The Eagle's Wing;
Little, Brown & Company: 1924.


        Sergeant King – old-time Indian fighter – leaves to his grandson Rawley a clue to a long-hidden gold mine in Idaho. Indian Johnny, the Sergeant’s servant, remembers the locality and transferring his loyalty to Rawley, the living image of his dead grandfather, guides the young man back to the mountain fastnesses where the legacy lies hidden.

        There they stumble on the Cramer family, some of whom still remember the Sergeant with enmity, and others who were a part of the romance hinted at in the old man’s diary. He discovers that the Cramers are secretly building a dam to stop the Colorado River, in order that they ma dig gold from the river bed, -- a scheme requiring the expenditure of a million dollars, which the Cramers have saved and are spending. Since Rawley is an engineer, one of the friendly “cousins” appeals to him for help.

        But away back in the ‘60s, romance had stepped that way and had left tangled threads of destiny which the fates are still spinning.