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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Novels
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The Pony Express Detective
Bill 223

Dick Talbot's Close Call
Bill 224

The Mad Driver of the Rockies
Bill 225

Bill Cody's First Big Trail
Bill 226

Dick Talbot's Defiance
Bill 227

The Spectre of the Plains

Buffalo Bill on Special Service
Bill 229

The League of the Silver Circle
Bill 230

The King of Gold Canyon
Bill 231

The White Queen of the Sioux
Bill 232

Buffalo Bill's Buckskin Braves
Bill 233

The Amazon of the West
Bill 234

Buffalo Bill's Sweepstake
Bill 235

Hermits of the Grand Canyon
Bill 236

Night Hawk's Treble Triumph
Bill 237

Buck Taylor
Bill 238

The Lasso Kings' League
Bill 239

Buffalo Bill's Big Haul
Bill 240


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