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Box 1 Chronological File


Includes information regarding Henry Foster's early businesses and business dealings including Citizens National Bank, Gold Hill Mines, Independence Cattle Company, and Verdigris Valley Independence & Western Railroad Company.  Also contains correspondence of E.B. Foster and H.V. Foster, and seminal letters regarding the Osage lease, and the origins and operations of the Phenix Oil Company, the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, and the Foster Petroleum Corporation.



1.         Correspondence, etc., most undated.


1. Letter to John Florer from E.B. Foster? which states "we find ourselves still struggling on trying in some way to realize something out of our oil lease...the question of further development in a small way has cut no figure, as no one now seems to question for a moment the fact of there being plenty of oil there."


2. Reports titled the "Osages" and "Gas Leases" made to the president by secretary E.A. Hitchcock concerning the dealings of ex-Senator Jones and Mr. Barnsdall concerning leases and the oil problem in the Osage Reservation. 


3. Letter to Mr. Foster from James McCarthy. 


4. Document with letterhead, Wisconsin Land and Improvement Co., from H.V. Foster to J.P. Malick (includes acreage and other figures). 


5. Notice of delinquent taxation, Osage Oil Co.. 


6. Quit-claim deed of Henry V. Foster and Annie G. Foster on parcel of land in Tonawanda, New York. 


7. "Description of its Lands, Canal and Drainage System, Location and Fertility of Soil, and What Can Be Profitably Grown Thereon" of the Meadow-Land Improvement Company. 


8. Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company's Subscription Blank forms. 


9. Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company Oil and Gas Lease blank forms.


10. Numerous handwritten documents containing facts and figures re. various business interests. 


11. Note book (2" x 5") containing information re. Osage Oil Co.

12. Business cards.


2.         Patent and diagram. 1875, 1879


Carriage-curtain fastenings, patent and diagram.  Also document assigning rights to a new invention for the manufacture of woven bags.


3.         Independence Cattle Company, Topeka and South Western Railroad Company, and Verdigris Valley, Independence & Western Railroad Company. 1884, 1885, 1886, Independence Cattle Company.  Receipts, bills of sale and other legal instruments much of which concerns dealings with the Texas Investment Company.  List of cattle, including brand marking, turned over to the Independence Cattle Co. by Turner Lancaster for Texas Investment Co. Limited (Jun. 23 and 30, 1884).  Also resolution to offer mortgage bonds, articles of co partnership, memorandum of an agreement, and various contracts (1884, 1886).


Topeka and South Western Railroad Company.  Articles of incorporation.1886


Verdigris Valley, Independence & Western Railroad Company. Memoranda of agreement, mortgage to American Loan and Trust Company, and shares of capital stock (1885, 1886).


4.         Le Roy, Topeka and Northern Railroad Company.1888-1889


1. Letters (Feb. 6, 1888 and Dec. 17, 1888) from J.W. Leedy, Treasurer, to Henry Foster, President re. securing a right of way, survey to expand the railroad, and other railroad business with other lines such as the Poe, the Burlington, the MK&T, and the Santa Fe. 


2. Telegram (Dec. 30, 1888) from E.B. Foster to Henry Foster.


3. Six letters (Feb. and May 1889) from E.B. Foster and J.W. Leedy to Henry Foster re. survey, dealings with other railroad companies, railroad freight shipments, and related matters.


5.         Mining. 1889-1896


1. Deed of mining claim between Henry Foster et. al. and Henry Kiel and R.M. Scott pertaining to the Foster Placer Claim and Scott and Kiel's well (Feb. 26, 1889). 


2.Condensed Report of the Gold Hill Mines, Grant County, New Mexico by George Attwood (Apr. 23, 1889). 


3. Report by General Manager of the Gold Hill Mines in Grant County, New Mexico, and analysis by George Attwood, mining engineer (Sept. 24, 1890). 


4. Examination of the Gold Range group of mines and mining plant with specific analysis of Gold Hill, the formation, fuel, water, ores, veins, mill and buildings, the Foster Placer, the California Mine, the Noonday Mine, the Eighty-seven Mine, the Humboldt Mine, and the Nancy Lee and Jim Blaine Mines by Ricard L. Powel, U.S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor (Oct. 18, 1892). 


5. Two Supplementary Reports on the Gold Range Mines of Grant County, New Mexico by Ricard L. Powel (May and June 1896). 


6. Certificate of George H. Utter concerning over 200 assays of the ore taken from the Gold Hill Mines, Grant County, New Mexico, including assay results, and diagrams and maps of mines (May 1896). 


7. Prospectus to the McDonald Mine of which Thomas McDonald is a majority owner, located at Henryetta, Indian Territory (n.d.).  For additional mining reports, see Box 4, File Folder 6.


6.         Correspondence (this folder contains essential information regarding the development of the Osage Lease.) 1895.


1. Four letters (Jan. 3, Jan. 19, Feb. 6, and Apr. 5, 1895) to Henry Foster from William Dunkin re. the case of Crane & Larmer vs. J. Guthrie. 


2. Telegram (May 8, 1895) to Henry Foster from John Florer regarding meeting.


3. Letters (May 17 and 28, 1895) to Henry Foster from George Chandler, Assistant Secretary of the Interior re. the Osage lease.


4. Letter (May 28, 1895) from Florer to Foster re. letter to Col. Freeman in relation to the contract "that the Indian Office is to get up for us."


5. Three letters ( May 11, May 21, and June 6, 1895) and telegram (June 7, 1895) to George Chandler from Henry Foster re. the Osage lease and dealings with the Department of the Interior to receive approval of the lease. 


6. Letter (March 7, 1895) from John Florer to Henry Foster and letter (June 4, 1895) from Foster to Florer both re. the Osage lease, and the role of Col. Freeman in securing the lease.


7. Letter (Jun. 5, 1895) from Henry Foster to Col. H.B. Freeman re. leases. 


8. Letter (Jun. 6, 1895) from Foster to George Chandler re. Osage lease. 


9. Telegram (Jun. 8, 1895) from Chandler to Foster re. forms.


10. Letter (Jun. 8, 1895) from Foster to Freeman.


11. Letter (Jun. 12, 1895) from Florer to Foster re. a meeting with Col. Freeman. 


12. Letter (Jun. 12, 1895) to Foster from Chandler re. meeting with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and dissension among the members of the tribe. 


13. Letter (Jun. 12, 1895) from Freeman to Foster.


14. Letter (Jun. 17, 1895) from Florer to Foster re. suggestion that lease be made longer so include signatures of councilmen.


7.         Correspondence, etc. 1896.


1. Letter (March 29, 1896?) from Jas. A. Simmons of the Belle Phosphate Company to J.B. Foster re. protest of Osage lease, and the use of an advocate and other high officials (Governor Russell of Massachusetts, Judge Chandler, President Cleveland and the Read family) to receive approval of lease from the Department of Interior.


2. Letter (Apr. 11, 1896) from D.M. Browning, Commissioner to E.B. Foster advising Foster that the Acting Secretary of the Interior approved on Apr. 8, 1896 of the lease for mining purposes for the production of petroleum and natural gas only on the Osage Reservation, Oklahoma, dated Mar. 16, 1896 between James Bigheart on behalf of the Osage tribe and E.B. Foster.


3. Deed of Assignment E.B. Foster to the Phenix Oil Co. (May 8, 1896).


4. Copy of newspaper article dated May 12, 1896 entitled "Big Oil Company Will Operate on Osage Indian Territory."


5. Letter (May 20, 1896) from Wm. H. Dunkin to E.B. Foster re. getting agreement signed by C.E. Darlington and others.  This letter also mentions J.N. Florer.


6. Letter (May 21, 1896) from C.E. Darlington to E.B. Foster stating "that it is impossible for me to act as a director in the Phenix Oil Company."


7. Letter (Jun. 29, 1896?) to E.B. Foster from E.C. Gordon re. Gordon's sale to N.G. Read of 1/3 interest in the entire amount of stock originally due in the Phenix Oil Co.. 


8. Letter (Jul. 17, 1896) from W.E. Chilton, Secretary of State of West Virginia to E.B. Foster re. power of attorney for Phenix Oil Co.. 


9. Letter (Jul. 22, 1896) from Jas. Simmons to E.B. Foster re. sale by Simmons to N.G. Read of 1/3 interest in the entire amount of stock in the Phenix Oil Co.


10. Letter (Jul. 24, 1896) from Read to Foster re. transfers of stock.


11. Letter (Aug. 28, 1896) from N.G. Read to E.B. Foster re. shares of Phenix Oil Co., and the affairs of the company. 


12. Letter (Sep. 18, 1896) from Dunkin to Edw. Foster re. certificate of capital stock in corp. owning Osage lease.


13. Letter (Oct. 15, 1896) from H.B. freeman to E.B. Foster re. problems with funding for the boring of wells, suspension of work until funds are raised, and reports concerning these problems which are "injurious to you, create dissatisfaction among the Osages, give your competitors for the lease arguments against you, and place me in an embarrassing position."


14. Letter (Oct. 22, 1896) from E.B. Foster to H.B. Freeman re. drilling activities at Chautauqua and Elgin, Kansas, as well as future plans.


15. Letter (Dec. 1, 1896) to E.B. Foster from Dunkin.


16. Letter (Dec. 28, 1896) from E.B. Foster re. annual meeting of stockholders of Phenix Oil Co.. 



8.         Correspondence, etc. 1886-1888.


1. Includes letter from S.S. Kirkpatrick, attorney to A.C. Stich re. a deed executed by the White heirs.


2. Letter from Hank Moore to Henry Foster, father of Henry Vernon Foster, requesting a loan (April, 1887).


3. Several letters from Henry Foster in regard to the affairs of the Citizens National Bank, Independence, Kansas, of which he was president (1887).


4. Several statements of account and business receipts (1886ª1888).


5. Letter from George Attwood, mining engineer, re. the Consolidated Gold Mines of Grant County, New Mexico.


6. Assignment of land in the Osage Reservation to Henry Foster and A.C. Stitch (n.d.). 


7. Letter from Frederic Falding, mining engineer, to Henry Foster re. Foster's mine (1887).


8. Tax receipt, office of Treasurer, Montgomery County, Kansas (1888).


9.         Correspondence. 1890-1892.


1. Three letters from John Brown & Co. Steam Stone Works to J.B. Foster re. mortgage. 


2. Letter from Robert Blake to Mr. Foster.  U.S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin No. 36, Sugar Beets (1892).


