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QB #5 Steve Davis runs the ball in for a touchdown against ISU, 1975.
OU 75535.1.18

#91, all-american nose guard, Dewey Selmon, stuffs the ISU running back for no gain.
OU 75535.1.15

#7 Scott Hill, #38 Jamie Thomas, and #93 and #91, the all-american Selmon twins, line up against the ISU offense.
OU 75535.1.22

Barry Switzer knealing on the sidelines.

#24 Joe Washington puts a move on ISU defenders.
OU 75536.4.11

Dean Blevin's football signing.
OU 74187.1.24

#20 Billy Sims leaps for the 1st down.
OU 77534.6.21

#11 Freddy Nixon breaks into the open field.
OU 77534.1.30

#4 Elvis Peacock rounds the corner with a lead block from #60 Jamie Melendez.
OU 77534.1.35

#20 Billy Sims runs with the ball.
OU 77534.1.11

#2 Dean Blevins scrambles in the back field.
OU 77534.1.15

Barry kneeling and showing championship ring.
OU 74382.5.9

Team picture from 1974.
OU 74382.1.1

Barry Switzer leading his team on field, 1974.
OU 74382.4.22

#5 QB Steve Davis hands ball off to #24 Joe Washington on 1974 picture day.
OU 74382.4.11

#20 Billy Sims runs with the ball in open field.
OU 77535.5.17

Fairbanks and Switzer.
OU 71154.1.1

#70 Tommy Sanders tries to jump in front of the Texas pass.
OU 71176.1.39


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