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Bell, Earl L.
Papers 1869-1966
.33 foot

Collector. Receipts (1869-1909) for business transactions between Thomas J. Stephenson and merchants of Vicksburg, Mississippi; contracts (1881) with the Northern Pacific Railroad Company for the sale of land in Washington and Idaho territories; and letters (1876-1930) to the railroad from homesteaders regarding their purchases of land from the railroad.
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Boudinot, W. P. (d. 1898)
Printed materials 1870-1899
.25 foot

Editor. Typescripts of articles (1870-1899), by or about W. P. Boudinot, from various Cherokee Indian newspapers and relating to the Indian policy of the federal government, the Cherokee Orphan Asylum, land transfers, and railroads in Indian Territory.
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Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Collection
Records 1853-1984
487 feet

Railroad company. Corporate records arranged in the five functional sub-groups of executive files; legal files; engineering records; property accounting; and real estate and industrial development records. Record series of the executive sub-group include minutes (1905-1915, 1947-1975); annual reports (1884-1908, 1915-1932, 1941, 1948-1975); subject files (1900-1984); Executive Committee minutes (1953-1955, 1971-1974); monthly letters to the Board of Directors (1921-1972); correspondence (1913-1976); corporate files of associated railroads (1910-1975); liquidation files (1968-1984); and stock ledgers (1853-1864, 1906-1933). In the legal sub-group are subject files (ca. 1925-1979); correspondence (1969-1976); contracts (1900-1910, 1930, 1950-1960); merger files-Union Pacific (1963-1975); merger files-other railroads (1920-1980); litigation files (1930-1980); legislation files-state level (1908-1920); and liquidation files (1975-1984). The engineering sub-group consists of projects files (1890-1975); graphics, including maps, tables, station blueprints, track layouts, bridges, engines and cars, total-system diagrams, and statistical charts (ca. 1890-1980); structural notes (1916-1917); and capital expenditures (1940-1941, 1947, 1966-1968). In the property accounting sub-group are grand summaries (1942-1972); valuations (1915-1981); money control files (1903-1904, 1935-1942); original cost data files (1934-1941); general balance sheet statements (1959-1964); and revenues and expenditures files (1902-1903, 1928-1944). The real estate and industrial development sub-group includes real estate sales files (1937-1974); abstracts of title (1859-1902, 1911-1931); industrial area files (1956-1977); lease records (1902-1925); quit claim deeds and tax records (1890-1907); land contracts (1941-1943); and station master files (1979).

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Des Champs, John Lefeber
Papers 1905-1994
1 foot

Amateur historian. Typewritten and handwritten copies of manuscripts (n.d.) entitled The Short Line Midland Valley: A Class I Railroad; Midland Valley; Muskogee and the Midland Valley; The Railroads of Osage County; and John William DesChamps and John Lefeber DesChamps, all by John Lefeber Des Champs, along with a reminiscence entitled Midland Valley Railroad Company, A. W. Lefeber's Kind Remembrances of 51 Years (1903-1954) of Association with Mr. Charles Edward Ingersoll and Family. The collection also includes research materials such as correspondence, notebooks, notecards, a photograph log, and published materials relating to railroads in general and specifically to the Midland Valley Railroad Company, the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Gulf Railway Company, and the Oklahoma City, Ada, and Atoka Railway Company.
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Feuquay, Courtland Matson (1890-1949)
Papers 1885-1948
7 feet

Attorney and state senator. General correspondence (1915-1940) of Feuquay; his personal correspondence (1923-1925) as a state senator; Works Progress Administration work relief lists (1934-1935); case records (1917-1948) of railroad litigation in which Feuquay served as counsel; Selective Service directives (1941-1946); American Legion-related papers (1919-1924), including "40 et 8" materials; a diary (1885) of Feuquay's grandfather, W. B. Holland; and an account book (1905-1908) of Feuquay's father, J. W. Feuquay.
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Fink, John Berlin (1886-1960)
Papers 1834-1957
6 feet

Collector. Correspondence (1933-1955); books (1833-1959) about railroads; printed material (1935-1960) also about railroads and including travel brochures and timetables; maps (1834-1883, ca. 1955), relating to early military posts in Oklahoma Territory and surrounding states; and notebooks (1934) kept by Fink.
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Fisk, Charles W. (ca. 1860-1939)
Papers 1902-1939
.10 foot

Physician. Official transactions (1906) of the joint session of the Oklahoma state and Indian Territory medical associations; official publications (1906-1935) of the Oklahoma State Medical Association; correspondence (1926-1939) regarding Fisk's appointment as consulting surgeon to the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad, and certificates of election (1902-1908) to the position of city councilman in Kingfisher, Oklahoma Territory, and Oklahoma.
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Fort Smith, Subiaco, and Eastern Railway Company Collection
Records 1908-1916
.25 foot

Railroad company. A ledger (1908-1916) in which the finances of the Fort Smith, Subiaco, and Eastern Railway Company were recorded. The records show profits, losses, and business relations with other area railroads, including the Arkansas Central Railroad.
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Gallaher, William M. (1877-1955)
Papers 1925-1954
1.66 feet

Physician. Correspondence (1925-1950); manuscripts (n.d.) on medical topics; and account ledgers and daybooks (1925-1950) from Gallaher's general practice in Shawnee, Oklahoma, along with publications (1950-1954) concerning Oklahoma medical laws and the health and pension plans of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad.
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Garrity, Richard M.
Printed materials 1986
4.33 feet

Collector. Newsletters of the Model Railroad Interest Group (1960-1985) for which Garrity served as editor, plus his notes and typescripts for the same. Also included are correspondence (1950-1988); published and unpublished articles by Garrity, and others, regarding railroad development around Ripley, Oklahoma, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Oklahoma natural history; Oklahoma local history; and solar energy. The collection also contains numerous sound recordings on cassette tapes.
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Hargrett, Lester (1902-1962)
Papers 1951
.50 foot

Writer and bibliographer. The manuscript, galley sheets, and page prints (1951) of Oklahoma Imprints; photocopies of manuscripts (1836, 1881) relating to the extension of the western boundary of Arkansas and the granting of rights-of-way to the Chicago, Texas, and Mexican Central Railway Company and to the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company.


