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Boggs, Herbert Otho
Papers 1830-1889
8 items

Collector. Photocopies of Choctaw Indian documents including an occupation permit (1889); a sales brochure (n.d.) from the Sacred Heart Abbey in Sacred Heart, Oklahoma; a letter (1845) from George Harkins describing the condition among the Choctaws since their removal from Mississippi to Indian Territory; and a letter (1874) from Peter Pitchlynn to his nephew W. B. Pitchlynn regarding Choctaw politics.
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Bryant, William J.
Printed materials 1875-1878
2 items

Indian chief. Two typescripts of news articles (1875-1878) from Choctaw Nation newspapers. One concerns the nomination of Bryant for principal chief, the other deals with Bryant's approval of a Choctaw Nation law.
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Choctaw Nation Papers
Records and printed materials 1868-1936
17 feet

Indian tribe. Acts, laws, bills, and resolutions (1896-1910) of the Choctaw Nation; typescripts of newspaper articles (1868-1936), mainly about political matters such as elections, allotment, and the Dawes Commission, along with four ledgers (1902-1911) which were the journals of record and contain the minutes of the Choctaw Nation Council. View the Choctaw Nation Papers Inventory


Cole, Coleman
Printed materials 1875-1879
.33 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of correspondence (1875-1879) relating to Choctaw participation in the proposed Indian Union growing out of the Okmulgee Council; published speeches (1877-1878); Choctaw Tribal Council proceedings (1873-1878); accounts of Choctaw court cases (1877); and other papers (1875-1879) pertaining to the problem of intruders, tribal citizenship, and royalties from Choctaw coal lands, all during the period of Cole's tenure as principal chief, 1874-1878.
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Conlan, Madeline Czarina Colbert
Papers 1756-1932
.33 foot

Historian. Typewritten manuscripts (1920-1938), including research notes, speeches and reports on the history and culture of Oklahoma's Indian tribes and their leaders, with an emphasis on the Choctaws.  View the Madeline Czarina Colbert Conlan Collection Inventory


Cook, Benjamin R.
Records 1872-1948
1 foot

Collector. Three account books (1872-1874) and a fire insurance policy (1889), along with statements and receipts (1879-1880) from the Hester Mercantile Store, Boggy Depot, Indian Territory, owned by George B. Hester. The collection also contains printed election returns (1930-1948) from Atoka County, Oklahoma. Boggy Depot was in the Choctaw Nation before Oklahoma statehood.
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Dukes, Gilbert W. (b. 1849)
Printed materials 1877-1905
.25 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of correspondence (1900-1901) written during Dukes's tenure as principal chief of the Choctaw Nation and relating to leases, stock raising, and Choctaw Indian schools, together with speeches (1900-1902); biographical information (1901); and political writings (1900-1905) reflecting the problems involved in the transition from tribal government to territorial, and, ultimately, state jurisdiction.
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Folsom, Lee W.
Papers 1867-1910
.66 foot

Journalist. Folsom family correspondence (1902-1908); a notebook (1897-1899) indicating the subjects studied by Folsom while a student at Atoka Baptist Seminary and Folsom's personal account books (1905-1910). The collection also includes annual reports (1895-1900) of the U. S. Board of Indian Commissioners; a copy of the acts and resolutions (1897) of the general council of the Choctaw Nation; a hymnal (n.d.) written in Choctaw; two copies of the Laws of the Choctaw Nation (1866-1891) written in English and Choctaw; a Choctaw New Testament (1906); a Choctaw Pentateuch (1867) and a letter (1885) in Choctaw from Alfred Folsom to Rainie Winthrop.
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Fuller, Agnes
Papers 1894-1923
.10 foot

Teacher. Certificates and teaching contracts (1894-1923); a teaching assignment (1907) from the U.S. Indian Service at McAlester, Indian Territory; and the Choctaw spelling book Chata Holisso (n.d.), printed by the Richmond Presbyterian Committee of Publication containing the alphabet, symbols, tables, vocabularies, the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer, names of animals, money tables, and moral essays, all in the Choctaw language.
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Gardner, Jefferson (ca. 1846-1906)
Printed materials 1894-1906
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1894-1906), including speeches and letters, by and about Gardner, a principal chief of the Choctaws, and also relating to such issues as slavery, financial affairs, tribal factionalism, and the allotment of land by the Dawes Commission.
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Gardner, Oscar
Printed materials 1950-1955
5 items

