Laughing Water;
Little, Brown & Company: 1932.


        “Laughing Water” was the name given to Old Babe Allison’s ranch by the original Indian owner, and its early traditions were of happiness and gayety and prosperity. All this had long since vanished. Old Babe was tired and aging; his son was an unprincipled waster; his daughter-in-law an unhappy and neglected wife. To Laughing Water came MacDougal, nephew and heir of Old Babe’s partner, to look over his inheritance and to try to straighten out the difficulties.

        This is a story of the modern West, for B.M. Bower keeps well abreast of the times ---lively, dramatic and true to ranch life. There are complications both serious and amusing, love that enables and love that degrades; and at the same time plenty of humor and trenchant comment from the old man whose wits and temper retain their full force even if his muscles betray him.