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1.         One edition of Theater News advertising the release of the movie Uncle Tom’s Cabin (no date); an edition of The Baptist Standard 62, No. 11 (March 16, 1950). Headline is “Training Union Convention Meets April 6-7-8.”


2.         Correspondence - one letter from the Agricultural Adjustment Agency, re: cotton crop insurance (March 26, 1945); one letter from Pegues-Hurst Motor Company, re: availability of a new car for purchase (March 22, 1949); government forms for fuel rationing, authorization to buy a new car, return of property lent to the government for the war effort and an application for automobile registration (c. 1946); Sunday bulletin from St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ft. Worth, TX (August 26, 1951).


3.         Bills and receipts from various businesses in Ft. Worth, TX (1944-1948).


4.         Order catalogs from various businesses (c. 1950s).


5.         A commencement program from Our Lady of Victory Academy, Ft. Worth, TX (1949); editions of various newspapers - Oklahoma City Times (May 12, 1917); Our Sunday Visitor (October 5, 1952); The Texas Catholic (October 4, 1952); Longview (TX) Daily News (October 13, 1946); Fort Worth Star - Telegram (September 14, 1952); Bulletin (March 5, 1950).


Miscellaneous pamphlets:

Braniff International Airways

Central Airlines

Braniff tours to Havana, Cuba

“A New Horizon for Women in the U. S. Army and U. S. Air Force”

Chevrolet 1949 Almanac

Official 1949 Big State League Baseball Schedule

Rules of Selected Intramural Sports, University of Oklahoma

War Ration Book

Report Covering the Wage Movement of 1943

B. F. Goodrich’s Farmer’s Handbook and Almanac (1947-49, 1951)

What is Worth More Than Your Health

Prayers and church bulletins

Music to “Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Foster

Continental Trailways Time Table

A portion of a Baltimore Catechism

Numerous road maps.


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