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Box 1  All items are typescripts of newspaper articles:




1.         Letter of fair play to W.P. Boudinot, Esq.  Cherokee Advocate, June 18, 1870.  Re:  railroad in Indian Territory.


2.         Memorial of Cherokee National and Editorial on Memorial Address.  Cherokee Advocate, July 8, 1871.  Re: E.C. Boudinot vs. U.S.


3.         Letters of W.P. Boudinot, W.P. Ross, et al to the president of the Board of Trustees.  Cherokee Advocate, April 18, 1874.  Re: Cherokee Orphan Asylum.


4.         Letter of W.P. Boudinot to the editor of the Cherokee Advocate.  Cherokee Advocate, May 30, 1874.  Re: interview with President U.S. Grant on Indian Policy (peace policy), a territorial government for Indians, and railroads in Indian Territory.


5.         Editorial on W.P. Boudinot.  Cherokee Advocate, March 1, 1876.  Re: Boudinot becoming editor of the paper.


6.         Editorial on W.P. Boudinot.  Cherokee Advocate, November 18, 1876.  Re: claims by Old Settler Cherokees.


7.         A letter to W.P. Boudinot.  Cherokee Advocate, March 7, 1877.  Re: the removal of the Pawnees to the Cherokee Strip.


8.         Letter of W.P. Boudinot to the editor.  The Indian Chieftain, April 7, 1884.  Re: claims of Old Settler Cherokees.


9.         Col. W. P. Boudinot.  The Cherokee Telephone, July 3, 1890.  Re: W.P. Boudinot's efforts to gather information on the Cherokees so that he could write a history of them.


10.       Col. W.P. Boudinot.  The Fort Gibson Post, April 23, 1898.  Re: travel of W.P. Boudinot to Kansas City to receive treatment for addiction to morphine.


11.       Col. W.P. Boudinot.  The Fort Gibson Post, June 23, 1898.  Re: statement by Frank J. Boudinot that he believed his father (W.P. Boudinot) had committed suicide.


12.       Story of the strange disappearance of W.P. Boudinot. The Vinita Leader, February 23, 1899.


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