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Harold Beach Goodrich Collection



Box G-9: Reprints related to the oil industry, formal research notes, handwritten notes.



1.         Fowler, H.C. “Development in the American Petroleum Industry, 1914-19: Exploration, Drilling, Production and Transportation.” Information Circular 7171 (June 1941). Department of the Interior - Bureau of Mines.  In addition, typed notes (35 pages) on Information circular 7171 by Goodrich.


2.         Typed formal research notes on the oil industry, and commentary on the work of other researchers within the field.


3.         Typed formal research notes on the oil industry, and commentary on the work of other researchers within the field.


4.         Handwritten informal notes.



Box G-8: Business correspondence, charts and graphs, newspaper clippings, reports and speech written by Goodrich and published materials.



1.         Business correspondence relating to the oil industry and the research conducted by Goodrich (1931-1943).


2.         Charts and graphs relating to oil production. Several are original hand drawn copies with a fragile nature; others are copies of these originals. Several of the charts were compiled by Goodrich. The charts include “History of Oklahoma Oil Production During 1930;" a correlation chart of oil production; “Oil Production Yearly of California;” record copied and transferred to graphic log form by Goodrich from “Observations on the Saliferous Rock Formations in the Valley of the Ohio;” “Production Conditions of Venango, PA Oil District;” chart of the historical analysis for comparison occurrences of petroleum in North America; “Graphic Representation of Early Drilling Records.”


3.         Newspaper clippings on the topic of increased oil production during 1939-1940.


4.         Formal written papers and reports by Goodrich: Report of the Chanslor and Canfield Midway Oil Company (September 18, 1904); Early Discoveries of Petroleum in the United States (1932); Importance of Surface Showings of Oil from an Historical Viewpoint. In addition, one typewritten speech by Goodrich of the paper Early Discoveries listed above.


5.         Published materials: Bulletin of the American Institute of Mining Engineering (July 1917); J. V. Howell, “Historical Development of the Structural Theory of Accumulation of Oil and Gas,” reprint from Problems of Petroleum Geology (August 1934); “United States, Appt. vs. Southern Pacific Co. et al,” Decisions of the Supreme Court of the U. S.  251 (October 1919); one copy of pages 1008-1009 of the Mineral Yearbook (1937).


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