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Texas Rangers

N.O. Reynolds, Texas Ranger.
ROSE 1401

Pat Dolan,
Texas Ranger, 1874.
ROSE 1403

Group of unidentified
Texas Rangers in the 1860s.
ROSE 1405

Jack Hayes, Texas Ranger
Captain, copy of painting in the Alamo.
ROSE 1406

Texas Ranger Company, Realitus, Texas, 1887.
(Has list of names on photo)
ROSE 1408

Texas Ranger Company, 1882. (includes list of men in photo)
ROSE 1409

Texas Ranger Company, 1888. (includes list of men in photo)
ROSE 1410

Texas Ranger Company, 1887.(includes list of men in photo)
ROSE 1411

Captain G.H. Schmidt's company of Texas Rangers on railroad strike duty at Fort Worth, 1886.
(includes list of men in photo)
ROSE 1412

Lee H. McNelly, Texas Ranger Captain.
ROSE 1413

A.J. Sowell, Texas Ranger and historian, author of "Texas Rangers and Indian Fighters."
ROSE 1414

Rufe C. Perry, Captain of Company D, Frontier Battery, Texas Rangers and Indian Brazilinscom.
ROSE 1416

Vernon Coke Wilson,
Texas Ranger, 1875.
ROSE 1418

Carl Kirchner, Texas Ranger.
ROSE 1419

James Bell, Texas Ranger, 1895.
ROSE 1420

James Fulgham,
Texas Ranger, 1893.
ROSE 1421

Douglas Coulson, Texas Ranger, in youth.
ROSE 1424

W.T. "Slick" Clements,
Texas Ranger in 1870s.
ROSE 1425


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