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Box 1  Subject Files. Many contain articles which appear in the Model Railroad Interest Group newsletter.


1.         A. T. & L. Railroad, 1985


2.         "All Aboard," article and notes, 1985


3.         Aquaticus, Oklahoma City Zoo, 1985


4.         "An Aviation First," article and notes, n.d.


5.         "Away, You Rolling River (1838)," n.d.


6.         Black Mesa, n.d.


7.         "The Birth of a Town," article and notes - Newalla, Okla., 1986


8.         Book review, 1968


9.         "The Boy Engineer," article and notes, 1984


10.       "A Boy Remembers the Frisco," 1986


11.       Canoeing, 1978-87


12.       Chouteau Family, biographical material, 1971-72


13.       Correspondence, general correspondence and correspondence with publishers, 1937-85


14.       Correspondence, Western History Collections, 1986-87


15.       Correspondence, Westview, 1985-87


16.       "Crosstie Capital of the World" and "Traintalk," 1986


17.       "Depot Renewed" and "Christmas Stories," 1985-87


18.       "An Endangered River," 1981, 1989


19.       89er Celebration Program, n.d.


20.       The Dispatcher, newsletter for the Central Oklahoma Railfans Association, 1976-78


21.       "Dot and Dash It," 1985


22.       "Early Hoboing," 1986-88


23.       "The End of an Era," 1987


24.       Environmental Issues, news clippings, 1973-74


25.       Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railroad, n.d.


26.       "A Family Railroad," 1985


27.       "Glory of Steam," 1985


28.       "The Great Plains Shelterbelt Project" by Walter Bagley, n.d.


29.       "Hamilton-Frederick:  The Broken Rail," 1985


30.       "High Iron on the Southern Pacific," 1987


31.       "It Happened on the Frisco," 1985


32.       Harrah, Oklahoma, n.d.


33.       "It Takes Stamina and Humor to Ride Abandoned Rails" by James Traub, n.d.


34.       "The Jesse James Special," 1985-86


35.       Johnson, Charles M., biographical, n.d.


36.       Kansas School, 1988


37.       Maps, Washita River; Dead Man Mountain and grave area; Current River; Upper Missouri River, n.d.


38.       Marion, Oklahoma, n.d.


39.       "Memorial for an Unsung Hero," Charles M. Johnson, 1986


40.       "Mid-Continent Railroad," 1985-89


41.       Miscellaneous notes and manuscripts, n.d.


42.       "Missouri and North Arkansas Passenger Cars" by Jim Wakefield, 1986


43.       Missouri River, n.d.


44.       Model railroad Interest Group, newsletters and copy of photo of Judge Roy Bean underneath a railroad bridge, 1986


45.       "Mountain Fork:  Where the Brownies Lurk," n.d.


46.       "Narrow Gauge in Oklahoma," n.d.


47.       National Register of Historic Places, Shawnee and Pottawatomie County; Loeser Cabin,   1978


48.       "Never the Trains Shall Meet," 1986


49.       "A New Name for an Old Railroad," 1985


50.       "New York Central, 73 Years After Railroad Wreck," 1987


51.       New York Central Railroad, Railfan, 1927, n.d.


52.       Newalla, Oklahoma, 1972


53.       Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1970s-1980s


54.       Oklahoma City Canoers Newsletter (1), 1970-73


55.       Oklahoma City Canoers Newsletter (2), 1973-76



Box 2  Subject Files. Many contain articles that appear in the Model Railroad Interest Group newsletter.


1.         Oklahoma City Canoers Newsletter (3), 1976-80


2.         Oklahoma City Land Development Company, 1986


3.         Oklahoma recreation, 1970s-1980s


4.         Page, Clarence, biographical, 1956


5.         Plymouth Diesel Engine, n.d.


6.         Poetry, n.d.


7.         "Portrait of America" Seminar (100 page transcript on the history of Oklahoma), 1984


8.         Purcell and Santa Fe, 1986-87


9.         "A Railfan Bonanza," 1985


10.       "A Railroad Castle," 1986


11.       "Railroad Introduction," n.d.


12.       "Railroad Nostalgia," 1985


13.       Railroads (pictures of locomotives), 1976-


14.       "Rails to Ripley," 1986


15.       Recreation, canoeing trails, off highway vehicle use, 1980s


16.       "Roaring Rails," 1978, 1985


17.       Rock Island, 1986-87


18.       "Rock Island Is a Mighty Fine Line," 1985


19.       "Old Santa Fe Bo," 1984


20.       "The Santa Fe and Purcell," 1987


21.       Santa Fe - Orient Line, 1924, 1939


22.       Santa Fe Station, includes floor plans and photographs, n.d.


23.       Shay Engine of Fort Towson, 1976


24.       "A Shay in the Pines," 1984


25.       Sod Houses, 1980, 1982


26.       Solar Energy, etc. (1), 1970-1980s


27.       Solar Energy, etc. (2), 1970-1980s


28.       Southern Pacific Railroad, n.d.


29.       Speno Rail Services, 1985-86


30.       "Spring Storm," n.d.


