The Long Loop;
Little, Brown & Company: 1931.


        In cowboy parlance, to swing a “long loop” means to lasso another fellow’s steer. It was not until Dix Larrabee had been cheated out of most of his money by Own Gray, and was being constantly teased for more by “Chuck”, the young brother whom he idolized, that the temptation to “rustle” proved too strong. There was an ideal hideout in Dix’s ranch so he started his operations on Gray’s cattle. Then Chuck came home and at the same time there came some Eastern girls, cousins of Gray and college friends of Chuck’s. Dix found himself in a dangerous situation, dodging Gray’s detectives, keeping his brother ignorant of his rustling and fighting against his love for the girl whom he thinks is engaged to Chuck.

        No one but Bower could concoct such a thrilling Western tangle and then extricate the characters with such deftness.