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  • World War I

    World War I ships in harbor. U.S.S. West Lianca at Bordeaux.
    BUTCHER 44

    World War I French tank leading attack along the Marne.
    BUTCHER 46

    Winter scene of World War I French heavy artillery and troops in the snow.
    BUTCHER 47

    Soldiers camouflaging a road near Livry, Marne, during World War I.
    BUTCHER 48

    A World War I ambulance and troops in France.
    BUTCHER 49

    The desolate landscape and empty shell of "The Church of Albain St. Nazaire" France, World War I.
    BUTCHER 52

    Troops clearing a street after the destruction of battle in World War I. Streets in Noyon mined by Germans.
    BUTCHER 53

    A French town shelled during World War I. Walls of buildings are standing. Rubble is in the street.
    BUTCHER 54

    World War I photo showing rubble and earth piled in foreground and damaged buildings in background. Bridge at Chateau-Thierry blown up during German advance.
    BUTCHER 59

    World War I troops in a trench. French grenadiers.
    BUTCHER 60

    World War I French troops in a front line trench. Showing sandbags, weapons, and wooded crates.
    BUTCHER 61

    A World War I trench with bunkers, board walk, blankets, and sandbags. Barren and decapitated trees along the trench.
    BUTCHER 62

    A World War I gun emplacement in France.
    BUTCHER 63

    A man is entering a World War I German concrete and timber dugout among the trees in a forest.
    BUTCHER 64


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