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Box 1


1.         Articles:

            a.         Excerpt from Our Red Brother, June 28, 1894, on the "Indian Territory", and a list of intermarried Chickasaw and Choctaw citizens.


2.         Portion of a manuscript entitled, "Wild Horses," apparently intended for the Chronicles of Oklahoma.


3.         Drawings.  Various animals giving the type of picture Connelley wants to be used to depict the animals in his stories.

            a.         Deer; Wolf; Turtle; Bear; Swan; Hawk; Beaver; Porcupine.


4.         Paper read by William E. Connelley, Secy. of the Kansas State Historical Society, at Manhattan, October 25, 1929, on the occasion of the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the city of Manhattan.


5.         Clippings:

            a.         "A Missourian after Whom a Town, a Mountain, and a River are Named, (Bill Williams)" from the St. Louis Globe Democrat, December 24, 1911.


            b.         "The Battle in the Sky, Kit Carson's San Juan Victory," from a Kansas newspaper, May 21, 1905.


            c.         "Spread of an Ancient American Culture."


            d.         "Research Brings Out Early Battle," Rosario Mission, 1812.


            e.         "Visiting in the Days of the Pioneers," n.d.


            f.          "Days when Crazy Snake Terrorized Indian Territory," from the Muskogee Daily Phoenix.


            g.         "From Che-Kaw-Za's Wigwam to Modoc Hotel," Enterprise, December 20, 1912.


            h.         "Chief Hill of Creeks Die Here."


            i.          List of positions and appointments made in U.S. Army since January 1818, from the Adj. Gen. Office, April 30, 1818.


6.         Indian Stories:

            a.         Typescript and handwritten copies of the Wyandotte story of the Milky Way.


            b.         Also notes on the style of the stories.


7.         Story (Newspaper) by Connelley:

            a.         "Kansas City, Kansas:  Its Place in the History of the State."  Read at the meeting of the Good Government Club, and Wyandotte County Historical Society, April 4, 1918.


8.         Hymns in the Delaware Language.  Typescript, 1875.


9.         Material on the Bender murders in Kansas:

            a.         Three letters of A. H. Lockhart, January to March, 1923, re:  information he possessed about the Bender family.


            b.         Copy of article in the February, 1925, issue of True Detective with the story of the "Kansas Cutthroats" by R. William Langley.


            c.         Letter of Connelley to the editors of True Detective, re: Langley’s article.


            d.         Article entitled, "Bender Self-Killed," (n.d.)


            e.         Typescripts and originals of letters concerning knowledge of the Benders. 1923-1924.


            f.          "Light on Benders," from the Topeka State Journal, August 5, 1911.


            g.         "Department of Investigation, the True Story of the Benders," by J. E. McDowell from the Black Mask, March 1925.


10.       Correspondence:

            a.         Letters from Connelley to O. S. Clark, April and May, 1930, re:  the agreement of Connelley to re-write Clark's book on Clay Allison.


11.       Correspondence with Dr. Daniel Brinton; and Mrs. Jane K. Jones:

            a.         Letters of Brinton to Connelley, April - December 1898.


            b.         Questionnaire filled in by Mrs. Jones re:  her duty as a missionary, 1843.


12.       Indian Legends:

            a.         Indian stories of the directions (east, west, etc.)


            b.         Character and terms of Algonquian.


            c.         Legend of the daughter of the moon.


            d.         Legend of the granddaughter of the moon.


            e.         Legend of the wampum necklace.


13.       Manuscript on the Creek Indians:

            a.         Clans of the Creek (Muskogee) Indians.


            b.         The Clan System of the Creeks.


            c.         The Word Carrier - the Story of the Creek Envoy to the Cherokee.


            d.         The Creek Philosophy.


            e.         Creek Migration Legend.


14.       Creek Indian Material:  Charles Gibson

            a.         Typescript of a newspaper article, "Charles Gibson, A Writer of Creek Sketches, Has Won a Name."


            b.         Typescript from the Indian Journal, February 7, 1902, "The Old Haunts by Moonlight" by Charles Gibson. 


            c.         Hopothlea Yohola a Creek story.


            d.         "A Creek Love Story" by Charles Gibson.


            e.         Various handwritten notes on the Creeks as Sun Worshipers, etc.


            f.          An "Indian Funeral" by Gibson.


            g.         Typescript letter, Gibson to Connelley, January 12, 1902; January 19, 1902.