Kuyrkendall, Louis C. (d. 1956)
Records 1853-1955
12 feet

Physician. General correspondence (1906-1955); examination reports (1924-1944) of injured Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad Company employees; examination reports (1943-1950) prepared for the Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare; correspondence (1929-1950) regarding workers compensation cases; examination reports (1940-1949) for the Civil Aeronautics Administration; and daybooks and account ledgers (1920-1948) from Kuyrkendall's medical practice in McAlester, Oklahoma. Also included in the collection are reprints of articles authored by Kuyrkendall and a prescription book (1853) belonging to Kuyrkendall's grandfather.
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Ledbetter, Eugene P.
Papers 1892-1952
2.33 feet

Attorney. Case files (1892-1952) of Ledbetter, an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, attorney, concerning oil, gas, and railroad leases and stock; the payment of Oklahoma supreme court justices salaries (1933-1935); and the payment of a reward offered for the arrest of George "Machine Gun" Kelly (1934).
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McCurtain, Edmond (1842-1890)
Printed materials 1875-1901
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of McCurtain's annual messages (1884-1886) to the Choctaw Nation general council; letters (1875-1877) by McCurtain to newspapers regarding various issues, including railroad right-of-way and citizenship disputes, and an obituary (1890) of McCurtain.
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Oklahoma Transportation Company Collection
Records 1902-1972
13 feet

Railroad company. Financial reports (1908-1972); executive and operating records (1902-1948), including annual reports, corporate by-laws, and minutes of the meetings of the governing board; and employee records (1931-1949) regarding the labor unions representing the Oklahoma Transportation Company work force, and wages paid.
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Rock Island Technical Society Collection
Records 1879-1987
160 feet

Historical society. Records of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Company including dismantling files (1981-1987); contract and easement listings (1981-1987); inventory records by sub-division (1980-1985); highway crossings by state and county (1973-1987); tract estimates (1972-1985); review committee reports of land sales by city (1981-1984); motor vehicle reports (1972-1987); purchasing and sales files (1971-1986); engineering files (1930-1986); law department files (1906-1984); VPO contracts (1879-1984); tax and stock reports to states (1910-1984); card files containing information on locations of gas, water, and sewer pipe lines (1914-1984); daily reports concerning the thirty-five day strike by the clerks' union (1979); inspection trip reports concerning the southern division of the railroad (1969-1976); files concerning railroad operations at El Reno, Oklahoma (1977-1979); and company general orders-southern division (1972-1977).

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Rogers-Neill Collection
Papers 1871-1943
1 foot

Collectors. Business correspondence and papers (1871-1935) of Fritz Sittell relating to the Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, the Choctaw Trading Company, Sittell's other business interests, and the development of the town of McAlester, Oklahoma; personal correspondence (1871-1943) including letters from Tams Bixby, Peter Pitchlynn, the Pitchlynn family, Green McCurtain, Robert L. Owen, Moritz Lippman, and others; and certificates (1890-1900) of Sittell's appointment as U.S. marshall and special deputy sheriff of Tobucksy County, Choctaw Nation, along with clippings, business cards, a sketch of house floor plans, government documents, and biographical materials relating to Sittell's family.
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Seay, Edgar W., Jr.
Papers 1915-1950
2 feet

Collector. Nineteen engineering drawings, primarily by the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Company, showing rights-of-way for areas in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.


Stevens, Robert S.
Papers 1870-1875
.25 foot

Railroad manager. Typescripts of letters to and from Robert S. Stevens regarding Stevens's management of the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad of which he was general manager. Included in the collection is a letter to Stevens from President U. S. Grant regarding a trip Grant made from St. Louis, Missouri, to Springfield, Missouri, and Indian Territory. The Western History Collections also holds a more complete set of the Stevens papers on microfilm. The original Stevens Family Papers are in the Division of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Cornell University Library, Ithaca, New York.


Treat, Guy Bradford (d. 1980)
Records 1903-1955
4 feet

Railroad official. Correspondence (1925-1947); reports (1906-1955); minutes (1945); financial records (1918-1946); maps (1904-1955); and publications (1909-1955) regarding the operations, financial status, and policies of railway companies in central and southeastern Oklahoma. The companies included are the Oklahoma Railway, the Oklahoma City Railway, the Metropolitan Railway, and the El Reno Interurban and the Norman Interurban railroads. The collection also contains correspondence (1947) regarding the liquidation of the Oklahoma City streetcar system, and the development of the Diamond Dishwasher Company (1925).


Wheatley, Thomas W.
Papers 1905-1939
.50 foot

Coal mine operator. Correspondence (1928-1937); labor contracts (1933-1939); wage notices (1917-1936); machine contracts (1921-1939); advertising brochures (1926-1936); and orders (1937-1939) issued by the National Bituminous Coal Commission of the U.S. Department of the Interior, all in regard to the coal mining industry in southeastern Oklahoma. Included is information regarding wages, mine safety and accidents, organized labor, industry standards, coal production, mine railroads, and a 1930 mine explosion in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, in which thirty miners were killed. This collection also contains survey reports (1905-1906) submitted to the Samples Coal Mining Company regarding the potential coal wealth of the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, which the Samples Company later mined.


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