Teacher. Booklets and brochures (1950-1955) describing the Goodland Indian Orphanage and School in Goodland, Oklahoma. The orphanage was in the Choctaw Nation.
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Garvin, Isaac L.
Printed materials 1877-1879
7 items

Indian chief. Typescripts of legislation (1877-1879) enacted by the Choctaw Nation council concerning the courts, schools, timber lands, and coal mining.
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Goodland Indian School Collection
Printed materials 1940-1956
5 items

Indian school and orphanage. Newspaper clippings (1956); brochures (1950); pamphlets (1955); and a published history (1940) of the Goodland Indian School, a Presbyterian orphanage founded for Choctaw Indians, but later expanded to serve orphans from other tribes as well.
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Harrison, William H. (1876-1929)
Printed materials 1901-1937
5 items

Indian chief. Typescripts of speeches and correspondence (1901-1937) by Harrison, a principal chief of the Choctaws, on the subject of the allotment of Choctaw lands.
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Hunter, Thomas W.
Printed materials 1902-1903
3 items

Indian leader. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1902-1903) concerning Hunter's appointment of E. P. Pitchlynn as a light horseman and his authority to do so. The light horsemen was a mounted police force in the Choctaw Nation.
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Hurley, Patrick Jay (1883-1956)
Papers 1900-1956
188 feet

U.S. ambassador. Correspondence, reports, and articles (1900-1956) regarding Hurley's positions as national attorney for the Choctaw Nation, including enrollments, land questions, and the Mississippi Choctaw Indians; assistant U.S. secretary of war and U.S. secretary of war; a special presidential representative to the Soviet Union, Great Britain, Afghanistan, and the Middle East; U.S. ambassador to China during World War II, including correspondence regarding American and Allied efforts in the Far Eastern Theatre. Correspondents include Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Louis Mountbatten, Mao Tse-Tung, Chiang Kai-Shek, Herbert Hoover, Douglas MacArthur, Henry A. Wallace, Joseph Stilwell, Helen Keller, and Cordell Hull, as well as officials of the diplomatic corps such as Averell Harriman and Harry Hopkins.


Jones, Dovie
Papers 1870-1892
2 items

Collector. A ledger (1870) with entries in the Choctaw language belonging to Wilson N. Jones, a principal chief of the Choctaws, and containing information regarding a general store he operated in Cade, Indian Territory. Also included is a copy of a speech (1892) by Jones to the Choctaw general council.
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Jones, Wilson N. (ca. 1831-1901)
Printed materials 1890-1935
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1890-1935), including speeches, editorials, and official documents which focus on Choctaw tribal politics, land allotment, and mineral rights on Choctaw Indian lands.
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Kingsbury, Cyrus (1786-1870)
Records 1819-1869
1.50 feet

Missionary. Photocopies of the correspondence (1818-1869) and reports (1820-1859) of Cyrus Kingsbury, Presbyterian missionary among the Choctaw Indians, regarding the Choctaw removal to the Indian Territory, the Civil War, and slavery.
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LeFlore, Carrie
Papers 1886-1892
.10 foot

Housewife. Personal correspondence (1886-1892) with friends and family and reflecting her life as the wife of Basil LeFlore, a principal chief of the Choctaw Indians, along with expressions of condolence on the death of her husband.
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Locke, Victor M., Jr.
Papers 1900-1927
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescript of newspaper articles (1900-1927) regarding the allotment of land in the Choctaw Nation and Locke's role in the Choctaw tribal government.  View the Victor M. Locke, Jr., Collection Inventory


