The Family Failing;
Little, Brown & Company: 1941.


        J.G. Whitmore’s Happy Family, the boys of the Flying U, have one besetting failing: “rubbing it in.” For instance, they “rubbed it in” on Weary Davidson for getting drunk and shooting up the town, despite Weary’s convincing air of injured innocence.

        How were the boys to know that it was Weary’s cousin and double, Irish Mallory, who had staged the one man show? They find out soon enough when Irish joins the round up. Naturally the hazing shifts to him.

        It takes Milk River Pink, another victim, to cure the boys by a clever stratagem at the Dry Lake masquerade. Pink’s revenge, and an exciting episode when Pink and Irish are snowbound and in grave danger –these are the highlights of a genial and genuine novel that proves once again that B.M. Bower never lets you down.