10.       Correspondence, etc. 1896.


1. Receipt of Phenix Oil Co. for shares of capital stock.


2. Correspondence received by E.B. Foster as Secretary of Phenix Oil Co., and in matters concerning the Empire State Oil and Gas Co.. 


3. Five letters (May-June, 1896) from S.M. Porter, General Attorney for the Kansas, Oklahoma Cent & Southwestern railway Company, to E.B. Foster re. construction of "road from Cherryvale to Vernon," and various concessions concerning coal, railway, and oil enterprises. 


4. Four letters (June 19, Aug. 7, Sep. 14, and Oct. 13, 1896) from N.G. Read to E.B. Foster re. the finances of the Phenix Oil Co.. 


5. Warranty deed (Aug. 1, 1896) of W.H. Lampman and wife to Edgar Williams. 


6. Lease agreement including mining lease between the Osage Oil Co. and Frederick R. Green (March 1896).


11.       Correspondence. 1897.


1. Correspondence with J.B. Foster, Treasurer of the Citizens National Bank. 


2. Letter to E.B. Foster from J.S. Glenn of Phenix Oil Co..


3. Three letters (June-August, 1897) from S.M. Porter to E.B. Foster re. business matters. 


4. Letter (Oct. 29, 1897) from A.P. McBride to J.S. Glenn providing a detailed report on drilling well at Bartlesville. 


5. Document (Dec. 13, 1897) with heading A.P. McBride Telegraph Code, includes thirteen words and their definitions, ex. "twist= think we cannot get oil enough to make good showing without shooting well." 


6. Letter (Dec. 13, 1897) from H.B. Freeman to E.B. Foster asking that Foster provide a report on oil operations under the Osage Lease. 


7. Letter (Dec. 17, 1897) from A.P. McBride to E.B. Foster advising Foster not to "shoot" a well which could handle about 400 gallons pumped per day without shooting. 


8. Telegram (Dec. 18, 1897) from A.P. McBride to E.B. Foster which contains encoded message. 


9. Letter (Dec. 27, 1897) from Frank Butterworth to E.B. Foster requesting meeting to discuss Indian Territory Oil lands.


12.       Wisconsin Land and Improvement Company, and North Western Construction Company. 1895-1898.


Wisconsin Land and Improvement Company.


1. Letters (Nov. 19 and 20, 1897) from Jas. W. Wilson to W.H. Llewellyn re. Wisconsin Land and Improvement Co. and the marsh deal. 


2. Letter (Dec. 28, 1897) from George A. Gary, attorney for Wisconsin Land and Improvement Co. to William H. Llewellyn re. legal implications of Drainage Act. 


3. Agreement between The Wisconsin Land and Improvement Company and The North Western Construction Company. 


4. Various documents re. the agreement, Drainage Act, railroad through marsh lands, bond issues, and other property interests - correspondents include William H. Llewellyn, James Wilson, G.W. Boyce, Jas A. Simmons, and E.B. Foster. 


5. Legal descriptions showing township, section, range, county, and price to patent (n.d.). 


6. Letters (Nov. 18 and 27, 1897) to William H. Llewellyn from George Gary re. the founding of the company. 


7. Articles of incorporation (Nov. 17, 1897). 


8. County treasurer's certificates and redemption receipts, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (1895-1898).


North Western Construction Company. 


1. Rental statement (Feb. 4, 1898). 


2. Memorandum of agreement (Jan. 21, 1898). 


3. Waiver of notice of meeting of incorporators and subscribers (Nov. 30, 1897). 


4. Certificate of incorporation (Nov. 30, 1897). 


5. Stock certificate receipt (Jan. 12, 1898). 


6. Certificate of statement of directors and officers (Feb. 19, 1898). 


7. Treasurer's Report (ca. 1898).


13.       Correspondence, etc. 1898.


The Investment Corporation, New York. 


1. Letter to E.B. Foster from Jas. Simmons (Jan. 23, 1898) re. Klondyke gold claim, etc.. 


2. Letter (Sep. 7, 1898) to E.B. Foster from W.B. Burnet re. a Mr. Rogers. 


3. Letter from Simmons to Foster (Mar. 10, 1898) re. car trust. 


4. Letter (Oct. 13, 1898) to E.B. Foster from Simmons re. the McDonald negotiations and the Wisconsin matter, as well as matter re. Burnet. 


5. Resolution authorizing the sale of $10,000 of the capital stock of company, Foster and Simmons (ca. 1898).


Corporation Trust Company, New Jersey. 


1. Proxy - Stockholder's meeting form. 


2. Notice of annual meeting form.


3. Various documents re. affairs of the company.


4. Various telegrams.


Phenix Oil Company. 


1. Document (sketch) showing Kansas Oil Field and the 1,800,000 acres leased by The Phenix Oil Co. from Osage Indians, April 8, 1896, and verso gives a brief history of the company as well as a list of officers and directors. 


2. Letter (Jan. 6, 1898) from E.B. Foster to National Treasurer of the Osage Nation which includes a quarterly report to Jan. 1, 1898. 


3. Letter (Jan. 7, 1898) from C.A. Baldwin to E.B. Foster re. sale of Phenix stock. 


4. Letter (Jan. 21, 1898) from H.V. Foster to Uncle re. meeting with Simmons and Llewellyn.


Other Correspondence


1. Also letter to E.B. Foster from John Florer re. proxy to vote for the election of directors (Jan. 4, 1898). 


2. Letter (May 28, 1898) from G.W. Bayer to E.B. Foster including a statement of land purchased in Stevens Point. 


3. Letter (Aug. 31, 1898) from J.A. Simmons to Foster re. coal and Carbonado River railroad proposition. 


4. Letter (Dec. 29, 1898) from W.B. Burnet to E.B. Foster re. annual meetings of the Phenix Oil Company. 


5. Letter to E.B. Foster from N.G. Read (Dec. 1898) re. salt lease. 


6. Warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, and land patents primarily listing H.V. Foster as trustee.


14.       Correspondence, etc. 1898.


1. Letter (Jan. 3, 1898) from Frank Butterworth to E.B. Foster re. meeting with Mr. Haven where Butterworth gave Mr. Haven a copy of the Osage lease and a sample of oil. 


2. Letters (Jan. 4 and 5, 1898) from A.P. McBride to E.B. Foster providing a detailed report concerning the Bartlesville well, oil news in the field, the Forrest Oil Company's business, towns connected by oil pipe lines, and the Sedan Field. 


3. Telegram (Jan. 6, 1898) from McBride to Foster reporting "have taken 200 barrels of oil out of Bartlesville well." 


4. Letter (Jan. 11, 1898) from M.A. Warten to E.B. Foster re. last meeting of Phenix Oil Co.. 


5. Letter (Jan. 13, 1898) from Butterworth to Foster re. an oil pipe line and a refinery. 


6. Letter (Jan. 13, 1898) to Foster from J.A. Simmons re. lease between the Phenix Oil Co. and William Llewellyn (includes copy of lease agreement). 


7. Letter (Feb. 28, 1898) from S.M. Porter to Foster re. meeting between Porter and Mr. Haven who thinks "pipe line scheme is feasible but will take time to develop." 


8. Five letters (Jun. 12-Jul. 4, 1898) from McBride to Foster re. pumping of a well, Cuddahy operations, the Bartlesville R.R., and prospecting in the area. 


9. Letter (Aug. 31, 1898) from Geo. A. Gary to R.W. Gilkey re. signing of affidavits by Rogers Brothers. 


10. Letter (Oct. 4, 1898) from Thomas Ryan to E.B. Foster re. receipt by the Department of the Interior of a communication from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and a letter from the Principal Chief of the Osage Nation requesting the Secretary to cancel the Osage Lease, provides reasons for cancellation, and requests Foster to show cause why lease should not be cancelled.

11. Letter (Nov. 5, 1898) from J.A. Simmons to Foster re. letter received by Mr. Llewellyn from Frank Rockefeller of Cleveland who asked for particulars of the lease and what amount was required to get possession and commence to operate under the same, and that it must not be made known in any way that the parties were interested in the Standard Oil Company. 


12. Letter (Nov. 12, 1898) from Ryan to Foster re. cancellation of lease. 


13. Letter (Nov. 16, 1898) from Foster to Ryan stating that Foster will provide cause for maintaining the lease. 


14. Letter (Nov. 18, 1898) from Foster to John Florer states reasons why lease should not be cancelled and asks Florer if there are outside parties who are instigating for cancellation of the lease. 


15. Two letters (Nov. 24 and Dec. 1, 1898) from S.M. Porter to E.B. Foster stating that outside parties are probably behind the attempt to cancel the lease but Porter doesn't believe Interior Department will amend the lease, and describes business dealings of their railway company. 


16. Three letters (Dec. 15, 17, and 27, 1898) from A.P. McBride to E.B. Foster re. pumping of Bartlesville well, Cuddahy Oil Co. activities, and drilling a new well. 


17. Letter (Dec. 28, 1898) from Willis Van Devanter? to E.B. Foster informing Foster that the Department of the Interior had received his letter of the 24th and filed it in connection with the Osage Indian lease. 


15.       Correspondence, etc. 1899.


1. Letter (Jan. 10, 1899) from S.M. Porter to E.B. Foster re. decision of Interior Department to have the new agent, Mr. Pollock, investigate the situation and take sworn testimony concerning the Osage lease. 


2. Letter (Jan. 13, 1899) to A.P. McBride of Independence, Kansas re. bids asked for on wills to be drilled in the Osage Nation. 


3. Letter (Jan. 17, 1899) from J.A. Simmons to Foster re. Mr. Llewellyn boring wells as soon as get estimate from McBride and Bloom. 


4. Three letters (Jan. 16 and 18, 1899) to Foster from McBride re. cost of drilling new wells. 


5. Two letters (Jan. 18 and 24, 1899) from Porter to Foster re. railway extension franchise and proposed hearing with Agent Pollock. 


6. Letter (Jan. 30, 1899) from John Florer to E.B. Foster requesting that Foster meet with Agent Pollock and Jim Bigheart who were both in Washington, D.C. to discuss the lease. 


7. Letter (Feb. 6, 1899) from J.A. Simmons to Foster re. dealings with Norfolk and Bristol Railway, proposed boring of wells by Llewellyn, and dealings in Xenia Electric Light stock and bonds.

8. Letter (Feb. 7, 1899) from Porter to Foster re. meeting with Agent Pollock, and passage of Railway Extension bill by the House. 


