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Box 1




1.         The Ladies Notebook and Calendar. Published 1882.

Two certificates of merit to Holman Richmond from the "Loyal Sunday School Army".

One envelope bearing the advertisement for Cornish and Co. piano manufacturer

Advertisement envelope to Stephenson.

Poem entitled "On Baker's Creek" by J. J. McGinnis.

Two calling cards from Miss Sallie S. Stephenson.

Calling card of Georgia Stephenson.

Calling card of Lucy B. Holler.


2.         Miscellaneous items, primarily advertisements, 1878-1966


3.         Bulletin of the Tongass Elks, 1950


4.         Menu from the S.S. Alaska, July 29, 1950


5.         Eight travel folders and maps


6.         Voter registration certificates for T. J. Stephenson, 1871, 1875. Solicitation of political support from H. C. McCabe, 1887.


7.         Miscellaneous receipts for real estate and personal property tax and bills of sale, 1871-1889. .


8.         Nine legal documents; state of Mississippi, 1870-1896


9.         Letter to T. J. Stephenson from the Theo. Noel Co., 1901.


10.       Four letters to Stephenson concerning teaching position at the Flower Hill School, 1894.


11.       Fourteen receipts and/or bills of sale to/from T. J. Stephenson, 1872-1909.


12.       Five letters and advertisements regarding L. B. Silver's hogs, 1887-1890.


13.       Six letters (business) to T. J. Stephenson, 1874-1893.


14.       Six letters (personal) to T. J. Stephenson and family, 1892-1911.


15.       Court summons for Harry Jackson, November 25, 1877.


16.       Letter concerning contributions made to Fairbanks Hospital, 1908.


17.       Three contracts with the Northern Pacific Railroad for the sale of land by that company in Idaho and Washington Territories, 1881.


18.       Eighteen letters to the Northern Pacific Railroad Co. from homesteaders concerning land purchases made by them from the Northern Pacific, 1876-1930.


19.       Five receipts for store purchases.


20.       Two receipts for purchases made by T. J. Stephenson from Simon De Jong, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1887-1888.


21.       Thirty-one receipts for purchases made by T. J. Stephenson for Sam Bazinsky & Co., 1878-1880.


22.       Twenty-one miscellaneous receipts for purchases made by T. J. Stephenson from 1870-1907.


23.       Twenty-six receipts involving business between T. J. Stephenson and J. Gusdoffer.  Most concern sale of cotton to Gusdoffer, and Stephenson's plantation purchases,1879-1884.


24.       Forty-six receipts concerning purchases made by T. J. Stephenson from D. J. Shlenker & Co., 1870-1895.


25.       Four receipts concerning business between T. J. Stephenson and Peter Riley, 1873.


26.       Seven receipts from Bazsinsky, Kuhn & Simmons, 1869-1871.


27.       Eight receipts from Susman & Metzger, 1877.


28.       Five receipts from S. C. Ragan & Co., 1884-1896.


29.       Thirteen receipts from G. W. Cummings; purchases made by T. J. Stephenson, 1879-1882.


30.       Congressional record of the 57th Congress, 1st Session, 1902.  Contains speech made by John S. Williams, Mississippi, House of Representatives.


31.       Miscellaneous papers of Earl Bell.  (12 pieces)



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