Trails Meet;
Little, Brown & Company: 1933.


        Alone in his camp on a bad night, Jess Robison hears shots and goes out to find a dying man. Shortly afterwards he has callers. Next day a boulder crashes down a slope and nearly finishes him. Somebody is out to get him –but who? – and why? Jess though born and bred in the cattle country and heir to his grandfather’s ranch, is most interested in drawing and painting –to his father’s intense disgust. In spite of himself, however, he becomes involved in a murder followed by an accusation against himself and by the strange disappearance of Sara Barrett. With the help of Link Whelan, deputy sheriff, and of the red-haired girl, Jess plumbs the mystery while reputations crash all around.

        Like all of the best Bower Westerns, “Trails Meet” is a lively and ingeniously tangled tale, peopled with delightful men and women.