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Box 1  Correspondence


Professional Correspondence. Incoming correspondence and copies of selected outgoing correspondence, primarily from professors of history at the University of Oklahoma and other universities.


1.         Professional correspondence, A-B, 1938-1965. Includes letters concerning Sears' biography of John Breckenridge, and letters from Joseph A. Brandt, Allen Nevins, and other professors of history.


2.         Professional correspondence, C-D, 1928-1965. Includes letters from University of Oklahoma President, George L. Cross, and Professors Lester J. Cappon and Edward Everett Dale.


3.         Professional correspondence, E-J, 1935-1974. Includes letters from Professors Gilbert C. Fite, W.E. Hollon, and Philip D. Jordan.


4.         Professional correspondence, K-M, 1929-1966. Includes letters from C. McGhee, Ambassador to Turkey, and Professors William Livezey and Max Moorehead.


5.         Professional correspondence, N-R, 1940-1961. Includes account of the injury and death of Professor H.C. Peterson, and letters from Walter Neustadt, Jr., and Professor Carl Coke Rister.


6.         Professional correspondence, S-Z, 1935-1966. Includes letters concerning Wooster College, and letters from Professors Leslie Smith, Morris Wardell, and C. Van Woodward.



General Correspondence. Includes personal correspondence of Helen and Albert Sears, and correspondence with professional colleagues.



7.         General correspondence, A-D, 1923-1949. Includes letters from Henry Augustus Adrian, and Professors Robert Carr and E.E. Dale.


8.         General correspondence, E-L, 1932-1949. Includes letters from Felix Lederer and Professor William Livezey.


9.         General correspondence, M-Q, 1923-1950. Includes letters from Arthur Murray and U.S. Representative, Mike Monroney.


10.       General correspondence, R-S, 1928-1950. Includes numerous letters from Professors J.W. Stovall, and Ralph H. Records, as well as letters written by A.B. Sears when he was working as a coach at Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio.


11.       General correspondence, T-Z, 1924-1946. Includes letters from Professors Carl F. Wittke and Morris L. Wardell, and letters written by Sears when he was Chief of the Historical Division at the Fourth Air Force Headquarters, San Francisco, California.


12.       General correspondence, A-D, 1947-1965. Includes letters from L.M. Bingham, E.E. Dale, and Winslow S. Drummond.


13.       General correspondence, E-L, 1941-1965. Includes letters from Mrs. E.K. Gaylord.


14.       General correspondence, M-R, 1945-1965. Includes letters from C.C. Rister, and James H. Rodabaugh re. the Worthington manuscript.


15.       General correspondence, S-Z, 1929-1965. Includes numerous letters from Professor Lloyd Stow.


16.       General correspondence, A-F, 1959-1965. Includes Sears' letter of resignation at the University of Oklahoma, "A Genealogical History of the Cook Family in Allen County & Putnam County, Ohio," and letters from George L. Cross.


17.       General correspondence, G-M, 1959-1965. Includes letters from Professors Weymouth Jordan, Arthur Murray, and William Leckie.


18.       General correspondence, O-R, 1959-1965. Includes correspondence from Percy Roe.



Box 2  Correspondence


General Correspondence, continued.


1.         General correspondence, S-Z, 1960-1965. Includes several letters with Albert Simpson of the Aerospace Studies Institute.


2.         General correspondence, A-D, 1966-1972. Includes letters from E.E. Dale and Bill Coker.


3.         General correspondence, E-L, 1966-1972. Includes letters from Gilbert Fite.


4.         General correspondence, M-R, 1966-1972. Includes letters from Marjorie Roller


5.         General correspondence, S-Z, 1966-1972. Includes letters from Lloyd Stow.


6.         General correspondence, A-G, 1971-1980. Includes letters from Platte Amstutz, Gilbert Fite, and E.K. Gaylord.


7.         General correspondence, H-L, 1970-1980. Includes letters from Gene Hollon and Philip D. Jordan.


8.         General correspondence, M-O, 1972-1981. Includes letters from Dave McKown and George McClure.


9.         General correspondence, P-Z, 1964-1980. Includes letters from Lloyd Stow and Jessie Roe.


10.       General correspondence: Arthur Murray to Helen and Albert Sears, 1954-1972.


11.       General correspondence: Arthur Murray to Helen and Albert Sears, 1973-1975.


12.       General correspondence: Arthur Murray to Helen and Albert Sears, 1976-1979.



Personal Correspondence: Sears Family Correspondence


13.       Correspondence from Helen Bethel, J. Edward Bethel, et. al., 1940-1974.


14.       Correspondence from Bea Baron and family, 1932-1974.


15.       Correspondence from Ed, Lucille, and Barbara Sears, 1931-1971.


16.       Correspondence from Gorrells, Shooks, Josephine Johnson and children, and Lowther, 1941-1974.


17.       Correspondence from Minnie and Seth Hill, and Robert Sears and family, 1925-1957.


18.       Correspondence from W.A. and Sadie Sears (includes diary of William Ansley Sears, 1896-1897, edited by Alfred B. Sears on April 10, 1949), 1916-1948.



