The Flying U Ranch;
G.W. Dillingham Company: 1914.


        The well-known characters of Chip, Pink, Andy Green, Irish, Slim, Weary, Big Medicine and the Little Doctor – all the genial and well beloved members of the Happy Family – once more appear in this splendid new story of the cattleland.

        While “the old man” was away in Chicago, Dunk Whittaker, his former pardner, stocked a neighboring ranch with sheep. The very sight and smell of their woolly bodies, as the sheep were driven upon the choicest pasturage land of the Flying U Coulee, drove the cowboys frantic with rage.

        How the fear of the law put a wholesome crimp into the soul of Dunk Whittaker, and how “the bunch” wins out in the end, complete a story told in B.M. Bower’s happiest vein. No other American author embodies so vividly the fine, free spirit of the West.