Outlaw Moon;
Brown & Company: 1952.


        Branded an outlaw after he shot a man who had tried to drygulch him, Jack Bellamy was forced to leave his Montana ranch – the “Cowbell” - knowing that his neighbor, Jess Talbot, had long cast covetous eyes on his holdings.

        But deciding to put his enforced exile to good use, Bellamy determined to track down the real power behind his would-be murderer, and to find, if humanly possible, a clue to the unnaturally tall man, the leader of the gang that had killed his younger brother in a daring train robbery.

        The only clue the drygulcher had left behind him was the “Turkey Track” brand on his horse, a brand unknown to Bellamy. And the tall man – that was an even more elusive clue. For no man could have been as tall as this man, known to a few as “Highpockets” Tate.

        In Idaho, far from the Cowbell, Bellamy at last found the Turkey Track Ranch – and there, too, was the beginning of the trail, a cold trail now, that was to lead Jack Bellamy to the one man responsible for all his troubles.

        In this stirring story of the West, combining as it does a hard-to-solve mystery with a tender love story, B. M. Bower is again revealed as a master of Western fiction.