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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Novels

Color reproductions of novel covers printed on card stock may be purchased
for $14.00 plus postage and handling.

For additional information, email the Western History Collections or call (405)325-3641.

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The Pride of the Plains
Bill 20

Silverblade, the Hostile
Bill 58

Wild Bill to the Rescue
Bill 70

Buffalo Bill's Comrade Scout
Bill 71

The Redskin Detective
Bill 95

Little Thunderbolt

The Bad Man of Benson's Ranch
Bill 154

The Mystery Avenger
Bill 164

Buffalo Bill's "Bad Medicine"
Bill 167

Dick Talbot's Detective Trail
Bill 175

Night Hawk George, The Scout-
Detective Pard of Buffalo Bill
Bill 193

Buffalo Bill's Triple Trail
Bill 197

Dare-Devil Dick
Bill 205

The Whirlwind of the West
Bill 217

The Raid of the Arapahoe
Bill 218

Dick Talbot's Big Win
Bill 219

Iron Heart, the King of Fate
Bill 220

The Red Rider of the Overland
Bill 222


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