15.       Speech of Connelley at the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Lawrence, Kansas.


16.       Article:

            a.         "The Spirit in the Peyote," Part II, by Alvin Rucker.  The Daily Oklahoman, October 2, 1932.


17.       Connelley family material:

            a.         Manuscript: The Connelley Family, by W. E. Connelley.


            b.         Remarks by Connelley on Captain Henry Connelley of the Am. Rev. Army, as written in a letter June 10, 1907.


            c.         Handwritten note covering the spelling of the name "Connelley" and its variations with old and new generations.


            d.         Biography of Henry Connelley.


            e.         Biography of Peter Connelley.


            f.          Record of Connelley Family.


18.       Civil War on the Border:  Interview with Cyrus Eland

            a.         Handwritten notes from Connelley.


            b.         Brief handwritten biography of Cyrus Eland.


            c.         Interview with Eland, December 1, 1905, on Centralis Raid on Lawrence.


            d.         Attack on Quantrill at Paola as told by Leland.


            e.         Story of Alice Van Ness as told by Leland.


            f.          Pursuit made by Leland of the Quantrill raid on Lawrence.


19.       Civil War on the Border:  Bill Anderson, Guerrilla

            a.         Newspaper clipping: "Bill Anderson," July 31, 1890.


            b.         Clipping from Globe Democrat: "Bill Anderson."


            c.         Handwritten notes on Bill Anderson.


            d.         Biography of Anderson by C. R. Green.


            e.         Typescript of "Bill Anderson along the Santa Fe Trail" as told by O. F. O'Dell.


            f.          “Bill Anderson along the Santa Fe Trail,” by Judge L. D. Bailey.


20.       Civil War on the Border:  E. F. Rogers

            a.         Biography of Rogers.


            b.         Rogers’s relationship with Col. Sandy Love.


21.       Manuscript: "The Nature of Kansas History," by Connelley.


22.       Clipping:

            a.         "Inducing the Kiowas to Mend Their Ways," by Grant Foreman from the Daily Oklahoman, December 8, 1935.


23.       Harman Indian Fight:

            a.         Connelley's story of the 1784 Indian fight with the Harman family in Virginia.


            b.         Several maps of the area drawn by Connelley.


            c.         Story: "Mathias Harman and the Indians."


            d.         Questions and answers by Mathias Harman of Kentucky.



Box 2


24.       Revolutionary War Pensions:

            a.         Manuscript on the case of Thomas C. Brown.


            b.         Manuscript on the case of Abiad Fairchild.


            c.         Manuscript on the case of Henry Connelley.


            d.         Application for a pension of Fairchild, 1832.


25.       Kansas Red Legs

            a.         Story of how the Red Legs got their name, from a statement of John P. Duke.


            b.         List, April 19, 1903, of the 13 original Red Legs.


26.       Manuscript: "The Old Trail to Santa Fe."


27.       Cherokee Linguistics

            a.         Handwritten copy.


28.       Big Sandy Valley, Kentucky:  Early Kentucky Families

            a.         Biography of Peter Mankins.


            b.         The Leslie Family.


            c.         The Connelley Family.


            d.         The Fairchild Family.


            e.         The Robinson Family.


            f.          The Scott Family.


            g.         Crider Family.


            h.         Johnson Family.


            i.          Weddington Family.


            j.          Mead Family.


            k.         Damron Family.


            l.          May Family.


            m.        Patton Family.


            n.         Lewis Family.


            o.         Hager Family.


            p.         Blair Family.


            q.         Rice Family.


            r.          Lackey Family.


            s.          Kelley Family.


            t.          Stratton Family.


            u.         Hurt Family.


            v.         Martin Family.


            w.        McGuire Family.


            x.         Wireman Family.


            y.         Dean Family.


            z.          Clark Family.


            aa.        Williamson Family.


            bb.       Ferrell Family.


            cc.        McCoy Family.


            dd.       Hensley Family.


            ee.        Maynard Family.


            ff.         Collinsworth Family.


            gg.        Runyon Family.


            hh.        Powell Family.


            ii.          Hackney Family.


            jj.         King Family.


            kk.       Pinson Family.


            ll.          Bevins Family.


