The Swallowfork Bulls;
Little, Brown & Company: date.


        Scott Morrison was born to the range. It was his one desire to leave the East and return to the open spaces he loved. So when he found himself needing money for college tuition it was natural that he secured a job with the outfit of his father’s old foreman. But – the whole herd of bulls he was set to guard was stolen while he lay ill, and his fellow cowpunchers called him an incompetent slacker.

        With one thought in his mind and with the jeers and curses of his comrades still ringing in his ears, Scott started out. This is the story of his struggle and vindication and of how his clear thinking and athletic training triumphed over the schemes of thieves and their brute force. It is also the story of a romance that came to him on the trail of the lost Swallowfork Bulls.