Fool's Goal;
Little, Brown & Company: 1930.


        Many bright young men go West to make their fortune, but Dale Emery reversed this long-established custom. Dale took his fortune with him!

        Daring, adventurous, wealthy, and a true gambler at heart, Dale had had enough of sitting in offices, watching money pile up from cattle deals in the West. Dale wanted to take his fortune west with him, and get to know the country that kept his bank balance big. He wanted to feel and see and become a part of the sprawling, fabulous country.

        No one could convince Dale that dollars were dangerous – that a man with money could be a drastic threat to the ambitions of men without it. It is only when Dale is chloroformed and robbed in a little Cheyenne hotel that he begins to realize the formidable foes he may make in trying to do everything his way… that his may be a Fool’s Goal.

        Then danger threatens lovely dark-haired Cynthy, daughter of the one man Dale really trusts in this strange, new land. Dale is forced to fight with the relentless, harsh and merciless weapons his lawless opponents have chosen, and the outcome is one that even he could not foresee.

        Fool’s Goal is another – and one of the best – rugged realistic stories of a rugged, realistic life and land, told by the author of Black Thunder.