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Box 1  Correspondence and Medical Examination Reports to the Department of Public Welfare


            Includes physician's reports, authorizations on eye examinations, authorizations for service and care, medical social histories, artificial appliance orders, etc..


1.         "A", 1944-1950


            This file also contains "Department of Public Health, State of Oklahoma, rules, regulations and instructions to local health officers for the control and suppression of contagious and infectious venereal diseases."


2.         "B", 1941-1951


3.         "C", 1941-1951


4.         "D", 1941-1951


5.         "E", 1943-1951


6.         "F", 1940-1955


7.         "G", 1937-1949


8.         "H", 1939-1954


9.         "I" & "J", 1940-1949



Box 2  Correspondence and Medical Examination Reports to the Department of Public Welfare


1.         "K", 1942-1951


2.         "L", 1937-1952


3.         "M", 1938-1954


4.         "N" & "O", 1943-1951


5.         "P" & "Q", 1937-1949


6.         "R", 1937-1953


7.         "S", 1941-1954


8.         "T", 1941-1953


9.         "U" - "Y", 1937-1953



Box 3  Correspondence Regarding Medical Examinations (Compensation Cases)


            Includes historiological and physical examination reports; correspondence with other physicians, hospitals, patients and insurance companies; disability forms filed with the Veteran's Bureau, State Insurance Fund, U.S. Employees' Compensation Commission; etc..


1.         "A", 1931-1946


2.         "B", 1931-1944


3.         "C", 1925-1951


4.         "D", 1925-1941


5.         "E" & "F", 1924-1943


6.         "G", 1922-1942


7.         "H", 1925-1944


8.         "I" & "J", 1925-1943



Box 4  Correspondence Regarding Medical Examinations (Compensation Cases)


1.         "K" & "L", 1928-1946


2.         "M", 1926-1951


3.         "N" & "O", 1926-1938


4.         "P", 1926-1947


5.         "R", 1922-1944


6.         "S", 1928-1944


            Includes letter from Congressman Paul Stewart about the Wagner-Murray Bill, and information re. Selective Service physical standards.


Box 5  Correspondence Regarding Medical Examinations (Compensation Cases)


1.         "T", 1939-1943


2.         "U" - "Z", 1925-1940



            General Correspondence


            Correspondence with other physicians, hospitals and insurance companies; financial records including receipts, statements, etc.; records and correspondence pertaining to fraternal organizations such as the American Legion and the Masons, and governmental agencies such as the Department of Public Health, Council of National Defense, and the Internal Revenue Service; and telegrams, Christmas cards, etc..  Also includes information on medical activities during World War I, and the use of narcotics for medicinal purposes.


3.         "A" & "B", 1914-1922


4.         "C" - "F", 1915-1922


5.         "G" - "M", 1914-1921


            Information on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Employees' Hospital Association.


6.         "N" - "P", 1913-1922


7.         "R" - "Z", 1918-1919

            Includes referrals for physical examinations from the Treasury Department, U.S. Public Health Service.


8.         "A" - "Z", 1934-1954

            Includes material pertaining to the Oklahoma State Medical Association.



Box 6  Correspondence and Medical Information


1.         Personal correspondence, 1906-1930


            Includes correspondence from family and friends, birthday cards, valentine cards, wedding announcements, etc..  Also includes sale contract giving one-half interest in Dr. G.E. Hartshorne's medical practice to Dr. L.C. Kuyrkendall, July 17, 1913.


2.         Personal correspondence, 1943-1955


3.         Correspondence regarding organizational activities, 1940-1955


            Includes materials pertaining to the Lions Club, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, McAlester Country Club, LeFlore County Medical Society, and McAlester Chamber of Commerce.


4.         Correspondence with servicemen, 1932, 1944-1945


5.         Medical Information I, 1853, 1859, 1885


            Prescription book that belonged to Kuyrkendall's grandfather (1853?).  Includes recipes for concocting various liniments, ointments, powders, cordials, pills, plasters, drops, and syrups.


            Correspondence from R.A. Kuykendale, Northfork Henry County, Tennessee, to his cousin regarding the move of Lewis Kuykendale to Texas, as well as information about other relatives, September 24, 1885.


            "Recipe for Curing Sore Eyes," written by Ambrose G. Williams of Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas, March 15, 1859.  Includes tonic for toning and regulating the system, application of medicine to the eyes, the eye water, and eye tonic or powders.


6.         Medical Information II, 1924-1936


            Includes "Chapman's Percentage Vision Table," a day-by-day appointment diary, compensation rating for eye injuries, patient list including diagnosis, and various medical forms.  Also includes correspondence regarding patient medical examinations.



Box 7  Physical Examination Reports for Civil Aeronautics Administration


            Eye, ear, nose, throat, and equilibrium examinations for airman certificate, civilian pilot training, etc..  Also includes correspondence.


1.         "A" & "B", 1938-1952


2.         "C" & "D", 1935-1943


3.         "E" - "J", 1938-1954


4.         "K" - "O", 1940-1953


5.         "P" - "T", 1939-1951


6          "U" - "Z", 1935-1952



Box 8  Physical Examination Reports for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas (MK & T) Railroad


            Local surgeon's reports including statement of injured person.  Also includes correspondence.