9. Letter (Feb. 25, 1899) from Frank Butterworth to Foster re. the lining up of working capital in London, England to develop the Osage Oil Lease lands and to provide transport facilities for exportation of the oil. 


10. Letter (Feb. 28, 1899) to E.B. Foster from S.D. Jones re. crop damage. 


11. Letters (Feb. 26, 1899, April 26, 1899) from J.A. Simmons to E.B. Foster re. travel connections, and news from Mr. Florer in reference to the oil lease. 


12. Telegram (Mar. 4, 1899) from E.B. Foster to J.B. Foster. 


13. List of expenses from Feb. 7 to Mar. 10, 1899. 


14. Letter (Mar. 15, 1899) from Foster to John Florer re. a hearing before Agent Pollock scheduled for the 29th at which Foster and Porter will present evidence to defend the Osage lease. 


15. Two letters (Mar. 16 and 18, 1899) from McBride to Foster assuring Foster that McBride will attend the hearing at Pawhuska, and that opposition "that was worked up here to influence the Indians to break down your lease, has now entirely disappeared."

16. Letter (Mar. 16, 1899) from J.A. Simmons to E.B. Foster announcing that he successfully closed the settlement for the cars taking a receipt. 


17. Various telegrams, cancelled checks and other documents. 


18. Letter (Apr. 11, 1899) from John Florer to S.B. Foster re. meeting with Llewellyn and a report. 


19. Letter (Apr. 15, 1899) from E.B. Foster to John Florer stating that he was disappointed to learn that "Mr. L. failed to make the payment as he agreed to." 


20. Extract from letter dated San Francisco, April 16, 1899 re. meeting with Florer and McBride and a letter received from Rockefeller. 


21. Letter (Apr. 21, 1899) to Foster from J.A. Simmons re. a meeting at Bristol and the dealings of Llewellyn. 


22. Letter (Apr. 25, 1899) from John Florer to Foster re. finishing up a report which "will do away with all the opposition at the other end", and the need to "sink wells and make a showing." 


23. Letters (May 4 and May 13, 1899) to E.B. Foster from S.M. Porter re. Cherokee leases and the Cudahy Oil Company's deal. 


24. Letter (May 16, 1899) from Wm. Dunkin to E.B. Foster re. Mr. Crane's interest in the oil company. 


25. Letter (May 18, 1899) to A.T. Fancher re. getting Senator Platt to use some influence to get matter resolved. 


26. Appointments (May 24 and June 20, 1899) of proxies to vote at meetings of Phenix Oil Co.. 


27. Letter (June 3, 1899) to A.T. Fancher from J.S. Whipple re. letter sent to Mr. Platt. 


28. Letter (June 6, 1899) to E.B. Foster from A.T. Fancher re. June 3 letter. 


29. Telegram (June 6, 1899) to E.B. Foster from A.P. McBride announcing "97 1/2 barrels as near as can be estimated." 


30. Letter (June 26, 1899) to Simmons from Foster re. draft of money for the organization of the Knoxville Construction Co.. 


31. Letter (June 30, 1899) to R.W. Gilkey from G.W. Boyce & Co. re. price for Forest County lands. 


32. Warranty deeds primarily listing H.V. Foster as trustee. 


33. Surveyor's letter of certification (Aug. 1899). 


34. Receipts for purchase (Feb. 1899).


16.       Correspondence, etc. 1900.


1. Letter (Feb. 1, 1900) from H.V. Foster to John Lougan (?) re. mortgage on marsh lands. 


2. Letter (Feb. 15, 1900) from Frank M. Barnard to S.M. Porter re. oil contract. 


3. Letter (Mar. 21, 1900) from J.A. Simmons to Charles Efros re. the possibility of Efros joining in the development of the Osage Indian lease.  (This letter details amounts of capital stock involved, and Sheffield's role concerning assignments by the Phenix Oil Co. and the Osage Oil Co.) 


4. Letter (Mar. 26, 1900) to E.B. Foster from John Florer with reply from Foster written on bottom of page detailing drilling activities, etc. 


5. Osage Oil Company charter (May 1, 1900). 


6. Letter (May 30, 1900) to E.B. Foster re. meeting with stock holders of the Osage Oil Co. and the Phenix Oil Co. concerning the time at which they would be willing to sell.  Includes much information concerning McBride and Darlington. 


7. Agreement (Jun. 6, 1900) between Phenix Oil Co. and Frederick Green re. sub©leasing of land for oil development purposes. 


8. Deed of assignment (Jun. 13, 1900) wherein Samuel Sheffield signed over his Phenix Oil Co. rights to Osage Oil Co. of which he would be an officer. 


9. National Phenix Bank, cancelled checks, H.V. Foster. 


10. Letters (Jun. 20 and Apr. 16, 1900) to E.B. Foster from National.


11. Letter from R.W. Gilkey to E.B. Foster (Jul. 5, 1900) re. affairs at Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 


12. Mercantile Agency requesting information re. Osage Oil Co.. 


13. Letter (Aug. 4, 1900) from H.V. Foster to R.W. Gilkey re. contracts and health of E.B. Foster. 


14. Letter (Aug. 9, 1900) from D.W. Perkins of the American Baptist Home Mission Society to H.V. Foster re. the holding of his father's estate for any deficiency on the sale of real estate. 


15. Several letters (Aug. 1900) re. the quit claim of a property to the American Home Baptist Mission Society from H.V. Foster. 


16. Statement of expenses for the Osage Oil Co. (Oct. 5, 1900). 


17. Several miscellaneous letters and receipts for purchase.


17.       Correspondence, etc. 1901.


1. Letter (Jan. 3, 1901) from John Florer to E.B. Foster re. Foster's health, $1,650 to be paid to Florer by Foster, and receipts and expenditures from C.E. Darlington. 


2. Certificate of payment (Jan. 14, 1901) to O.A. Mitscher, U.S. Indian Agent, Osage Agency by E.B. Foster, Phenix Oil Co.. 


3. Letter (Jan. 21, 1901) from J.C. O'Conor to J.B. Foster re. receipt of check. 


4. Letter (Jan. 31, 1901) from U.S. Indian Agent to E.B. Foster re. Phenix Oil Co.. 


5. Letter (Feb. 8, 1901) to H.V. Foster re. affairs at Stevens Point. 


6. Letter (Feb. 26, 1901) to E.B. Foster from S.M. Porter re. attempts of several parties to buy out oil interests in the Osage country. 


7. Two letters (Mar. 11, 1901) from C.E. Darlington to J.B. Foster and E.B. Foster re. lease problems. 


8. Statements (Mar. and May 1901) re. shipment of crude oil of the Prairie Oil and Gas Co.. 


9. Letter (Apr. 15, 1901) from O.A. Mitscher, Indian Agent, to E.B. Foster re. receipt of check and statement of oil produced. 


10. Letter (Apr. 17, 1901) from S.M. Porter to E.B. Foster re. death of J.B.Foster and related oil interests. 


11. Letter (Apr. 23, 1901) to E.B. Foster from A.P. McBride re. Osage Oil Co.. 


12. Letter (Apr. 25, 1901) from E.B. Foster to H.C. Folger, Jr. re. H.V. Foster's interest in the Osage Oil leases. 


13. Letter (May 9, 1901) re. mortgage on farm. 


14. Letter (May 20, 1901) to H.V. Foster from R.W. Gilkey re. another map of Almond. 


15. Letter (May 21, 1901) from J.A. Simmons to E.B. Foster re. talk with Mr. McHenry concerning development of part of Osage oil lease. 


16. Bond of Administrator in the estate of Henry Foster (June 3, 1901). 


17. Letters (Jun. 11, July 6 and July 23, 1901) from E.B. Foster to H.V. Foster re. Wisconsin land situation, drainage problem, and Michael Cudahy.


18.       Correspondence, etc. 1901.


1. Letter and telegram (Aug. 5 and 6, 1901) from C.E. Darlington to E.B. Foster re. anxieties concerning the Osage lease lands. 


2. Letter (Aug. 21, 1901) from J.A. Simmons to E.B. Foster re. negotiations with Darlington and proposed lease to Bates and Co.

3. Bills of lading (Aug. 30, 1901) © Osage Oil Co.. 


4. Three letters (Aug. 31, Sep. 3, and Sep. 11, 1901) re. the financial standing of H.V. Foster. 


5. Letter (Sep. 6, 1901) from J.A. Simmons to E.B. Foster re. dealings between Mr. Scott and Mr. Bates, cash payment to Mr. Darlington, and division of cash between Osage stockholders and Phenix stockholders. 


6. Letter (Sep. 16, 1901) from John Florer to E.B. Foster re. problems with the oil lease and the "unkind and ungentlemanly manner" in which Darlington and Florer had been treated. 


7. Letter (Sep. 17, 1901) from T.S. Salathiel to H.V. Foster re. expenses involved in case of E.B. Foster versus Stich. 


8. Letter (Sep. 28, 1901) from John Florer to E.B. Foster re. trying to work out a satisfactory resolution of their problems.


9. Letter (Oct. 2, 1901) to John Florer from E.B. Foster re. business deal with Mr. Bates, Darlington and Florer, also considering starting to drill again. 


10. Letter (Oct. 8, 1901) from E.B. Foster to H.V. Foster which clearly spells out the demands of Darlington and Florer. 


11. Statement of expenses for trip to Kansas City, Oct. 14-21, 1901. 


12. Letter (Oct. 29, 1901) to Jas. A. Simmons re. a visit by Mr. Bates' representative, Mr. Gilbert, to the Osage lease. 


13. Letter (Nov. 8, 1901) from E.B. Foster to H.V. Foster re. various land matters at Stevens Point. 


14. Letter (Nov. 20, 1901) to H.V. Foster from George Gary with a personal contract enclosed re. Buena Vista Marsh. 


15. Letter (Nov. 7, 1901) to H.V. Foster from T.S. Alathiel, lawyer, re. payment for services rendered. 


16. Letter (Nov. 27, 1901) from E.B. Foster to Jas. Simmons re. articles of incorporation - Osage Oil Co.. 


17. Letter (Nov. 30, 1901) to E.B. Foster from J.A. Simmons re. death of Mr. Huey and that this would not prevent the deal from going through. 


18. Letter (Dec. 5 and 22, 1901) from C.L. Reeder to J.B. Foster re. interest in sublease with Foster's company. 


19. Letter (Dec. 18, 1901) from John Florer to E.B. Foster re. the possibility of drilling wells at Pawhuska and Gray Horse, and railroad building in the Indian Territory. 