Box 3  Sears Family Correspondence


1.         Correspondence from John, Millie, Elaine and Bill Sears, 1948-1974.


2.         Correspondence from Herb Dye, Rosemary Wells, the Prince family, and Rosemary Smith, 1950-1974.


3.         Correspondence between Helen and Alfred, and general letters sent by Alfred to inform friends about Helen's condition after an operation, 1925-1957.



Mason Family Correspondence


4.         Correspondence from August H. Mason (Helen's brother), 1932-1971.


5.         Correspondence from August H. Mason, 1971-1979.


6.         Correspondence from Ed and Kathryn Mason, 1938-1976.


7.         Correspondence from Franklin and Anna Mason (Helen's parents), 1931-1951.


8.         Correspondence from Mary Mayberry and family, 1932-1975.


9.         Correspondence from William and Martha Porter, 1932-1975.


10.       Correspondence from Ruth Trippeer, 1932-1974.


11.       Correspondence from Arthur Trumbo, 1934-1951.


12.       Correspondence from Howard Mason, Nancy Aughe, Jennifer Anderson, Irvin Mason, Campbell family, and Irene Rodabaugh, 1959-1975.



Box 4  Miscellaneous Files and Printed Materials


1.         Collected materials on aviation in Oklahoma. These materials were compiled by Sears when he conducted research on the history of aviation in Oklahoma, 1949-1951.


2.         Collected materials on the Earl of Bellomont.  Includes copies of letters from the Earl of Bellomont to Colonel Abraham De Feyster, note cards, etc. These materials were collected by Sears in preparation for an article that was never written, 1940s-1950s.


3.         Collected materials on H.H. Arnold.  Contains copies of letters to and from General H.H. Arnold, printed materials, and notes about Arnold. Sears edited correspondence between Arnold and overseas commanders of the Army Air Forces during World War II.  This project was commissioned by the U.S. Air Force Historical Division in 1966. 1941-1945, 1966.


4.         Collected materials on Thomas Worthington. Contains bibliographic information, letters from H.B. Swearingen and Thomas Worthington, family trees, printed materials, etc., compiled for Sears’ The Life of Thomas Worthington, 1933-1973.


5.         Collected materials on the University of Oklahoma Department of History. Contains "Annual News Letters of the Department of History, University of Oklahoma, 1961-1966;" "suggestions to new Chairman, Sears to Fite," 1955; "Staff of the Department of History University of Oklahoma, 1892-1947;"  and a poem written for Sears upon his retirement.


6.         Letters of Recommendation.  Letters recommending Sears for athletic coaching jobs including two letters written by Knute Rockne. Sears began his career as a high school football coach at Bellaire High School, Bellaire, Ohio.  This file also includes a copy of a letter from Sears to E.E. Dale applying for a job at the University of Oklahoma, 1926-1932.


7.         Professional Conference Programs.  Oklahoma Association of College History Professors 32nd and 33rd annual meetings, 1980, 1981.  Oklahoma Association of Professional Historians 39th, 40th, and 42nd annual meetings, 1987, 1988, 1990.


8.         General materials on the history of aviation (1906-54) including publications of the Oklahoma Aviation Commission, notes, magazine clippings, and bibliographical cards.



Certificates and Diplomas Collection


1.         High school life certificate to Helen Lenore Mason, State Board of School Examiners, Columbus, Ohio, 1925.


2.         Teacher's certificate to F.R. Mason, Allen County Board of School Examiners, Lima, Ohio, 1887.


3.         Certificate of achievement in varsity football, baseball, and track to Alfred B. Sears, College of Wooster, "W" Association, Wooster, Ohio, 1924.


4.         Teacher's certificate to F.R. Mason, Allen County School Examiners, Lima, Ohio, 1892.


5.         Membership in the "Society for the Advancement of Bon Vivants" to Alfred B. Sears, USS Missouri, 1951.



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