1.         "A" - "C", 1916-1949


2.         "D" - "J", 1916-1952


3.         "K" - "R", 1918-1952


4.         "S" - "Z", 1917-1952



Box 9  State Defense Committee Materials, and Memorabilia


1.         State Defense Committee, 1941-1945


            Includes radio address by Robert S. Kerr (February 3, 1945); "Medical Defense Rules;" Bulletins of the State Defense Committees, Committee on Health and Housing; organization charts of the State Health and Housing Committee; correspondence; rosters of State Defense Committee members; etc.


            Embossed reading glasses case.

            Selective Service medal and pin.

            Lions Club banner.

            Several Lions Club pins.

            American Legion Past Commanders medal, 1923.

            World War I service medal.

            Captain's bars and medical insignia.

            Civil War group reunion medal.

            Printer's block with picture of Dr. L.C. Kuyrkendall.



Box 10            Civil Aeronautics Administration, Printed Materials


            "Air Commerce Regulations", 1934

            "Notice to Amateur and Student Pilots", 1935

            "Civil Air Regulations", 1937, 1938, 1940

            "Manual for Medical Examiners", 1938

            "Aircraft Accidents and Casualties", 1938

            "Civil Aeronautics in the U.S.", 1937

            "Safety Regulations", 1940s

            "Civilian Pilot Training", 1942

            "Handbook for Medical Examiners", 1946, 1948, 1954

            "Physical Standards for Aircraft Pilots", 1936

            Various physical examination forms.

            Various correspondence and memoranda., 1939-55



Box 11            Legal Correspondence regarding case no. 6211:  Louesa Newman and husband, Pauline Palmer and husband, and Mary Inez Temple and husband vs. Antonia Cobb and husband, L.C. Kuyrkendall and wife, O.A. Kuyrkendall and wife, and the D.O.K. Land and Cattle Company


1.         Newman et. al. vs. Cobb et. al., case no. 6211, legal documents.


            Includes letter regarding the will of Mr. J.O. Kuyrkendall, deceased, 1935; journal entry for case no. 6211 providing the final judgment in the case, May 24, 1949; contracts for rental, and for sale and purchase of real estate, 1947; and various agreements of individual stockholders of the D.O.K. Land and Cattle Company, Aug. 20, 1948.


2.         Newman et. al. vs. Cobb et. al. - correspondence, 1943-1944


3.         Newman et. al. vs. Cobb et. al. - correspondence, 1946


4.         Newman et. al. vs. Cobb et. al. - correspondence, 1947


5.         Newman et. al. vs. Cobb et. al. - correspondence, 1948


6.         Newman et. al. vs. Cobb et. al. - correspondence, 1949-1954


Construction of the Kuyrkendall Will Case, one volume, includes Brief of Plaintiffs in Error, Brief of Defendants in Error, and Reply Brief of Plaintiffs in Error, and journal pages for Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma, case no. 33,391, Cobb et. al. vs. Newman, et. al..



Box 12            Medical Reserve Corps Communications, 1917-1929


            Lewis C. Kuyrkendall served as a First Lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps, U.S. Army.  The folders in box 12 contain correspondence, official communications including orders, and  printed materials.


1.         1917:  Includes Kuyrkendall's orders to report to Commandant, Medical Officers Training Camp Greenleaf, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.


2.         1918: Includes letters from U.S. Senator Robert L. Owen.


3.         1919


4.         1920-1922: Includes information re. Kuyrkendall's appointment in the Officers' Reserve Corps.


5.         1923-1926


6.         1928-1929: Includes letters from U.S. Congressmen including Wilburn Cartwright.


7.         1930-1931 and 1935: Includes Unit Mobilization Plan and Training Map for Fort Sam Houston, Texas.



Box 13            Published Material by Kuyrkendall


"The Ear in the Recent Influenza Epidemic," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, March 1920, reprint.


"Elongated Uvula," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, December 1945, reprint.


"Blue Sclera," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Oklahoma State Medical Journal, December 1934, reprint.


"Coloboma of Iris, Congenital," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Oklahoma State Medical Journal, August 1929, reprint.


"Injuries of the Eye," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Oklahoma State Medical Journal, July 1928, reprint.


"Rodent Ulcer Lymphosarcoma; Carcinoma," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Oklahoma State Medical Journal, January 1929, reprint.


"Tonsils as Foci of Infection," by L.C. Kuyrkendall, Oklahoma State Medical Association, September 1931, reprint.


Leroy Long:  Teacher of Medicine by Basil A. Hayes, 1943.


Box 14            Manuscripts and Notes


1.         Papers by L.C. Kuyrkendall presented at meetings or in the Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.


            "Atypical Mastoiditis," April 1916.


            "Sarcoma of the Orbit," June 1932.


            "The Frontal Sinuses," May 1921.


            "Injuries of the Eye," May 1928.


            "Focal Infection," April 1925.


            "Coloboma of Iris, Congenital," May 1929.


            "Is the Middle Turbinate Bone Essential," May 1917.


            "Tuberculosis of the Throat, Diagnosis and Treatment," June 1934.


