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1.      Abstracts.  Land in and around McAlester, Oklahoma.  Six dated:  1908, 1910, 1910, 1915, 1923, and 1935.  Receipts and correspondence.


2.      Banking (1895-1932).  Checks- 1895, 1898.  Deposit receipts, 1898-1904.  Fee check, Gypsy Oil Company, 1916.  Check stubs, 1932.


3.      Bills, Purchase Orders and Store Inventories (1888-1932).  Inventories, Choctaw Trading Company, 1890.  Purchase Orders, Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, 1890-1894.  Bills to Choctaw Coal and Railway Company, 1890-1897.  Bill to Fritz Sittel, 1888-1932.  Miscellaneous, 1888-1897.


4.      Bills of Sale and Releases (1874-1902). 

Land (1874-1902)

Livestock (1888-1894)

Miscellaneous (1888-1890)

Releases: land, oil and gas leases (1891, 1892, 1916, and 1919)


5.         Claims, Contracts and Agreements (1888-1920)

            Mineral Claims (1889-1894)

            Damage Claim, M.K. & T. (1890)

            Contracts and Agreements.  re:  land; oil and gas; coal; Choctaw Coal and

            Railway Co.; and miscellaneous.


6.         Correspondence (A-C) (1865-1902).  Including some correspondence from Tams Bixby; Edwin Chadick; and Benjamin Smallwood.


7.         Correspondence (D-Q) (1889-1923).  Including some correspondence from Green McCurtain; and Robert L. Owen.


8.         Correspondence (R-Z) (1882-1936). 


9.         Correspondence (Moritz Lippman) (1895-1896).  re: the founding of the Choctaw Coal and Railway Company.


10.       Correspondence (Pitchlynn family) (1881-1889). Includes correspondence from Peter Perkins Pitchlynn; Capt. Wm. B. Pitchlynn; and other members of the Pitchlynn family.


11.       Court Documents (1882-1901).

A)        Affidavits:

1.         Fritz Sittel, to the Chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs (c. 1889).

2.         Islin Watson, written in Choctaw (1882).

B)        Briefs (printed):

1.         Fritz Sittel vs. The Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad Company, et al, (1895).

2.         Edward Sittel vs. Allen Wright (1901).

C)        Briefs and Documents (handwritten):

1.         Guardianship of the minor children of Capt. Wm. B. Pitchlynn (1891).

2.         Trouth vs. Sittel (1894).

3.         Sittel vs. Johnson (1891).

4.         Sittel vs. J.J. McAlester (1894).

5.         Edward Sittel vs. Fritz Sittel, et al.  (1895).

D)        Miscellaneous Documents (handwritten) (1890).

E)         Naturalization Papers of Fritz Sittel (1890).


12.       Deeds, Lease, Mortgages and Promissory Notes (1890-1935). 

Deeds (1902-1922)

Lease (1901)

Mortgages: releases (1919-1925)

Correspondence (1891-1935)

Payment Receipts (1915-1922)

Promissory Notes (1890-1916)

Blank mortgage and promissory note forms


13.       Insurance, License and Permits (1883-1935).

A)        Correspondence (1932-1935).

B)        License to marry Melvina Pitchlynn, and application for license (1883).

C)        Permits:

1.         Farm:

a.         Edward Sittel, 1898.

b.         John Staler, 1894.

c.         Sam Armstrong, 1898.

d.         J. Ruff, 1894.

e.         J. Ruff, 1896.

2)         Labor:

a.         Edward Sittel, 1893.

b.         One Green, 1886.

3)         Occupation:

a.         John Tomlinson, 1897.

b.         Jessie Gran, 1888.

c.         Clint Gallahen, 1889.

d.         G.W. Robinson, 1897.


14.       Ledger and Account Books (nine items)


15.       Miscellaneous General (1872-1943).

Clippings, 1922-1943.

Business cards

Advertisements, c. 1891.

Blank order and mineral claim forms

Prescriptions and home remedies, 1894.

Miscellaneous notes.

List of the birth dates of the children and wife of Sittel, 1903.

Program:  Everyman's Bible Class Rally, 1926.

Luggage tag.

Order of payment to Capt. Washington for jury duty time, 1872.

Sketch of house floor plan

Government documents:  The Creek Agreement, 1902 and H.R. 11224, Jurisdiction of Indian Territory.


16.       Miscellaneous Notices and Receipts (1871-1937).


17.       Sittel, William B.  (1920-1928).  Correspondence and clippings.  re: the death of William B. Sittel, and insurance settlements.


18.       Taxes (1900-1935). 

Assessment lists, 1913-1931.

Receipts, 1900-1935.

Correspondence, 1935.


19.       Township Plats (1904-1905).  Plats showing land owned by Sittel and his children in townships:

a.         15N-13E

b.         15N-14E

c.         6N-13E

d.         6N-12E

Correspondence, 1904-1905.

Miscellaneous sketches of property boundaries.


20.       United States Deputy Marshal  (1890-1922).

Commission as U.S. Deputy Marshal, 1890.  (located in Certificates and Diplomas Collection). 

Correspondence, 1891-1922.  Commission as Special Deputy Sheriff of Tobucksky County, Indian Territory, 1900.

Endorsements for Sittel for Pittsburg County Sheriff.




Certificates and Diplomas


1.      License issued to Edward Sittel for the purpose of operating a hotel (Elk House) in McAlester, Indian Territory; signed by J. F. McCurtain, Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation, 1884.


2.      Court order to Fritz Sittel, 1893.


3.      Beneficiary certificate of the Grand Legion of Missouri: names Melvina Sittel as beneficiary of Fritz Sittel; and application, 1888.


4.      Livestock registration certificate, 1890.


5.      Commission of Fritz Sittel as U.S. Deputy Marshal, 1890.


6.      Chattel mortgage and certificate of record, 1891.


7.      Certificate of third degree membership in the International Order of Odd Fellows, 1892.


8.      Certificate of membership in the Acme Library and Supply Association, 1893.


9.      Notice of Choctaw tribal enrollment, 1905.


10.  Insurance policy:  The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, Ltd., 1906.


11.  Homestead patents 21607 and 21762, issued to Jennette Sittel (Choctaw Roll #394); signed by Green McCurtain and Douglas Johnston, 1907.


12.  Three mortgages from the Humphrey Investment Company, 1915.


13.  Livestock registration certificate, 1918.


14.  Three insurance policies: Niagara Fire Insurance Company, 1932.


15.  Newspaper:  McAlester, News-Capital; pp. 3-6; Article: "Origin of City of McAlester is credited to Fritz Sittel.", 1933.


16.  Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, no dates.



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