20. Letters (Dec. 1901 and Jan. 1902) between A.P. McBride and E.B. Foster re. school land taxation. 


21. Certificate of reinstatement (Sep. 6, 1901) - Phoenix Oil Co.. 


22. Various documents and letters.


19.       Osage Oil Company, Bartlesville, Indian Territory. 1901.


Includes letters, statements of account, water and sediment reports, several letters to E.B. Foster and H.V. Foster from A.P. McBride re. company business, and copies of lease between James Bigheart for and on behalf of the Osage Tribe, and E.B. Foster for prospecting and mining for oil and gas upon the Osage Reservation, Oklahoma.


20.       Wisconsin Land and Improvement Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 1900, 1901.


1. Letter (Oct. 11, 1900) from H.V. Foster to "my dear uncle" re. surveying down in Waushara? County, and meetings with railroad men concerning a new line across the marsh lands.


2. Also includes letters some of which concern the drainage enterprise; warranty and quit-claim deeds; copies of contracts; receipts for payment; property statements showing legal description, acres, and name of trustee or titleholder; and letters between H.V. Foster and R.W. Gilkey.


21.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, New Jersey. 1901.


Includes various legal documents including Memorandum of Agreement between E.B. Foster and C.E. Darlington pertaining to the establishment and operation of the I.T.I.O. Company; copy of I.T.I.O. Co. lease form; proxy to vote form (H.V. Foster to R.R. Gilkey; agreement between McCarthy and Bates as parties of the first part and Simmons and Foster as parties of the second part, Phenix Oil Co. as party of the third part, and Osage Oil Co. as party of the fourth part to form the I.T.I.O. Co.; receipts; and broadside announcing "Greatest Oil Strike in the Southwest on the Lands of the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Co., of New York."


22.       Correspondence, etc. January-June, 1902.


1. Letter (Jan. 2, 1902) to C.E. Darlington re. death of E.B. Foster, progress in resolution of the oil matter, and substitution of William Hoxsey as Trustee for the stock of the new company taking the place of E.B. Foster. 


2. Notice (Jan. 6, 1902) of meeting of directors of Phenix Oil Co.. 


3. Letter (Jan. 11, 1902) from John Florer to H.V. Foster re. E.B. Foster's death, calling for the drilling of wells at Pawhuska and Gray Horse, and $1,650 which Florer paid out for the company and expected to be reimbursed. 


4. Letter (Jan. 27, 1902) from I.T.I.O. Co. to Corporation Trust Co. re. the issuance of stock to various persons with their names and numbers of shares. 


5. Letter (Jan. 27, 1902) to the Logee Oil and Mining Co.. 


6. Letter (Jan. 27, 1902) from J.A. Simmons to H.V. Foster re. taxes and assessments of Phenix Oil Co.


7. Letter (Feb. 11, 1902) from A.P. McBride to H.V. Foster re. shipment of oil. 


8. Certificate of assay (Feb. 19, 1902) from the Silver City Assay Office. 


9. Summons and Complaint for Foreclosure of a Mortgage (Mar. 11, 1902) involving Gurnee and Mott v. Garnsey, Foster et al. 


10. Letter (Mar. 14, 1902) from Eastern Texas Oil & Development Co. re. investment in the company. 


11. Letter (Mar. 24, 1902) from C.E. Darlington to H.V. Foster re. lease and production well. 


12. Memorandum of Agreement (Mar. 25, 1902) between H.V. Foster and J.P. Malick. 


13. Quit claim deed (Apr. 11, 1902). 


14. Letter (Apr. 16, 1902) to Foster from R.W. Gilkey re. various land deals. 


15. Letter (May 13, 1902) from F.A. Bates to H.V. Foster re. production of 8 to 10 million cubic feet of gas and about 20 barrels of oil per day from the No. 11 well. 


16. Miscellaneous letters and documents.


23.       Correspondence, etc. July-December, 1902.


1. Summons and Complaint in Foreclosure (Jul. 19, 1902) involving Miller, Scheu and Fisher v. Hatch, et al. 


2. Notices to Redeem Land (Jun. 1, 1903) to H.V. Foster. 


3. Agreement (Sep. 2, 1902) between Mechanics Savings Bank and H.V. Foster. 


4. Letter (Sep. 11, 1902) to R.W. Gilkey from H.V. Foster re. settlement with bank. 


5. Letter (Sep. 21, 1902) to Foster from Swift re. possible visit. 


6. Letter (Sep. 23, 1902) to H.V. Foster from Brennan and Frost re. Wingit quit claim deed. 


7. Letter (Oct. 3, 1902) from Alex Thompson to H.V. Foster re. Independence Gas Co. stock. 


8. Personal letter (Oct. 20, 1902) to Foster. 


9. Letter (Nov. 20, 1902) from John Florer to H.V. Foster re. "stormy" meeting at which Florer asked for Bates' resignation. 


10. Letter (Dec. 22, 1902) from James McCarthy to John Florer re. the offer to carry the deal through as outlined in the proposed agreement if Foster did not. 


11. Letter (Dec. 23, 1902) to John H. Brennan from C.E. Darlington re. Darlington's assumption of management of the properties of the Phenix Oil Co. and the Osage Oil Co.. 


12. Copy of letter (Dec. 24, 1902) from John Florer to Greulich, Stelling & Co. in which he complains about "New York thieves" and threatens bodily harm if they send a "New York man" to Bartlesville to take Darlington's office.  Florer also states "I have had nothing but a lot of hot air ever since this company was formed.  I was the father of this company and if it had not been for me there would never have been any oil leases." 


13. Various letters and documents.


24.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, New Jersey. 1902.


1. Includes various letters and legal documents pertaining to company business and purchase price of Kansas crude oil. 


2. Several letters between Foster and F.A. Bates, President of the I.T.I.O. Co. re. casings and other matters pertaining to well production. 


3. Several letters between Foster and F.S. Stelling, Secretary of the I.T.I.O. Co.. 


4. Memorandum of Agreement (Nov. 6, 1902) concerning the issuance of stock, this occurring after the deaths of Francis A. Bates and Edwin B. Foster. 


5. Resignation letters of Stelling and Bates. 


6. Annual meeting notices. 


7. Account statements and receipts for purchase. 


8. Proxy for stockholders' meeting. 


9. Letter (Dec. 11, 1902) from Darlington to Foster re. unpaid debt to National Tube Works of St. Louis. 


10. Telegrams.


25.       Wisconsin Land and Improvement Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and Phenix Oil Company, West Virginia.  1902.


1. Letters between Foster and Alex Thompson, Treasurer of Mechanics Savings Bank, re. sale of 2,000 acres, the Gold Range Mines, abstracts etc. related to the Wisconsin lands, and various other matters. 


2. Complaint of H.V. Foster v. the Wisconsin Land and Improvement Co. concerning the dealings of George W. Boyce in the securing of property owned by Virginia Fisher. 


3. Statement of Taxes and Assessments of Phenix Oil Co.. 


4. Letter (Nov. 14, 1902) from Leonard Wheeler to Foster re. erection of oil wells by Bell. 


5. Telegrams.


26.       Osage Oil Company, Bartlesville, Indian Territory. 1902.


Cancelled checks and information on account at the Citizens National Bank, Independence, Kansas.


27.       Correspondence, etc. 1903-1904.


1. Letter (Jan. 3, 1903) to Executor of E.B. Foster re. Phenix Oil Co.. 


2. Letter (Feb. 7, 1903) from H.V. Foster to James A. Simmons re. turnover of property of the I.T.I.O. Co. by Darlington.  This letter also mentions the roles of Brennan, Frost, and Gruelich in this affair. 


3. Resignations of the President and Secretary of I.T.I.O. Co. (Feb. 20, 1903). 


4. Account statement (Mar. 5, 1903) sent to John H. Brennan from Sommer and Adams, counselors at law, re. services rendered pertaining to Phenix Oil Co., et al v. I.T.I.O. Co., et al. 


5.Letter (Mar. 14, 1903) from S.M. Porter to H.V. Foster re. demand by Porter for $10,000 par of the oil company stock. 


6. Articles of agreement (May 12, 1903) between the I.T.I.O. Co. and A.T. Fancher re. purchase of oil leases with lease numbers, acreage, and price per acre. 


7. Letter (Jul. 22, 1903) from Daniel Frost to Foster re. four leases. 


8. Letter (Mar. 14, 1904) from William M.P. Bowen to Mr. Thompson re. the estate of Henry Foster (also includes general release of Annie Foster to H.V. Foster). 


9. Articles of Organization (1903) of the Badger Oil & Gas Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. 


10. Various receipts and cancelled checks.


28.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, New Jersey. 1904-1905.


1. Statement of Taxes and Assessments (Jan. 12, 1904). 


2. Letter (Feb. 15, 1904) from A.B. Crafts to Bayard Hainer re. litigation between I.T.I.O. Co. and Mechanics Savings Bank. 


3. Statement of debits of John H. Brennan, Brennan and Frost, A.T. Fancher, and D.E. Frost. 


4. Statements by month of oil sold by the I.T.I.O. Co. and its sub-lessee (Nov. 30, 1904). 


5. List of contracts for leases and options. 


6. Letters (Sep. 1903©Oct. 1905) from H.C. Folger, Jr. to H.V. Foster re. price of Kansas crude oil. 


7. Various receipts for purchase and legal documents. 


8. Directors' meeting minutes (Sep. 11, 1905). 


9. Order to Show Cause and Restraining Order between Eugene Gordon and I.T.I.O. Co. et al (Dec. 5, 1905).



Box 2 Chronological File


1.         Correspondence, etc. 1904-1909


1. Statement of transfers of bank funds by Barnsdall and Glenn Oil Producers (Feb.-Mar. 1904). 


2. Packard Motor Car Co. warranty (Dec. 6, 1905). 


3. Check register (1906-07). 


4. Receipt for I.T.I.O. Co. shares from Frank Stelling (Feb. 2, 1909?). 


5. Receipt for shares of the I.T.I.O. Co. (May 12, 1906), signed by J.A. Simmons. 


6. Promissory note (Jul. 16, 1906) from J.A. Simmons to H.V. Foster. 


7. Minutes (Mar. 11, 1907) of special meeting of Directors of the I.T.I.O. Co.. 


8. Real estate mortgage (Sep. 9, 1909) from Davis and Davis to R.W. Gilkey. 


9. Promissory note, Bell to H.V. Foster (Jul. 7, 1908). 


10. Note concerning a land deal (Feb. 3, 1909). 


2.         Report 1905


Report entitled "Development of Osage Reservation."  This report presents arguments for renewal of the Osage Lease vs. the McGuire Bill (H.R. 17478).  The report includes details on the total wells drilled as of Dec. 31, 1904, cost of development, production statistics, responsibilities of the Parent Company, amount of development, brief history of the oil business in the United States with detailed information on the Osage Lease, eleven reasons why the original lease should be renewed, and eight reasons why the plan of the Department of the Interior should not be carried into effect.