            "Blue Sclera," May 1934.


            "Playing the Game," May 1920.


            "Tonsils as Foci of Infection," December 1930.


            "Compulsory Health Insurance," n.d..


2.         Notes on various topics, handwritten.


            "Heart Block."


            "Diseases of the Ear."




            "Injuries of the Cornea."


3.         Case Histories (5), 1920-1933


4-6.      Notebooks (3) kept by L.C. Kuyrkendall while a student in the Medical Department at St. Louis University. Include class notes and drawings, 1906-1907, 1907-1908, 1910.




Box 15            Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company Reports; Tax Forms; Oklahoma State Medical Association Correspondence and Bulletins; Commissioners of the Land Office Forms; State Industrial Commission Reports


1.         Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company memoranda and forms, physical examination forms of MK&T personnel, and related correspondence (Kuyrkendall acted as a medical examiner for the Railroad), 1934-1955.


2.         Tax Forms including assessment lists and employer's tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service, 1920-1948.


3.         Oklahoma State Medical Association bulletins, reports, meeting minutes, copies of constitution and by-laws, and related correspondence, 1937-1950.


4.         Commissioners of the Land Office amortization notes, mortgages and deeds, and related correspondence, 1922-1944.


5.         State Industrial Commission attending physician's reports (accident reports N.A.D.), 1943-1944.



Box 16            Class Notes from Medical School; Appointment Books


            Class notes (19 notebooks) taken by L.C. Kuyrkendall while a medical student at St. Louis University, 1907-1910.


            Appointment Books (8) listing patient names arranged by date and time, 1948-1955.



Box 17            Account Books and Notes


            Account books (6), some entitled "Physicians' Diary" showing date, name of patient, service rendered, amount of fee, and whether credit or bill paid, 1919-1950.


            Notes (5 notebooks) in shorthand, 1930-1932.


            Class notes (4 notebooks) taken by L.C. Kuyrkendall while a medical student at St. Louis University, 1906-1910.


            Notes (1 notebook) taken by Kuyrkendall of lecture by Professor Erich Ruttin, 1932.



Box 18-20       Miscellaneous Publications


            Boxes 18 - 20 contain publications such as medical and pharmaceutical bulletins, newsletters and journals; medical and surgical supply catalogs; conference meeting programs; pamphlets dealing with medical subjects; reprints of articles on medical subjects; government manuals and handbooks; Oklahoma State Medical Association publications; etc..  Most of these publications deal with Kuyrkendall's medical specialties:  eye, ear, nose and throat.  Titles include The Continental Digest, Pharmacal Advance, Ciba Symposia, Optical Developments, Bulletin of Practical Ophthalmology, The Journal of the American Medical Association, Digest of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Current Medical Digest, Roche Review, Medical Economics, Monographs for Physicians series, Clinical Symposia, and Clinical Excerpts.


            Box 20 contains a copy of the Culver Military Academy Yearbook, Culver, Indiana, 1907; and two copies of A Chart of Diseases of the Lungs, Pleurae, Bronchi, Trachea and Larynx by Edward Hill, 1901.



Physician's Daily Record (12 books), include date, name of patient, service rendered, charge, cash, and received on account, 1941-52.


Account ledgers (32 ledgers), some titled day books, which include credits/debits, date, name of patient, and address, 1912-52.



                                                         Certificates and Diplomas




1.         1930 Appointment to Major in the Medical Corps in the U.S. Army.


2.         1929 Appointment to Captain in the Medical Corps in the U.S. Army (2 copies).


3.         1943-1955 Certificate of membership in the State Medical Association of Oklahoma (13 certificates).


4.         1931, 1933 Certificate of Golf Prowess for enrollment in Canada Dry's Hole-in-One Club (2 certificates).


5.         1950 Certification in the Basic Sciences by the Oklahoma State Board of Examiners in the Basic Sciences.


6.         1950 Certificate of membership in the American Medical Association.


7.         1949 Certificate of membership in the American Association of Railway Surgeons.


8.         1947 Certificate of appreciation of service rendered as President of the Oklahoma State Medical Association.


9.         1942 Certificate of attendance in a course in post-graduate medical study.


10.       Certificate of election as a Fellow of the Academy-International of Medicine (n.d.).


11.       1919 Certificate of election as a member of the National Geographic Society.


12.       1927 Certificate of honor as a past President of the Lions Club of McAlester.


13.       1931 Certificate of membership in Country Club Magazine's International Hole-in-one Club.


14.       1935 Certificate of honor as a past District Governor of the Lions Club.


15.       1940 Award as International Counselor of the Lions Club.


16.       1935 Appointment as Aviation Safety Representative and Medical Examiner for the Department of Commerce, Civil Aeronautics Administration.


17.       1911 Appointment as resident physician and surgeon of the Alexian Brothers Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri.


18.       1911 Authorization from the State Board of Medical Examiners to practice medicine in the State of Oklahoma.


19.       1910 Certificate from the State Board of Health of the State of Missouri to practice medicine and surgery.


20.       1911 Certificate for Kuyrkendall’s service as Resident Intern in Alexian Brothers Hospital.



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