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Box 1


F1        Letters of recommendation for L.L. Hutchison (includes letters from Grant Evans and David Boyd, Presidents, and Jesse Rader, Librarian, University of Oklahoma) 1910-1911.


F2        Correspondence regarding Hutchison's work as a consulting geologist, 1910-1911.


F3        Assorted documents including contract for Lins Oil and Gas Company, and analyses for Quintuple Oil Company, 1911.


F4        "A New Building Stone Possibility for Oklahoma" by L.L. Hutchison, n.d.


F5        "Rock Asphalt, Asphaltite, Petroleum and Natural Gas of Oklahoma" by L.L. Hutchison in "Oklahoma Geological Survey, Bulletin no. 2, 1909.


F6        "Geology and Resources of Oklahoma by L.L. Hutchison. Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapter 1 - "General Statements"


F7        Chapter 2 - "General Geology of the Asphalt Bearing District"


F8        Chapter 3 - "Rock Asphalt Deposits"


F9        Chapter 4 - "Asphaltite Deposits"


F10      Chapter 5 - "On Asphalt Paving"


F11      Chapter 6 - "On the History of Petroleum and Natural Gas"


F12      Chapter 7 - "Distribution of Petroleum and Natural Gas"


F13      Chapter 8 - "Chemistry of Petroleum and Natural Gas"


F14      Chapter 9 - "Theories of Origin"


F15      Chapter 10 - "Theories of Accumulation"


F16      Chapter 11 - "Stratigraphy of the Main Oil and Gas Field of Oklahoma"


F17      Chapter 12 -  "Present Status of Oil and Gas Development in Oklahoma"


F18      Well Logs, 1911


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