31.       Stafford, James P., 1986


32.       Switches, Automatic, 1985


33.       T. O. & E. Railroad, Wright City, n.d.


34.       Tabler, Oklahoma, n.d.


35.       Texas State Railroad, Rush, Texas, 1985


36.       "That Was Railroading," 1984


37.       "They Wanted a Railroad," 1986


38.       Trains and Planes (1), 1986


39.       Trains and Planes (2), 1979, 1982


40.       "West with the Rock Island," n.d.


41.       "When Germany Invaded Cache, Oklahoma," 1985


42.       "Where the Frisco and Santa Fe Met," n.d.


43.       Wichita Mountains, n.d.


44.       Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, 1980-81


45.       "Wild Onions and Scrambled Eggs," n.d.


46.       Windmills, n.d.


47.       Wood Stoves, n.d.


48.       "The Yellow Mule," 1986


49.       "You Carry Me Awhile, and I'll Carry You," n.d.



Box 3  Miscellaneous Articles By Garrity


1.         "Home of the Giants," "Early Gardens from Greenhouses," "Ninth Annual Canoe Festival," "Dugout," "Down the Rio Grande," "Greer County Hall of Fame," "The Return of the Canoe," "Oklahoma Yesterday," and "Dear Diary." various dates


2.         "Memorial for an Unsung Hero" and "Charles M. Johnson." n.d.


3.         "Canoe Nature Trail," "Clearbay Hiking Trail," "Bicycle Trails," "Dogwood By the Spring," "Early Planting," "Festival of the Forest," "Current, The River of Many Springs," "Unique Engines Ply Eagle Park," "Canoe Festival," "Riding with the Wind," "Ladies in Waiting," "Searching," "Once Upon an Easter," "Oklahoma's Railroad Museum," "String of Pearls," "Barn," "Buffalo River Caper," "The Sport of Canoeing," "Roadside Beautification," "Christmas Memories," "Buffalo River," "Success on the Buffalo," and "Ms. Myself."


4.         "Illinois River - Echota to Carter's Landing," "A Place in the Sun," "The Bend of the Caney," "Return of the Canoe," "Wood, The Sun's Storehouse," "A Future in Wood," "Locked Combat," "Saddle Up," "Sulphur:  An Oklahoma Heritage," "Equestrians, Backpackers, Cyclists Can Be Compatible," "The Glory of Steam," "Christmas Time," "Ballooning in Oklahoma," "The Balloon, A Blithe Spirit," "A Giant of the Great Plains," "Is It True?", "Captain's Dream," "Floating the Illinois River," "One Step at a Time," and "Saddle Up."


5.         "National Hunting and Fishing Day," "Sulphur:  A City of Many Facets," "Balloon Festival in Bartlesville," "Bicycle Trails," "The Infant Washita," "Trouble on the Washita," "Sulphur Remembers the Run," "Sulphur's 89er Parade," "McGee Creek," "Return of the Tepee," "A Page in Oklahoma History,"  "Oklahoma Outdoors," "Going Underground," "Modern Pioneers," "Teaching 'Em to Shoot...Safely," "Where the Sports Meet," and "Tin Lizzie."


6.         "Revival of the Log Cabin," "Four Thousand Miles on Foot," "Christmas Craft," "Halloween at a Gristmill," "Listen, The Wind," "A Summer Float," "Banjo Troubadour," "Canoeing Canine," "The Baumgartner's and Bird Watching," "Parris Mound," and "David Strickland Is Remembered."


7.         "All Aboard," "Oklahoma Indian Tribal Dances," "Steam in the Washita," "Meet Me at the Harrah Depot," "Steamboats on the Buffalo," "Gold," "A Depot Renewed," "In the Beginning," "Oklahoma's Concrete Bowstring Arch Bridges," "Sentinel of the Plains," and "East of the Sun and West of the Moon."


8.         "The Poetess of the Wichitas," "One Step at a Time," "Oklahoma Rendezvous," "The Witness Tree," "Setting High on Black Mesa," "La Estancia:  A Place To Relax," "Boy Engineer," "The Feud," "Helicopter Rescue," "The Crooked Section Line," "The Shay Engine," "The Big Canyon of the Washita," "The Durable and Expensive Jeep," "The Poteau River," and "Exploring the Canadian River."


9.         "Down the Rio Grande," "Oklahoma Safari," "Cache Scenic Railway," "Upstream," "Dierks Lines," "Age of Canoeing," "Mr. Hamilton's Railroad," "Halloween in the Gristmill," "Illinois River," "Blue River," "The Tree House," "Captain's Dream," "Canoe Nature Trail," "Blacksmith," "The Links Between the Past and the Present," "Ms. Myself," "The Candy House," "Upstream," "Bill Baxter, the Character," "A River Misnomer," and "String of Pearls."


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