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Selden Eugene Andrus (1858-1941) moved to Oklahoma during the run of 1889. He originally settled near Yukon, moving to Kiowa territory at its opening in 1901. He built the first building in Kiowa City, at Wildman (later named Mondamin, and then, a ghost town). Here he operated a store and served as postmaster. He was justice of the peace at Roosevelt 1908-1940. He was a 32 degree mason, school board member and fish and game warden under Governor Walton. He had mining interest in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona territories. One of the primary focuses of the collection is placer gold mining in the Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., Oklahoma, 1903-1906. Documents include mineral location deeds, quit claim deeds, stock certificates, and listing of claims. Also, pertaining to mining, are several legal documents. These include: chattel mortgages, corporation certificates, court correspondence regarding the status of homestead and mining claims in the new state. Andrusí general store business is documented by receipts, bills and advertisements of such items as pianos, which Andrus sold. There are two folders of correspondence, personaland business letters. The business letters reflect Andrusí involvement with mining and the store. They also reflect his involvement with secret societies including the Masons and the Woodsman Circle. Several of Andrusí business associates were fellow members of these societies. The personal letters are addressed to Andrus and some to his daughter Nellie. They are primarily from family members. One recurrent topic is Andrusíinvolvement in the secret societies and the familyís reaction to this membership. Both personal and business letters would be of interest to a researcher interested in the relationship between business and secret societies in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Box 1



1.†††††††† Bank, Store and Personal Receipts 1901-1908


2.†††††††† Society Membership Receipts, 1898-1904.


3.†††††††† Checkbooks, Canceled Checks, 1905-1908.


4.†††††††† Quit Claim Deeds - Wildman Oil Co., Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., 1902.


5.†††††††† Mineral Location Notice, Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., 1901-1903.


6.†††††††† Piano Advertisements, song book, Southwest Oil and Gas Co., Business Cards.


7.†††††††† Personal Correspondence 1886-1907, to S. E. Andrus and to Daughter Nellie from friends and relatives.


8.†††††††† Business correspondence including letters from Department of Interior regarding Federal Mining laws for the new state of Oklahoma; letters from fellow society members, 1902-1908.


9.†††††††† Prospectus of Wildman Mining and Milling Co. and Consolidated Mineral Co. Brochure.


10.†††††† Location Certificates.



Box 2



1.†††††††† Abstract of Title-Placer Mining Claims, Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts.


2.†††††††† Legal Papers, Chattel Mortgages, Affidavits, Kiowa County, 1907-1909.


3.†††††††† Property Assessment Papers, Appraisements, Adjustment Application, Property Insurance, Indemnity Bond.


4.†††††††† Petition for Incorporation, Bonds and vote on Incorporation for Roosevelt, Oklahoma, 1903.


5.†††††††† Location Notices, Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., by claim names, A-L, 1901-1905.


6.†††††††† Locations Notices, Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., by claim names, M-Z, 1901-1905.


7.†††††††† Mineral Location Notices, Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., by claim names, A-Z.


8.†††††††† Mineral Location Notices, Union Mining district, Wichita Mts., 1900-1903 by claim names.


9.†††††††† Mining deeds, Otter Creek Mining District, Wichita Mts., 1902-1903.


10.†††††† Quit Claim Deeds, Otter Creek Mining District Records, Wichita Mts., 1902-1903.


11.†††††† Consolidated Mineral Co. Receipts and Papers and List of Claims.


12.†††††† David Crockett Mining Co. Stock Share Certificates


13.†††††† Stock Share Certificates Entering Wedge Mining Co., Kiowa Copper Co. The Consolidation Mineral Co., Montezuma Mining Co., Wildman Mining and Milling Co., 1903-1906.


14.†††††† Stock Share Certificates Bryan Gulch Mining Co.




Box 3


The Hobart News 8/31/1. Vol 1, No. 1


Three certificates of corporation for the Consolidated Mineral Co., July 1 1902; David Crockett Mining and Milling Co., 3-21-04; and the Iron Mt. Mining Co., 1/12/03.


Supreme Court Land Patent Case Syllabus, Baldwin vs. Keith, 3/4/04.


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