3.         Correspondence, etc. 1911-1921.


1. Letter (Apr. 10, 1911) from John Shea To Foster re. notes of A.T. Dumenil. 


2. Warranty Deed (Dec. 6, 1911).  


3. Stock subscription in the International Automobile League Tire and Rubber Co. (Nov. 23, 1912). 


4. Copies (Jan. 13, 1914 and Feb. 3, 1914) of U.S. Senate Resolution and Navy Department letter re. a pipeline for transport of oil from the mid-continent oil field in Oklahoma to a port on the Gulf of Mexico. 


5. Promissory notes (1914-15). 


6. Statement of bonuses due and paid, Barnsdall Oil Co. and Finance Oil Co., (1914©17). 


7. Letter and contract (Mar. 26, 1917) from B.E. LaDow to Foster re. leases on certain acreage for oil and gas mining purposes in McPherson County, Kansas. 


8. Division orders (Feb.-Mar. 1920) sent by J.E. Grattan, Superintendent of Empire Gas and Fuel Co., to Foster. 


9. Division order (Sep. 30, 1920). 


10. Employers Common Law Liability endorsement (Dec. 9, 1920). 


11. Letter (Feb. 8, 1921) from M. Collins, Echo Oil Co., to Osage Development Co. re. a lease. 


4.         Formation of Foster Petroleum Corporation. 1921-1925.


1. Daily Oil Digest (Jan. 10, 1923) includes statistics for oil production in the Osage Nation. 


2. Notegram (May 3, 1923) from Mr. Williams to H.V. Foster and B. Blue re. trouble in trying to get the Secretary of the Interior not to rescind the Secretary's Order of Jan. 15, 1921, relative to the lifting of drilling requirements. 


3. Letter (Aug. 16, 1921) from James Manter to Burdette Blue re. Delaware corporations. 


4. Letter (Oct. 2, 1923) from Edward Gann to Burdette Blue re. U.S. v. The Chemical Foundation, Inc.. 


5. Certificate of Incorporation of Vernonica Investment Corp. (Jan. 14, 1924). 


6. Letter (Jan. 15, 1924) from Burdette Blue to E.E. Gann re. entity theory and regulations of acreage. 


7. Letters (Jan. 26 and Jan. 30, 1924) re. the name "Foster Corporation." 


8. Letters and telegrams (Feb. - May 1924) between Burdette Blue and James Manter re. incorporation of the Foster Corporation. 


9. Letter (Feb. 12, 1924) from E.E. Gann to Blue re. a copy of the "Teapot Dome" hearings. 


10. Letter (May 28, 1924) from Blue to Frank Burford re. the organization of the Foster Petroleum Corporation, a Delaware corporation. 


11. Notegram (Jun. 25, 1924) from Dahlgren to Blue re. formation of Foster Petroleum Corp. and its incorporation in Kansas. 


12. Letters (July 1924) re. foreign incorporation of Foster Petroleum Corp. in Kansas. 


13. Letter (Aug. 24, 1924) from Gann to Blue re. assignments of Osage oil leases to Foster Petroleum Corp.. 


14. Memo (Dec. 2, 1925) from Blue to Foster re. interpretation of collateral trust agreement on the point of borrowing capacity. 


15. Certificate of Incorporation of the B-A-R Oil Co..


5.         Correspondence, etc. 1926-1930.


1. Promissory notes from A.P. McBride to Foster (1926). 


2. List (Mar. 23, 1929) of collateral (certificates representing capital stock) received of Commerce Trust Co., the collateral deposited under a certain collateral trust indenture of the Foster Petroleum Corp.. 


3. Notegram (Dec. 19, 1929) from Dahlgren to Foster re. comparison of estimates of production of Seminole area leases, undeveloped leases, and Oklahoma City leasehold. 


4. Memo outlining duties and obligations of owners of majority stock. 


5. Letter (Feb. 17, 1930) from Burdette Blue to Charles Frueauff re. purchase of Foster Petroleum Corp. and particularly that phase of the deal which relates to the Doherty and Co. contract.

6. Promissory notes (Oct. 8, 1930) from Vivian Kerr and Roy Pottorf to Foster. 


7. Notes re. "Example of a Tentative Sale."


6.         Correspondence, etc. 1934-1943.


1. Notegram (Feb. 3, 1934) from Finney to Blue re. information received from George Beaulieu of the Osage Indian Agency for gross bbls., oil royalty, gas royalty and bonus from 1901 to June 30, 1933. 


2. Letter (Feb. 6, 1934) from Killian to Blue. 


3. Information pertaining to receipt of note and stock certificate from Lutko Corp. (Sep. 24, 1934). 


4. Notegram (Dec. 20, 1934) from H.V. Foster to the Washington Trust Co. re. creation of three separate trusts. 


5. Notegram (Jul. 3, 1935) from Dahlgren to Rippetoe re. Foster Investment Corp.. 


6. "Oil and Gas Operations, July 1, 1924 to January 1930" (Dec. 20, 1935).  


7. Option contract from Foster Petroleum Corp. (Jan. 29, 1937). 


8. Letter (Jul. 15, 1938) from Dahlgren to Minnie Shepard re. loan. 


9. Letter (Oct. 15, 1938) from Blue to Dahlgren re. points of price and term of option. 


10. Notegram (Mar. 2, 1939) from Dahlgren to Killian re. review of corporate set-up by Marion Fisher.  Also includes excerpt from minutes of meeting of Board of Directors of I.T.I.O. Co. on May 8, 1935. 


11. Notegrams (Jan.-Aug. 1939) between Donaldson and Dahlgren various accounts and deposits. 


12. Notegrams (Mar.-Dec. 1939) between Dahlgren, and Doornbos & Kane re. the Foster estate property. 


13. Citation (Aug. 29, 1939) of Probate Court of Westerly, Rhode Island re. the estate of H.V. Foster. 


14. Various correspondence signed by Killian or Dahlgren re. matters concerning the Foster Petroleum Corp. or the Foster estate. 


15. Also includes several letters (Jul. 1940 - Apr. 1941) between Dahlgren and Alf M. Landon re. drilling of well at Pawhuska.


16. Letters (1939-1942) to World Biographical Encyclopedia and National Encyclopedia of American Biography re. biographical sketch of H.V. Foster. 


7.         Tax Dispute 1940.


Letters (Feb.-Jun. 1940) between the law firm of Campbell and Randolph, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and Paul Dahlgren and the Foster Petroleum Corp. re. a test case, Love v. Silverthorn, of the Intangible Personal Property Tax Act.  Other documents in the file concern the estate of Henry Vernon Foster, deceased.  These include "Informal Protest" (June 11, 1940), "Informal Protest to Changes in Engineering Report" (June 11, 1940), and "Written Transcript of the Oral Argument Presented Before the Oklahoma Tax Commission" (Oct. 28, 1940).


8.         Lease Forms, etc. 1890s.


Blank lease forms for Osage Indian lands including grazing lease changed to oil lease.  Also application for mineral license.


9.         Histories, and Last Will and Testament 1930, 1932, 1947.


Includes histories (1930) of I.T.I.O. Co. and Foster Petroleum Corp..  "Meet the Founders:  Foster Petroleum - Pioneers in Indian Territory."  Report outlining oil and gas operations from Jul. 1, 1924 to Jan. 1930, disposal of oil and gas properties, the Indian Territory Royalty Co., and a detailed history of the Foster Petroleum Corp.  "Statement of Fact" provides a detailed account of the history of the Foster Petroleum Corp. including corporate officer and company actions, and statement of asset structure on Dec. 31, 1930.  Last Will and Testament of H.V. Foster (May 1932).


10.       Empire - Guaranty Loan 1932-1934.


Agreement between Empire Gas and Fuel Co. and Guaranty Trust Co. of New York (Nov. 1932).  All papers in connection with the Empire-Guaranty agreement (1932).  Renewal of Empire Gas and Fuel Company's loan at the Guaranty Trust Co. (1934).


11.       Henry L. Doherty and Co. - Engineering and Administrative Fee Matter 1921-1934.


1. Letter (Mar. 7, 1934) from Foster to W.A. Jones titled "Statement of Various Company Matters To Be Personally Discussed." 


2. Various letters (1921-1927) between Foster and officials of the Henry L. Doherty & Company re. the affairs of the I.T.I.O. Co.. 


3. Office memoranda and notegrams (1928) distributed internally between officers of the I.T.I.O. Co.. 


4. "Memoranda of Matters To Be Presented to Mr. F.R. Coates and the Executive Committee" (April 1928), and related correspondence. 


5. "Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company Engineering and Administration Fee Matter" (June 20, 1928). 


6. Various letters (1931-34), many of which concern the 3% charge against the I.T.I.O. Co. for financing by the Henry L. Doherty & Co.. 


7. "Statement re. Balance Sheet Status of I.T.I.O. Company Notes Payable to Empire Gas & Fuel Company as of Nov. 30, 1932" (Jun. 2, 1933). 


8. "1934 Preliminary Budget for Indian Territory Companies" (Aug. 29, 1933).  (This file contains documentation of Foster's beginning discontent with top management of Cities Service Oil Co..)


12.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company 1927-1928.


1. "Annual Report to Stockholders of I.T.I. O. Co. for Fiscal Year ended Oct. 31, 1927."


2. "Balance Sheet as of Apr. 30, 1928 After Giving Effect to the Valuation by Mr. G.E. Moser."


3. "1928 Budget of Indian Territory Companies, Bartlesville Okla."


4. "I.T.I.O. Co. Balance Sheet after Giving Effect to Reevaluation Dec. 31, 1927."


5. "I.T.I.O. Co. and Subsidiaries Estimate of Amount of Administration and Engineering Charges, 1927."