McAlester, James Jackson (1842-1922)
Papers 1870-1908
58 feet

Businessman. Correspondence (1888-1908); store ledgers (1874-1903); daybooks (1870-1904); inventory books (n.d.); cash books (1889-1903); and supporting records from the J. J. McAlester Mercantile Company in McAlester, Indian Territory. McAlester was in the Choctaw Nation.
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McCurtain, D. C. (b. 1873)
Printed materials 1899-1911
7 Items

Indian statesman. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1899-1911) regarding McCurtain's views on schools, tribal government, and related issues confronting the Choctaw Nation.
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McCurtain, Edmond (1842-1890)
Printed materials 1875-1901
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of McCurtain's annual messages (1884-1886) to the Choctaw Nation general council; letters (1875-1877) by McCurtain to newspapers regarding various issues, including railroad right-of-way and citizenship disputes, and an obituary (1890) of McCurtain.
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McCurtain, Green (1848-1910)
Papers 1890-1916
14.50 feet

Indian chief. Correspondence (1890-1916) to and from McCurtain regarding Choctaw Nation railroads, administrative matters, politics, Choctaw Indian claims against the United States, and the issue of separate statehood for Indian Territory, including letters from the chiefs of the other major Indian tribes in the territory; maps (1876-1908) of railroad rights-of-way and towns in the Choctaw Nation; publications (1896-1913) by political parties and citizens groups in the Choctaw Nation regarding political and judicial events and issues; publications (1892-1916) of the U.S. government regarding mineral rights of the Choctaw Nation and Indian Territory; and McCurtain's personal expense accounts (1902-1910).
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McCurtain, Jackson Frazier (1830-1885)
Printed materials 1875-1901
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1875-1901) regarding McCurtain and his State of the Choctaw Nation speeches (1881-1883) made before the general council while he was principal chief.
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McKinney, Thompson
Printed materials 1886-1887
2 items

Indian chief. Typescripts of two newspaper articles (1886-1887), one is McKinney's inaugural address as principal chief of the Choctaws and the other is an editorial on his handling of Choctaw Nation affairs.
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McKinney, William H.
Manuscript 1878
1 item

Poet. A poem (1878) by McKinney written in the Choctaw language and entitled Iti Hishi Yama Isht Chit Haya Va Lihohe or A Leaf That Reminds Me of Thee. An English translation is included.
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McMurray, John Frank
Printed materials 1898-1927
.50 foot

Lawyer. Published court records (1898-1926) and correspondence (1900-1927) regarding McMurray's suit against the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations for expenses and legal fees incurred in McMurray's successful representation of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians in a lawsuit regarding taxation of Indian lands. View the John Frank McMurray Collection Inventory


Pitchlynn, Peter Perkins (1806-1881)
Papers 1815-1888
2.75 feet

Indian chief. Correspondence (1824-1881) of Pitchlynn with prominent citizens and family members in the Choctaw Nation regarding events and troubles within the nation; Pitchlynn's personal journals (1815); Pitchlynn's diary (1828-1832); official reports (1825-1841) of the Choctaw Academy and Missionary Station in Kentucky; and Pitchlynn family records (1806-1867). The collection also includes a signed copy of the articles of surrender and peace negotiated between the Choctaw Nation and the United States at the close of the Civil War, and extensive correspondence reflecting the state of the Choctaw Nation just prior to, and during the Civil War years, with special regard to slavery. View the Peter Perkins Pitchlynn Collection Inventory


Ralls, Joseph G., Sr. (1864-1933)
Papers 1870-1924
9.33 feet

Attorney. Correspondence (1870-1924) and legal case files (1890-1924) from Ralls's law practice, including those concerning his representation of Choctaw Indians during the allotment of Choctaw lands and townsite payments. View the Joseph G. Ralls, Sr., Collection Inventory


Redwine Trading Company Collection
Records 1896-1925
21 feet

Mercantile firm. Ledgers (1896-1922) in which the daily commerce of this Spiro, Oklahoma, general store and cotton-ginning operation were recorded. Among these are day books (1898-1918); cash books and notary records (1904-1906); funeral records (1901-1911); ginners cotton books (1908-1918); and books (1903-1925) recording cotton bought and sold. Also included in this collection are a petition (n.d.) of Spiro, Indian Territory, regarding the relocation of the U.S. District Court and the treasurer's records (1907) from a Spiro-area school district. The records of this collection span thirty years and reflect the economic conditions of the Choctaw Nation, of Indian Territory, and of the state of Oklahoma, including periods of depression and prosperity.
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Redwine, Wilburn Nash (b. 1862)
Papers 1898-1943
16 feet

