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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Novels
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The Tigress of Texas
Bill 241

Buffalo Bill's False Ally
Bill 242

The Miner Marauder's Death Trail
Bill 243

Buffalo Bill's Chinee Pard
Bill 244

On the Trail of a Shadow
Bill 245

Buffalo Bill and the Rebel Spy

Vigilante or Villain?
Bill 247

The Feathers of Death
Bill 248

The Terror of Phantom Pass
Bill 249

Scout Against Scoundrel
Bill 250

Wild Bill's Gold Trail
Bill 251

The Dwarf Destroyer
Bill 252

The Gold Bullet Sport
Bill 253

Buffalo Bill and the Jay Hawks
Bill 254

Dakota Dan, the Ranger
Bill 255

Buffalo Bill and the Mine Jumpers
Bill 256

Wild Bill to the Rescue
Bill 257

Buffalo Bill's Comrade Scout
Bill 258


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