6. "Triannual Balance Sheet and Loss and Gain Statement Based on Actual Valuation of Physical Property of the I.T.I.O. Co. as of Aug. 31, 1928."


7. "Analysis and recommendations Advocating Policy of Increased Expenditures in the Purchase of Royalties et cetera, Dec. 31, ” 1927."


8. "Statement of Cost and Present Value of Royalties, Dec. 31, 1927."


9. "Non Producing Royalties Showing Cost and Present Value, Dec. 31, 1927."


10. "Statement of Producing Royalties Showing Cost Recovery and Present Value, Dec. 31, 1927."


11. "Statement of Cost Net Income and Status Producing Royalties in Seminole Area, Dec. 31, 1927."


13.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company 1940.


Letters from shareholders re. the sale of I.T.I.O. Co. stock to the Cities Service Oil Company.


14.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company 1937-1940.


Letters, telegrams, and memoranda between I.T.I.O. Co. officials and members of the Foster family re. the sale of I.T.I.O. Co. stock to the Cities Service Oil Company.  Correspondents include Burdette Blue, Paul Dahlgren, D.P. Killian, Katherine Foster, Ethel Foster, and Annie Foster.  Some letters between I.T.I.O. Co. officials and officials of the Cities Service Oil Co. such as T.W. Tutwiler, attorney Marion Fisher, Thomas Perry of the Washington Trust Company, and J.L. Cleveland, Jr. of Guaranty Trust Company of New York.


15.       Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company 1938-1940.

1. "A Tentative Suggestion for the Protection of Stockholders, and the Refinancing of the "A" Co.," n.d..


2. List of Class B Stock Holdings, n.d.


3. Statement re. I.T.I.O. Co. including net value of oil reserves and undeveloped acreage, gross earnings, unproven nonproducing leases and royalties, lifting costs, and oil sales including oil royalties (Jan. - April, 1940).


4. Annual Report to Stockholders (1938 and 1939).


16-17.  Real Estate 1931-1933.


Correspondence, job applications, notegrams, brochures, freight bills, receipts and account statements re. real estate holdings of H.V. Foster with much information concerning the Hillcrest land, the country club, and the furnishings for Foster's homes, La Quinta and Rancho de la Cordoniz near Bartlesville, Oklahoma.


18.       Foster Ranch - Financial Statements, 1931-1933.


Payroll, expenditures, trial balances, etc.



Box 3 Correspondence and Research Files


1.         "Argument and Petition for Renewal of Oil and Gas Leases in the Osage Nation, Oklahoma." 1916?.


55 pages and 13 page appendix, includes argument for renewal of oil and gas leases in the Osage Reservation, Oklahoma; history of the Osage Lease and Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company; subsequent operations and extension of gas contracts; estimate of the reinvestment made by all oil operators in the Osage Reservation; and history of early development.


1A.      Sale of Foster Petroleum Corporation Holdings to Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, contract matters (original file in Foster Petroleum Corp. (F.P.C.) safe deposit), 1929-1931.


Correspondence, telegrams, and other documents between representatives of I.T.I.O., F.P.C., Henry L. Doherty & Company, and several financial institutions which detail valuations and appraisals of the I.T.I.O. Co. and F.P.C., negotiations between all parties, "Memorandum of Legal Effect of Contracts Between Corporation and Its Officers," various proposals, resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of Cities Service Co., report of special meeting of Directors of Osage Development Co., resolutions of Board of Directors and stockholders of F.P.C., resolutions of Board of Directors and stockholders of Osage Development Co., and "Preliminary Report on Cash Settlement Bases for Purchase of Foster Petroleum Corporation Properties by Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company" by  O.P. Warlick of Henry L. Doherty & Co. (Mar. 17, 1930).


2.         Estate Taxes, 1937, 1939, 1942.


Memorandum Re:  Delaware Taxation, et cetera, Jul. 16, 1937. Estate tax return for H.V. Foster including detailed schedules of property holdings i.e. real estate; stocks and bonds; mortgages, notes and cash; insurance; jointly owned property; miscellaneous property; transfers during decedent's life; trust agreement; powers of appointment; funeral and administration expenses; debts of decedent; mortgages and liens; recapitulation; and net estate computations.  Statement of assets and liabilities as of Feb. 28, 1939, and summary statements.  "Closing Agreement as to Final Determination of Tax Liability," May 27, 1942.


3.         Estate Correspondence, 1942, 1946.


1. Letter (Jan. 5, 1942) from Villard Martin to D.P. Killian re. payment to apply upon unpaid interest on deficiency estate tax. 


2. Letter (Mar. 7, 1942) from Villard Martin to D.P. Killian re. copy of collateral agreement and includes copy of agreement. 


3. Letter (Mar. 5, 1942) from Villard Martin to the First National Bank and Trust Co. re. Foster testamentary trust. 


4. Letter (May 15, 1942) from Martin to Killian re. breakdown of the adjusted deduction on the federal estate tax return. 


5. Notegram (Nov. 12, 1946) from Killian to Rippetoe re. Foster estate and per share values. 


6. Various statements concerning the value of the trust estate.


7. "Chronology" of the estate including shares in Foster Petroleum Corp., a balance sheet dated July 1, 1924 showing assets and liability, initial basis of Foster Petroleum Corp. capital shares, and the I.T.I.O. Co. March 1, 1913 value.


4.         Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company – Notebook, 1926.


This notebook includes a plan which was submitted to the Executive Committee, Henry L. Doherty & Co., W.A. Jones, Chairman by President H.V. Foster.  It calls for the drilling of wells on various blocks of acreage owned by the I.T.I.O. Co., recommendations as to cash donations I.T.I.O. should make to encourage tests by owners of leases adjoining leases owned by I.T.I.O., and recommendations as to new lease acquisitions.  The notebook contains the following sections:  letter of transmittal, drilling projects #1 to #7, analysis of acreage around which I.T.I.O. desires to encourage tests by cash donations to owners of adjoining leases, general program for new leasing and tentative wildcat drilling activities during the ensuing twelve months, general comment on scattered acreage and blocks owned by I.T.I.O., and general summary and recapitulation.


5.         Foster Petroleum Corporation – Notebook, 1939.


This notebook includes a survey of the various problems of Foster Petroleum's organization and of its officers and directors.  It was prepared and submitted to Foster Petroleum by Harry A. Campbell and Roger S. Randolph, tax attorneys, and L. Karlton Mosteller.  This notebook contains the following sections:  Letter of transmittal; tax problems, including estimates of taxes payable in various states;  corporate maintenance and practices with recommendations and suggestions for amendments to charter and by©laws; consideration of the question of whether activities of the Corporation should be carried on by two separate corporations; custodian accounts, H.V. Foster trusts; domicile of stockholders; and recommendations and conclusions.


6.         Independence, Kansas.  Warranty deeds. 1882-1890.


Also document titled, "State Lands Entered by G.W. Boyce," includes legal description, county, price to patent, and balance due after entry; document with the following information: name, amount due, amount paid, amount of interest paid, and contract extended to (1900); diagram of townships 23 and 24, range 7E; pamphlet - "Loaning House of Henry Foster & Company, Independence, Kansas, Connected with Hull's Banking Co.;" card - "First Mortgages on Improved Farms in Kansas.  Negotiated by Henry Foster & Co., Independence, Kansas;  and business card - Henry Foster & Co., Independence, Kansas.  Loan Money on Improved Farms in Kansas."


The following files were compiled in the preparation of ”Out of the Osage:  The Foster Story• by William Donohue Ellis (Oklahoma City:  Oklahoma Heritage Association, 1993).


7.         Interviews concerning H.V. Foster, Frank Phillips, and other subjects covered in Out of the Osage:  The Foster Story


Interviewees include Barbara Hopper Garrison, Frank Griggs, J. Frank Rice, Lee Gardner, Florence Metcalf Herman, Chief Sylvester Tinker, V. Robert Kerr and Betty Cronquist. 1986-1991.


8.         Independence, Kansas.1882-1885 and 1902-1907.


Notes, news clippings, maps and interviews concerning the history of the Foster family after its move to Independence, Kansas in 1882.


9.         Biographies, Obituaries - H.V. Foster, 1935-1988.


Includes Foster family trees, Westtown School notes, news clippings and magazine articles, "A History of Central Pilgrim College in Bartlesville, Oklahoma," "H.V. Foster - A Personal Profile" by Ami Doornbos Preston, and in remembrance card of Marie Foster Burlingame.


10.       Correspondence, etc. 1984-1990.


This folder includes correspondence, etc. primarily between William D. Ellis and Ann Marie Preston re. research on the book, ”Out of the Osage:  The Foster Story•.  Also includes correspondence with V. Robert Kerr, and Paul Endicott.


11.       ”Osage Saga:  The Foster Blanket Lease• by William D. Ellis. Typewritten manuscript copy. n.d.


12.       Osage lease records, copies. Primarily from Federal Records Center, Ft. Worth, Texas. 1914-1916.


13.       East Dunes - Watch Hill and Westerly, Rhode Island. n.d. Includes information re. Foster home, and the Wilbur family and Foster genealogy.


14.       La Quinta and Rancho de la Codorniz, 1987-1989.


Newspaper articles, house tour brochures, and notes re. La Quinta and Rancho de la Codorniz as well as The Kane Home, and The Dahlgren House.  Inventories of furnishings in La Quinta which were loaned to Central Christian College (October 13, 1942 and June 20, 1948).  "Specifications and General Conditions for Alterations to Frame Residence for H.V. Foster, Bartlesville, Oklahoma" and information re. Foster building remodel.  La Quinta Preservation Foundation, Inc. minutes (October 30, 1988 and January 17, 1989).  Appraisal of household furnishings (February 20, 1987), and landscaping plans at Rancho de la Codorniz (January 31, 1985).



Box 4 Correspondence, Reports and Letterbooks


1.         Certificates of Stock Registers (2), Osage Oil Company, 1900.


2-3.      I.T.I.O. Letterbooks (2)., 1903-1904, 1903-1905.


These letterbooks contain letters from H.V. Foster to various correspondents concerning matters relating to the affairs of the I.T.I.O. Co..  Correspondents include J.H. Brennan, C.E. Darlington, A.T. Fancher, D.E. Frost, L.J. Greulich, R.W. Gilkey, and A.C. Thompson.  The letterbooks are arranged in chronological order from Oct. 22, 1903 through Dec. 9, 1904  and from Oct. 21, 1903 through Jul. 28, 1905 with alphabetical indexes by name of correspondent and corresponding page numbers.  Also includes a report titled "Wells in and Drilling on September 5th, 1903."