29.       Big Sandy Valley:  Correspondence

            a.         Statement written by J. F. Stewart, Pension Bureau, October 7, 1902.


            b.         Typescript of Delaware document, 1773.


            c.         Letter to Connelley from Burris, November, 1902, re:  the Big Sandy Valley.


            d.         Various letters to Connelley from persons regarding Big Sandy Valley events.


            e.         Manuscript: Information on the Big Sandy Valley and its families.


            f.          Questions answered by Peter Mankins on the Valley.


30.       Personal Correspondence

            a.         L. F. Parsons to Connelley, February 10, 1902, re:  items turned to the Kansas State Historical Society.


            b.         Ifeneo L. Chaves to/from Connelley, March 10, 25, 1919.


            c.         Henry J. Aten to Connelley, January 10, 1919, re:  the facts of Alice Van Ness in Quantrill and the Border Wars.


            d.         Payne to Connelley, February-March 1911.


31.       Biography of William Elsey Connelley.


32.       Newspapers

            a.         Newspapers of the Washington Post and the New York Times Picture Section, on the election and inauguration of President Harding and the return of Pershing to America with Ger. Foch.



Box 3


33.       Article

            a.         "Oklahoma's First White Settlement," by Ben Funk in the Daily Oklahoman, January 27, 1935.


            b.         "The Forgotten Battle of Soldier Spring," by Captain W. S. Bye from the Daily Oklahoman, September 13, 1936.


            c.         "Kaw Vice-President Returns to Tribal Haunts in Bid for Re-election," by Alvin Rucker from the Daily Oklahoman, October 2, 1932.


            d.         "Bizzell's Ten Years at OU," by Joseph A. Brandt, The Daily Oklahoman, January 27, 1935.


            e.         "The Next Ten Years at OU," by William B. Bizzell, The Daily Oklahoman, November 10, 1935.


34.       Articles

            a.         "The Battle of the Washita," by Charles J. Brill, The Daily Oklahoman, November 10, 1935.


            b.         "Chisholm Trail Controversy Never Settled," by Tom Rucker from The Daily Oklahoman, December 13, 1936.


            c.         "The Conquest of Oklahoma," by Charles J. Brill, The Daily Oklahoman, November 3, 1935.


            d.         "Last Chief of Cherokees, A War Horse for Tribe," The Daily Oklahoman, December 13, 1936.


            e.         "Cheyenne Defiance," by Charles J. Brill, The Daily Oklahoman, March 29, 1936.


            f.          "Famous Red Store at Fort Sill is Going Out of Business," by Alvin Rucker, The Daily Oklahoman, September 20, 1931.


35.       Articles

            a.         "Our Indian Ambassadors to Washington," by Grant Foreman from the Daily Oklahoman, November 22, 1936.


            b.         "There May be an Indian City," by Frank Dennis from The Daily Oklahoman, December 13, 1936.


            c.         "The Five Tribes and the Prairie Indians," by Grant Foreman from The Daily Oklahoman, July 21, 1935.


            d.         "Medicine Men," from Capt. W. S. Nye from The Daily Oklahoman, November 16, 1936.


36.       Connelley Copyright Speech

            a.         "Copyrights and Their Origin and Their Nature," an address delivered before the Kansas Authors Club, March 22, 1929.


37.       Correspondence:  with Peter and Judith Connelley

            a.         Letters to and from W. E. Connelley, 1906-1912.


38.       Quantrill and Border Wars:  reviews in various newspapers.


39.       Quantrill and Border Wars:  drafts of manuscript

            a.         Authors handwritten and first draft copies of the work.


40.       Quantrill and Border Wars:  draft of manuscript

            a.         Author’s handwritten and first draft copies.


41.       Quantrill and the Border Wars:  notes

            a.         Handwritten notes from The Missouri Republican.



Box 4


42.       History of Topeka.


43.       Biography of Stephen Timmons.


44.       Poem on death of Connelley

            a.         Poem printed July 30, 1930 on death of W. E. Connelley.


45.       Biography and Tribute to Thomas Allen Cullinan of Junction City.


46.       "Kansas" by Connelley.


47.       Manuscript: Robinson - Lane Controversy

            a.         First draft.


48.       Sand Bank Convention Material.


49.       Manuscript: "Ex-Pennsylvanians".


50.       Letter

            a.         Letter John Dorris written by Connelley, March 10, 1927.


51.       Documents

            a.         Documents from the Bureau of Pensions, 1902:  Connelley is detailed to examine claims and validate same.


            b.         Letter recounting the ties of Henry Connelley, re:  pensions.