Attorney. Correspondence (1898-1943) regarding Redwine's legal practice in Spiro, Oklahoma; legal case files (1898-1943) in which Redwine was involved; published legal briefs (n.d.); expense ledgers (1904-1917) in which Redwine recorded the nature of cases and the fees charged; and political posters and leaflets (1910, 1924) published during Redwine's campaigns for election to the state senate and supreme court. The expense ledgers, prior to November, 1907, reflect legal services provided for a number of Choctaw Indian families experiencing difficulty receiving or claiming allotments. View the W.N. Redwine Collection Inventory


Rogers-Neill Collection
Papers 1871-1943
1 foot

Collectors. Business correspondence and papers (1871-1935) of Fritz Sittell relating to the Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, the Choctaw Trading Company, Sittell's other business interests, and the development of the town of McAlester, Oklahoma; personal correspondence (1871-1943) including letters from Tams Bixby, Peter Pitchlynn, the Pitchlynn family, Green McCurtain, Robert L. Owen, Moritz Lippman, and others; and certificates (1890-1900) of Sittell's appointment as U.S. marshall and special deputy sheriff of Tobucksy County, Choctaw Nation, along with clippings, business cards, a sketch of house floor plans, government documents, and biographical materials relating to Sittell's family. View the Rogers-Neill Collection Inventory


Scott, George W. (b. 1872)
Papers 1904-1909
.75 foot

Indian statesman. Correspondence (1904-1909) regarding Choctaw Nation affairs and issues, including the movement for separate statehood for Indian Territory, statehood for Oklahoma, Choctaw politics, and Green McCurtain. View the George W. Scott Collection Inventory


Smallwood, Ben F. (1829-1891)
Printed materials 1889-1891
5 items

Indian chief. Typescripts of Smallwood's messages (1889-1890) to the Choctaw Nation on the affairs of government, especially in the area of education, and articles (1891) commenting on his death and containing biographical information.
View the Ben F. Smallwood Collection Inventory


Smiser, (Mrs.) Butler Stonestreet (b. 1865)
Papers 1915-1950
.10 foot

Publisher. Newspaper clippings (1935-1950) regarding the Smisers and their publishing activities and early years in Atoka, Indian Territory; a memorial (1915) to Katrina Ellett Murrow, wife of Joseph Samuel Murrow and a Baptist missionary to the Choctaw Indians; and an unpublished paper (n.d.) by John E. Dodd entitled "The Life of J. S. Murrow."
View the Mrs. Butler Stonestreet Smiser Collection Inventory


Tucker, Hampton (b. 1870)
Papers 1895-1945
15 feet

Lawyer. Legal case files (1895-1945); correspondence (1895-1945); coal mining reports (1899-1916); and related papers concerning Tucker's service as mining trustee for the Choctaw Nation, 1912-1918, national attorney for the Choctaw Nation, 1924-1929, and mining trustee for the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, 1929-1949. View the Hampton Tucker Collection Inventory


Wright, Allen (1826-1885)
Papers 1866-1930
2 feet

Indian chief and Presbyterian minister. Session minutes (1886-1900) of the Tali Hekia Presbyterian Church, Blue County, Indian Territory; Sunday school attendance records (1925-1926) of the Presbyterian church, Wapanucka, Oklahoma; typescripts of messages, proclamations, and statements (1866-1930) made by Wright as principal chief to the general council of the Choctaw Nation; and typescripts of Wright's letters (1866-1885) to the editor of the Vindicator and other newspapers, all regarding governmental issues of the Choctaw Nation. Also included are books and pamphlets (1846-1900) relating to the Presbyterian church and its missionary programs, along with a typewritten biography (1930) of Allen Wright and an inventory (n.d.) of his private library. View the Allen Wright Collection Inventory


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