4.         Record of Sub-Leases, n.d. Ledger arranged by lot number, or by legal description (township, range and section).


5.         Cash Book, 1902. Arranged by date, lists expense and amount. 


6.         Mining. Condensed Report of the Gold Hill Mines, Grant County, New Mexico by George Attwood (Apr. 23, 1889).  Description, Reports and Assays of the Gold Range Consolidated Gold and Silver Mines, Grant County, New Mexico (n.d.).  Report on Gold Range Mines in Burro Mountain Mining District, Grant County, New Mexico by R.L. Powell (May 11, 1898).


7.         Correspondence re. Cruikshank Matter, and Appointment


Appointment of Henry Foster as attorney for Crane and Larmer "to negotiate funds upon the leases of about 90,000 acres of land of the Osage Country Indian Territory U.S.A.."  These leases were executed to Crane and Larmer on Nov. 8, 1883 and Dec. 22, 1888. Sep. 22, 1890.


Correspondence and telegrams between Henry Foster, and Chas. Beddau, Capt. H. Cruikshank, Capt. H.H. Home, J. Crewe, and Samuel Barclay re. problems which developed concerning a commission for Cruikshank who was involved with the sale of Foster's Gold Range Mines in New Mexico. March - May 1893.


8-9.      Materials pertaining to 5th Avenue Houses Nos. 2068-2070, New York, New York.


These files include business letters, leases, deeds, statements, and other legal documents pertaining to buying, renting, decorating, etc. of Foster's 5th Avenue houses. 1882-83 and 1888-91.



Box 5 and Box 6 contain legal documents of Henry Vernon Foster

which were apparently kept in Foster's safe.  These materials are

in their original order.  The index which follows was compiled

from Foster's original finding aid.



Index to Boxes 5 and 6


                        Description                 Item Number



            New York Life                                     1

            Northwestern Mutual                            2

            Aetna Life                                            3

            Masonic Mutual                                    7

            Travelers                                              8

            Maryland Gas Co.                                12

            North American Acc.                           13

            Union Central Life                                4

            M.W.A.                                               9

            U.S. Travel Club                                  17

            Employees Indemnity Corp.                  71

            Aetna Group - I.T.I.O.                         8

            Mo. State Lift (Group)                          13A

            Akdar Corp. - M.D. Foster                  180



            821 Johnstone                                      16





            809 Johnstone                                      179

            821 Johnstone                                      14

            Keeler Avenue properties                     14

            Westerly, Rhode Island                         16

            East Dunes                                           127

            Land East of Highway 75                      228

            La Quinta - Greenhouse                        234



            Sherman & Ellis                                    84

            Wheeler, Kelly & Hogny (Employers'

            Liab. & Workmen's Comp.)                 229

            Foster Farms - Ranch                           222




            L3 Blk 6                                               22

            Chas Labadie land SE, NE, & NE,

                        SE 13-27-10 Osage                 23

            Kenmore Avenue                                 25

            Keeler Avenue Ls 5 & 6, B69              26

            Lots at 12th & Johnstone                      50

            Westerly, Rhode Island                         51

            Portage County, Wisconsin                   53

            L4 B 69 Bartlesville                              54

            NW 23-29-9 Chautauqua Co., Ks       55

            Price Stephens land in

                        29-25-11 Osage                      56

            W.C. Tucker land in

                        25-25-9 Osage                        60

            L7 B 69 - 800 Keeler                           76

            Roche land – 23-24-9 Osage               79

            N1/2 SE 14-24-9 Osage                      89

            Warehouse Lot Wynona                       89

            East Dunes                                           127

            Waldo Bradstreet land

                        Rising Star, Texas                     150

            715 Dewey      (McMorrow)                171

            L2 B69            Uh1 Property               119

            Beattie Ranch                                       182

            1422 Valley Road                                180

            L20 B4 Cherokee Hills                         196

            (Files closed del. to J. Kane)



            Nora Day Farm                                    201

            Country Club District                            202

            Verdigris Club                                      209

            Marshall County Land 4095 A.             218

            La Quinta                                             202

            Memorial Park Lot                               243

            La Quinta Lease                                   234



            H.V. Foster to A.A. Little                     86



            Adkar Temple                                      141

            Baby Bonds                                         66b

            Liberty                                                 66a

            B.P.O.E.                                              39

            K.C. Club                                            135

            Masonic Building                                  59

            Winnapaug Golf Club                           138



            Foster & Norwood                              106

            Blue, Breene, Dahlgren & Foster          107

            Foster & Dahlgren                                108



            Anchor Life Insurance Co.                    169

            Ark Valley Fuel                                    34

            Atlas Life Insurance Co.                       68

            Beacon Oil and Boston & Osage          91

            Barnsdall Corp.                                    73

            Bartlesville Gun Club                            132

            Black, Sivalls & B.                               35

            Blue Bill Gun Club                                167

            Conejos Rainbow Trout                        140

            Cities Service                                       18

            Commerce Trust                                   19

            Central Petroleum Co. (now

                        Wolverine Petroleum)               29a

            Crescent Oil Co.                                  31

            Club House Hotel & Cottage                41

            Celanese Corp.                                    181

            Caterpillar Tractor                                199

            Doherty & Co.-1929 sub. plan             187

            Empire Gas & Fuel Co.                        164

            Exchange National Bank                       67

            East Palestine Rubber                           20

            Foster Investment Corp.                       236

            Foster Farms                                        235

            First National Co. - Tulsa                     174

            Foster & Davis                                     42

            45 Oil Co.                                            110

            Foster Petroleum Corp.                        165

            First Nat'l Bank & Trust- Tulsa             174     

            First Nat'l Bank & Trust

                        - Oklahoma City                       189

            Home Savings & Loan                          123

            Helen Oil Co.                                       116

            I.T.I.O. Co.                                          28

            Illinois Athletic Club                              45

            Louvain Oil Co.                                    57

            Livingston Oil Co.                                 32

            Large Oil Co.                                       40

            Logo                                                    170

            Marine & Field Club                             44

            Mines Corp. Ltd.                                  46

            Mountain Prod. Corp.                          156

            Mid Cent Petroleum Corp.                   208

            New Bradford Oil Co.                          168

            Osage Development Co.                       48

            Okla. Hunting & Fishing Club               38

            Pittsburg Pneumatic Co.                        37

            Pan-American Oil & Tr.                       170

            Sinclair Gulf Corp.                    (21)      90

            Standish Oil Co. (Phillips)                     33

            Sinclair Oil & Refining                           36

            Sperata Oil Co.                                    45

            Sinclair Consol. Oil                               90

            Salt Creek Prod. Assn.                         156

            Standard of Indiana                              188

            Tulsa Tribune Co. (pfd)                        215

            Union National Bank                            30

            Union Machine Co.                              47

            Verdigris Club                                      209

            Wolverine Petroleum Co.                      29

            Wah-Shah-She Oil Co.                        62

            Western Oil Exchange                          64

            Westcott Valve Co.                              104

            Washington Trust                                  137

            Winnapaug Golf Club                           138

            Whiting Oil Co.                                    166

            Woolworth                                           192

            Washington Royalties Co.                     227



            Bv. Water Co. - Meter Receipt            176

            Boston & Osage-Beacon Papers          91

            Boggs, O.P.                                         158

            Cities Service Partic. Fund                    114

            Doherty & Co. - Joint Acq. of Acr.      154

            Foster, Mrs. Lucy M.W.                      112

            Foster Marie D.                                    133

            Foster Petro. Corp. Inc. Matters           153

            Foster, E. B. estate papers                    24

            Foster, Henry Vernon trust                   216

            Foster, H.V.  C/D                                220

            Foster, H.V. social security cards          231

            Foster, H.V. - health                             246

                        burial permit                             246

            Garnet Oil Co. matter                           74

            Inter-Osage Oil Pro. Co.                      111

            Little-Lambert papers                           86

            Little-Foster assignment                        86

            Peake matter                                        184

            Pershing School Wts.                            134

            Rood-Crescent-Large deal                   31

            Wallace, R.J. - Hepp lease

                        statement and receipt                161

            HLD Co. - Bump letter and Lewis

                        appraisal of ITIO prop.             162

            McKnabb-Kansas acreage                   163

            Mosteler, Karlton L.                             223

            Doornbos, Ruth F.                                183

            Wallace-Peake matter                          184

            Caldwell, C.H. loan of stock                 195

            Yacht Sea King II                                 197

            Delk Contract                                       202

            Tax Certificates (Hulen)                        217

            Foster Farms-Lease Contract               222

            Hurd, Bill - Gty matter                          224

            Machine gun registration                       232

            Union National Bank

                        (Securities) - H.V.F.                 237

            Foster Petroleum Corp.                        238

            Safety Deposit Box Nos.

                        and 894 - Farmers Bank of

                        State of Delaware                     886

            Harris Trust & Savings Bank                 239

                        (Safety Deposit Box No. 892 -

                        contents transferred from

                        Washington Trust, Westerly)

            Foster, M.D.                                        241

                        (custodian acct. at Harris Trust &

                        Savings Bank)

