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Folder 1:


1.         Biography of Dr. Fisk by Inez L. Fisk


2.         Certificates of election as County Coroner for Kingfisher County: 1902, 1904, 1906, 1908


3.         Certificate of appointment as Local Surgeon for the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company, 1926-1939


4.         Certificate of appointment as Superintendent and Secretary of the County Board of Health for Kingfisher County, 1907


5.         Territory of Oklahoma Physician's Certificate, allowing Dr. Fisk to practice medicine in Oklahoma Territory, October 15, 1907.



Folder 2:


1.         Editions of the Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association and of the Transaction of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, 1906-1935, some of which contain articles by Dr. Fisk.


2.         Photocopy of an article by Dr. Fisk (no name or date).