Tiger Eye;
Little, Brown & Company: 1929.


        Because “Killer” Reeves, down on the Brazos in Texas, had killed a man in self-defense, he had been drawn into a feud. His sons were brought up never to lie, to live straight and –to be dead shots. One by one they fell victims of the feud until only the youngest, “Tiger Eye”, was left. Rather than be drawn in and have to become a killer himself, he left home and went to Montana, looking for a job as a cowboy.

        As a scout for the Poole outfit, who were waging war against the “nesters”, the kid met Nellie Murray, a daughter of a “nester” who was shot down in cold blood in his own dooryard. When from her and from his friend Babe’s delirious babblings he heard bitter and dreadful revelations about Poole, the kid saw himself caught in a terrible dilemma. How he works himself out at the risk of his life, still refusing to kill, gives B.M. Bower the theme and setting for another thrilling Western story.