            Foster, Annie G.                                   242

            Robinson, J.J.                                       244

            Ramsey, Martin & Logan                      245

            St. Clair Hotel                                      247

            H.V. Foster Note & Mortgage             248



            Brink, Jessie                                         225

            Buck, Mrs. A.M.                                  190

            Breene, M.P.                                        69

            Blankner & McWhiney                         95

            Brennan, J.H.                                       98

            Beattie, R.L.                                         100

            Broomfield, R.A.                                  102

            Blue, Burdette                                      103

            Blue, B. (Un. Natl. Stock)                    109

            Blake, G.C.                                          131

            Blue & Dahlgren                                   91

            Boggs, W.B.                                        178

            Caldwell, C.H.                                     99

            Clark, L.E.                                           192

            Dahlgren, P.F.                                      152

            Davis, W.N.                                         96

            Doty, C.E.                                            171

            Davis, S. and H.                                   212

            Empire Dairy                                        128

            Emerald Oil Co.   FPC                         11


            Fowler, J.C.                                         151

            Fisher, F.P.                                          115

            George, Ed.                                          75

            Garnet Oil Co. matter                           74

            Gorman, T.F.                                       172

            Goldsmith, J.                                        177

            Gilliland, A.R.                                       230

            Heine, H.J.                                           63

            Hardwick, Bula                                    113

            Hall, A.J.                                              125

            Higgins, T.B.                                        139

            Hindman, B.C.                                     226

            Killian, D.P.                                          65

            Kingley, F.H.                                        88

            Kerr, Robert                                        193

            Kerlin, Maude                                      204

            Loriaux, Maurice                                  205

            La Prade, Jesse                                    214

            McBride, A.P.                                      173

            McMorrow, J.H.                                  49

            Morrison, Ed.                                       142

            Morse, E. Rollins                                  94

            Meloy, J.E.                                           198

            Mathews, Truman J.                             211

            Montgomery, Van H.                            221

            Nelson, Grace                                      129

            Pratt, C.H.                                           114a

            Potlorf, Roy                                          194

            Rucker, W.R. (cash loan)                     155

            Rhodd, R.D.                                         175

            Steel, Robert                                        219

            Stacy, T.E. & Lelah                              210

            Snyder, Alvah                                       61

            Stratton, A.J.                                        97

            Steele, A.C.                                         185

            Springstead, F.P.                                  186

            Stilwell, Mort. F.                                  206

            Union National Co.                               209

            Upshaw, Ben                                        207

            Wallace, R.J.                                        117

            Wiggins, J.H.                                        130

            Winnapaug Club                                   138

            Weber, H.C.                                        233

            Zeller, Geo.                                          200



            Bradstreet, T.W. - Agreement &

                        assignment (Louvain)                77

            Dewey Port. Cement Co. gas               80

            John Jarvine - surface rights

                        30-25-11                                 81

            Coburn, Gerald - leases in KS  82

            Eureka Petroleum Co. (F.E. Ross)

                        escrow agreement                     83

            Sherman & Ellis contract                       84

            Foster Oil Co.-Kas. Dist. Co.               85

            Smith & Rosenthal Drilling

                        contract                                    85

            Hall-Brann agreement                           87

            Empire Gas Co. - cont. for use

                        of loading rack 35-25-10


            Phillips Pet. Co. csghd. gas                   124

            Skelly-Foster & Norwood                    126

            ITIO-Foster & Norwood csghd.

                        gas                                           136

            ITIO-Foster & Norwood gas               143

            Sinclair-F & N csghd. gas                     144

            Barnsdall-F & N csghd. gas                  145

            Prairie O & G-csghd. gas                     146

            Ochelata gas contract                           147

            G.R. Jordan                                          148

            Louvain Right-of-way                           149

            Alcorn-Beacon transf. of acr.                160

            McKnabb-Kans. acreage                     163

            Wallace - Peake Matter                        184

            Sale of FPC holdings to ITIO (in

                        right hand cupboard this

                        safe)                                         191

            N.Y. Apartment lease                           213

            Allan R. Shaw-Tax Certificates

                        Declaration of trust                   217

            Foster Farms                                        222

            Rood Ethel (Mortgage)

                        Declaration of trust                   240

            Marie Foster Kane - New York Life

                        C/D                                          249

            Barnsdall Operating Contract

                        Kelley Francis C. Grant            250



Box 5 Legal Documents of Henry Vernon Foster



1.         Indexes (originals) and Item 1


2.         Items 2 - 3


3.         Items 4 - 14


4.         Items 18 - 24


5.         Items 25 - 28


6.         Items 30 - 37


7.         Items 38 - 48


8.         Items 49 - 53


9.         Items 57 - 67


10.       Items 68 - 81


Box 6 Legal Documents of Henry Vernon Foster


1.         Items 84 - 86


2.         Items 88 - 100


3.         Items 104 - 126


4.         Items 127 - 143


5.         Items 144 - 158


6.         Items 160 - 162


7.         Items 163 - 179


8.         Items 182 - 184


9.         Items 186 - 192


10.       Items 197 - 200


Box 7 Legal Documents of Henry Vernon Foster


1.         Items 204 - 209


2.         Items 210 - 222


3.         Items 223 - 239


4.         Items 240 - 242


5.         Items 243 - 250


The remainder of Box 7 contains additional legal documents of Henry Vernon Foster which were not part of the preceding series.


6.         Papers in connection with proposal of H.V. & M.D. Foster to Foster Petroleum Corp. and its acceptance to be entered in minute book if Osage assignments were approved.


7.         Stock certificates. Reservation Oil Co., New York and Osage Oil Co., Crescent Oil Co., Bartlesville Broom Co., Union Machine Co., Pittsburg Pneumatic Co., Sand Creek Oil Co., Sperata Oil Co., Bartlesville Country Club, General Construction Co., Osage Development Co., Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Co., Central Fuel Oil Co., Cherokee Motor Car Co.


8.         Agreement between H.V. Foster & M.D. Foster, and the Foster Petroleum Corp. to exchange property for stock. 1924. Includes reports on developed leaseholds, undeveloped leaseholds, stocks in oil and gas producing corporations, and trial balances of several oil companies.


9.         Assignments: 10-23-10, Apr. 13, 1912.  Little - Lease, Rood & Meloy to Foster.  Gilkey - Osage - Leases to H.V. Foster.  Simmons to Foster 15-24-10.  Hughes - Lease, Rood to Foster.  Lots 60, 173, 292, Wildwood Oil Co. to Foster.  Eureka – Osage Assignment.  13-27-10 E1/2.


10.       Warranty deed, John Goodwin & wife to Henry Foster, Mar. 16, 1872.  Two mortgage deeds, Henry Foster to Westerly Savings Bank, Jan. 22 and Jul. 19, 1872.  Austrian and Saxonian patents for snow plow to Henry Foster (1876).


11.       Foster Petroleum Corp. Papers concerning mortgages and deeds of property re. Congregation Beth-El, San Antonio, Texas, and A.E. Barnes of Washington County, Oklahoma. 1940-1943.


12.       Foster Petroleum Corp. - I.T.I.O. Stock. Includes list of I.T.I.O. stock certificates and reissues, list of shares of I.T.I.O. stock in the name of Foster Petroleum Corp., and assignment and power of attorney form. 1924, 1929.


13.       Legal forms, blank. Includes indenture forms, notice to non-resident corporations, etc.


14.       Permit (State of California) for removal and burial of H.V. Foster, 1939.


15.       Papers relating to oil leases near Crane Station, Kansas. Includes correspondence, and copies of oil and gas leases and contracts.  This material concerns leases in the Cherokee Nation.  Correspondence includes letters between Henry Foster and James Glenn of Empire State Oil and Gas Co., and J.W. Howe of Independence, Kansas. 1894, 1895.




Box 1


1935 Certificate of award presented by the Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects to H. Vernon Foster as owner of the house at Bartlesville Okla. (copy)


Foster Ranch Planting Preliminary, Donald Pearson (7-18-1984).


Landscape Planting Plan, Foster Ranch, Ochelata, Okla., Donald Pearson (12-19-1984).


Pool Area Study, Foster Ranch, Donald Pearson (2-29-1984).


Foster Petroleum Corporation, financial record (12-31-1939)


Detailed balance sheet; balance sheet – Investment Division; computation of net income per books; comparative computation of net income per books - Oil & Gas Division; comparative balance sheet - Oil & Gas Division.


Graph of potential production total Oklahoma City field, based on 24 hour gauges of open wells (3-11-1930).


Graph of potential production I.T.I.O. Co.-Foster Pet. interests Oklahoma City Field, based on 24 hour gauges of open wells (3-10-1930).


Graph of potential production total Oklahoma City Field April to July 1930, no decline considered.


Graph of fractional potential total Oklahoma City field April to July 1930, no decline considered.


Graph of potential production Cromwell-Franklin and Wirt Franklin Pet. Corp. interest Oklahoma City field, no decline considered (3-10-1930).


Copies of ledger sheets showing name of lessee, lot or sec., date appd., oil, gas, dry, operated by, assignment, date, approv., amt. Aug. run, run I.T.I.O. Co., and oil run to. 1896-1906.


Copies of ledger sheets showing name of company, date, balance, debits, and credits.  Companies include Louvain Oil Co., Beacon Oil Co., and Barnsdall Foster Co..1919-1930.


Record of oil bonuses received and receivable on producing leases, I.T.I.O. Co..1905-1916.


Abstract of title to lands in East P.M., Cherokee County, Kansas. 1883.


Maps – Henry V. Foster Collection


928.     Unidentified.  A 20" x 29" map drawn in pencil showing town lots.  DRAWER 8504


929.     South Dakota.  A 19" x 25" map of Eastern South Dakota advertising Kelley's Land Agency, Huron, South Dakota.  Shows counties, towns, and railroads.  ca. 1900.  DRAWER 8504


930.     Mississippi.  A 21" x 14" map, Railroad Commissioners' Map of Mississippi, showing mileage of railroads in Mississippi for term ending June 30, 1901.  1902.  DRAWER 8504


931.     Gogebic County, Michigan.  A 17" x 17" blueprint map of M.H. Wheeler lands showing camps, logging roads, and dams. DRAWER 8504


932.     Wisconsin.  A 16" x 16" map of Price County and part of Lincoln, Oneida, and Chippewa Counties, Wisconsin showing Wisconsin Central Railroad lands corrected to March 1, 1896. DRAWER 8504


933.     Wisconsin.  A 23" x 31" map of Wisconsin Valley Land Company showing lands in Marathon and southern part of Lincoln County.  1897.  DRAWER 8504


934.     Wisconsin.  A 16" x 13" map fragment showing Plover, Grant, and Pine Grove.  DRAWER 8504


935.     United States.  A 17" x 32" map showing the Missouri Pacific Railway, Missouri Kansas and Texas Railway, St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railway, International and Great Northern Railroad, Central Branch U.P.R.R., Ft. Scott Wichita and Western Railroad, and the Little Rock and Ft. Smith Railway, and connections, includes timetables, Rand McNally and Company.  DRAWER 8504


936.     Indian Territory.  A 27" x 31" map of Townships 20N - 29N, Ranges 4E - 14E showing sections, railroad lines, creeks, and rivers.  Drawn by the Osage Map Company, Bartlesville, Indian Territory.  DRAWER 8504


937.     Westerly, Rhode Island.  A 36" x 17" plat of Winnapaug Golf Course.  1928.  DRAWER 8504


938.     Indian Territory.  A 31" x 39" blueprint map of Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company operating lands in the Osage Reservation, Townships 20N - 29N, Ranges 4E - 12E, showing railroad lines, creeks and rivers.  DRAWER 8504


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