROSE 853

Geronimo, 1886.
ROSE 854

Council meeting, Arizona, 1886. (Geronimo, Capt. Roberts, Nana, Lt. Maus, three interpreters, Capt. Rourke, and Gen. Crook).
ROSE 855

Geronimo and Nachez.

ROSE 856

Geronimo and his
Apache warriors, 1886.
ROSE 857

Geronimo, son Chapo
and two warriors.
ROSE 858

Geronimo and friends.
ROSE 859

Geronimo, 1897.
ROSE 860

Geronimo's camp, 1880s.
ROSE 862

Members of Geronimo's camp in Mexico, 1886.
ROSE 863

Geronimo and Nachez, 1886.
ROSE 864

Apaches who surrendered to Gen. Miles, 1886 (Chap, Geronimo's son, extreme right).
ROSE 865

Juan Rey Abeita.
ROSE 878

Nachise, son of Cochise, 1862.
ROSE 879

Victorio, Apache Chief.
ROSE 882


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