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The Wild Mary Sudik oil well.
DALE 214

Passing log train in forest reserve.
DALE 288

Former headquarters of the "Spruce Division" between Olympic Highway and Polson Lumber camp.
DALE 290

Cotton picking.
DALE 399

Jack McClain and family on his peach orchard near Anadarko, OK. Delaware tribe.
DALE 616

Herding cattle in the winter.
DALE 713

A train coming down the track.
DALE 789

The Grayson Store.
DALE 803

Sheep watering in gully in New Mexico. Soil Conservation Service, 1936.
DALE 811

Sheep grazing near the ruins of Cuicul, Soil Conservation Service.
DALE 816

Largest known White Pine Lumber sawn from the White Pine King by Potlatch Lumber Company, Potlatch, Idaho, c. 1911-1912.
DALE 818

Oil well in Oklahoma County.
DALE 835

Mechanized farming, Okahoma State Department of Agriculture.
DALE 841

Cattle, Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture.
DALE 899

Peanuts being mechanically harvested, Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture.
DALE 811

Ruins of the stome olive presses used by the Romans, Soil Conservation.
DALE 816


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