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An early view of San Jose before
the dome fell in 1874.
ROSE 268

Entrance to San Jose Mission showing carvings of the celebrated Spanish artist, Huica.
ROSE 269

Front door to Mission San Jose,
ROSE 270

San Jose Mission in 1891.
ROSE 271

San Jose Mission, 1890.
ROSE 272

Rear view of San Jose Mission, 1880s.
ROSE 273

Beautifully carved "Rose Window" at San Jose Mission.
ROSE 274

General view of San Jose Mission showing its almost complete ruin, 1870s.
ROSE 275

San Jose Mission, 1900.
ROSE 276

1910 photo of San Jose Mission.
ROSE 277

Mission Conception in San Antonio, built 1731.
ROSE 278

San Juan Capistrano Mission, near San Antonio.
ROSE 279

San Juan Capistrano, 1895.
ROSE 280

San Francisco de Espada Mission,
ROSE 281

San Francisco de Espada Mission, 1880s.
ROSE 282


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