52.       John Brown material

            a.         Typescript, "John Brown's Men," The Globe Democrat, n.d.


            b.         Typescript of "Osawatomie."


            c.         Typescript of "Old John brown" from Freedom's Hero by L. R. Witherell.


            d.         Typescript, "At the Grave of John Brown," from the Boston Herald.


            e.         Letter to Connelley by Jackson re: Brown.


            f.          Typescript, "He Knew John Brown," from the Chicago Times Herald.


            g.         Typescript, "John Brown's Accusers," Lawrence Tribune, November 23, 1883.


            h.         Biography:  Old John Brown.


53.       Articles

            a.         "Wolter's Utter Compliance in Facing Death Made Sensational Murder Trial Conspicuous."  Washington Post, April 24, 1910.


            b.         "Will Honor Upton Hays," Kansas City Star.


            c.         "Historic Spanish Fort."


            d.         "Capture of Wild Horses on Oklahoma Plains," by Robert Sanders.


            e.         "Abel Warren - Trail Blazer of the Southwest," The Lawton News, August 2, 1921.


54.       Delaware Indian Material

            a.         Typescript of Delaware document.


            b.         Letter of Adams to Connelley, March 12, 1898, re:  Delaware removal.


            c.         Page from "Recollections of the Last Sixty Years," by J. J. Johnston.


55.       Charles Robinson Material

            a.         Typescript of a political circular on Robinson being a “temperance man.”


            b.         Typescripts of various articles on Robinson, n.d.


56.       Books and Documents

            a.         List of the books and documents available through a bookseller.


57.       Brief tribute to James Lane of Kansas.


58.       Manuscript: "Folk-Lore of the Bible," by Connelley.


59.       Letter:  Willie Blount to A. Jackson, October 16, 1831.


60.       Notes on Historical Locations in Kansas by Connelley.


61.       Manuscript: "Religious Conceptions of the Modern Hurons."


62.       Biography of Boston Corbett (The Man Who Shot J. W. Booth).


63.       Manuscript: "The Free-State Hotel"


64.       Manuscript: "Kansas First Legislature"


65.       Biography of Charles Robinson.


66.       Manuscript: "The First Homicide of the Territorial Troubles in Kansas"


67.       Photostatic copies

            a.         From the Office of Indian Affairs, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Letters Received, 1867-1870.


68.       Misc. Kansas History

            a.         Pamphlet:  The Lawrence Massacre, (J. S. Boughton, Lawrence).


            b.         Pamphlet:  The Emigrant Indian Tribes of Wyandotte County, by W. E. Connelley, 1901.


            c.         Magazine Article, "Organized Labor in Wyandotte County."


            d.         Magazine Article, "The Viciousness and Lawlessness of Labor Unions," by George W. Martin.


            e.         "For Men Only," reprint of an article.


            f.          "An Address to the Republicans of Kansas," a reprint.


            g.         Pamphlet:  Footnotes on Kansas History, Lawrence, 1906.


            h.         Pamphlet:  "Reply to 'T. W. H.,'" Lawrence, 1903.


            I.          Pamphlet:  "Meumb ane, Story of the Fontenelles," by Harriet MacMurphy, Nebraska, n.d.



Box 4A


69.       Jed Smith:  Correspondence

            a.         Letters to and from Charles Kelly, November 1929 - February 1930.


            b.         Letters re:  information on Smith from various historical societies, 1930.


70.       Jed Smith:  Laut Correspondence

            a.         Letters to and from Laut (Miss Agnes C.), October 1929 - March 1930, re:  Joint authorship of a book on Jed Smith.


71.       Misc. Research Correspondence

            a.         Copy of letter of William Todd to Edward Eratinger, July 15, 1829, re:  Jed Smith in Vancouver.


            b.         Three letters to and from John T. Lee, re:  Dr. J. Gregg and "Commerce on the Prairies," June 1929.


            c.         Letter from W. Blair of U. of Chicago, May 1930, requesting information on Mike Fink, and enclosing a bibliography of Fink.


            d.         Letter from Lewis and Clark Memorial Association, October 15, 1929.


            e.         Letter from the University of Wyoming, December 19, 1929, re:  Lewis and Clark.


72.       Henry P. Robbins Inquiries

            a.         Letters of September 1926 to various judges, re:  the prejudice or lack of prejudice evidenced by the judge in juries in Indian trials.


            b.         Inquiries re:  a Constitutional Convention. (Member, participation, etc.)  Inquiry dated August 12, 1905.


73.       Pamphlet:  "History as an Asset of the State," by Connelley, 1912.

            a.         Various clippings from local newspapers, re:  historical incidents in the Junction City, Topeka, etc. area.


74.       Photostatic Copies (See Folder #67)

            a.         From the Office of Indian Affairs, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency, Letters Received, 1866- 1867.


75.       Original Diary (and typescripts taken from the original) of George Ela, reflecting pioneer days in Kansas, of the late 1850's and early 1860's.



Box 5


1.         Notebooks

            a.         On  the Big Sandy Area of Kentucky.


            b.         On the Wyandotte Indians.


            c.         Pre-statehood Kansas.


            d.         Pre-statehood Kansas.


            e.         General notes and addresses.


            f.          General notes and addresses.


            g.         Diary:  May 17,1892 - June 9, 1900.


            h.         Diary:  May 1, 1901 - October 9, 1901.


            i.          Diary:  August 7, 1902 - September 28, 1902.


            j.          Diary:  August 25, 1911 - December 9, 1911.


            k.         Diary:  July 12, 1910 - July 18, 1910.


            l.          On Quantrill.


            m.        On Quantrill.


            n.         On Quantrill.


            o.         On Quantrill.


            p.         On Quantrill.


            q.         On Quantrill.


            r.          On Quantrill.


            s.          On Quantrill.


            t.          On Quantrill.


            u.         On Quantrill.



Box 6


1.         Bound notebook of miscellaneous manuscripts and typescripts

            a.         Several typescripts from 1854-56, Missouri Republican, re:  the activities of Major Weightman.


            b.         Typescripts of notes taken re:  Quantrill.


            c.         Typescripts of the location of historical places in Kansas.


            d.         Typescript, "The Cheyenne Slaughter," the report of General Crook's Board of Inquiry of the slaughter at Camp Robinson.


            e.         Typescript, "Diary of Isaac B. Pennick, First Sergeant Co. "I" Eleventh Kansas Cavalry."


2.         First draft, Vol. I, of manuscript apparently entitled Preston D. Plumb, 1913.


3.         First draft, Vol. II, of manuscript apparently entitled Preston D. Plumb, 1913.


4.         Typescripts of correspondence with Albert J. Beveridge to and from Connelley, re:  Beveridge's forthcoming book on Lincoln, 1924-1928.


5.         Typescripts of Western Journal of Commerce articles, March 1858 - March 1865.



Box 7


1.         Manuscript (with no title page) of a backwoods war in Kentucky in the early 1800's, by Connelley.


2.         Typescripts:  Missouri Republican articles, August 1856 - December 1860.


3.         Typescript:  Missouri Republican articles, July 1854 - August 1865.


4.         Manuscript on the Religion and Folklore of the Wyandotts, 1899.



Outsize Maps:


1.         Map of Leavenworth, Kansas, 1887.


2.         Map of the Route of the Old Santa Fe Trail in Kansas.  By the Kansas State Historical Society, 1913.



Outsize Box


1.         "A Prairie Schooner at Anchor," original illustration by G. M. Stone for novel of Colonel Henry Inman.  This illustration survived the Lippincott fire.



The following illustrations by M. N. Ghent, 1901, are untitled.


2.         Depicts frontiersman dressed in buckskin and woman on a raft made of three logs.


3.         Depicts male and female, possibly children, looking down from hillside at a fort.


4.         Depicts battle between frontiersmen shooting rifles and Indians with bows and arrows.


5.         Depicts log cabin.


6.         Depicts frontiersmen riding on horseback through forest.


7.         Depicts scene of fort.


8.         Depicts girl climbing a tree.


9.         Depicts scene of Indians watching woman and child.


10.       Depicts scene of log cabins making up fort.


11.       Depicts Indian with tomahawk chasing woman and dog.


12.       Depicts Indians setting fire to man.


13.       Depicts scene of explorers with rifles.


14.       Depicts Indians torturing man and woman.


15.       Depicts Indians walking through forest.


16.       Depicts frontiersmen with pack horses.


17.       Depicts Indians standing on rocks at water's edge.


18.       Depicts Indians fording river with captives.


19.       Depicts woman standing at water's edge.



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