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Brown, John F. (1843-1919)
Printed materials 1870-1907
.25 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of news articles (1870-1907) relating to mining and grazing leases, Dawes Commission proceedings, tribal government, and politics of the Seminole Nation, along with editorials concerning John F. Brown, a businessman and principal chief of the Seminoles from 1877-1902.
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Cutlip, C. Guy (1881-1938)
Papers 1867-1967
5 feet

Judge. Records (1930-1931) of the Oklahoma Bar Association's board of governors; speeches (1927-1936) by Cutlip; manuscripts (n.d.) regarding the history of Seminole County, Oklahoma, Wewoka, Oklahoma, and the Seminole Indian Nation; Seminole Indian land allotment certificates (1901-1902); Cutlip's travel diaries and personal diaries (1920-1936); records (1905-1910) of the Wewoka Masonic Lodge; and a financial ledger (1867-1872) of the Wewoka Trading Company.
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Davis, Alice Brown (1852-1935)
Printed materials 1905-1935
6 Items

Collector. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1905-1935) regarding Seminole Indian land claims in Mexico and Seminole Indian schools, along with a biographical sketch of Mrs. Davis, and her obituary.
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Harrison, Jacob
Printed materials 1905
3 items

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1905) regarding Harrison's impeachment and removal from office as chief of the Seminoles and, John Brown, his replacement.


Impson, Hiram
Letter 1940
1 item

Collector. A letter (1940) written by Paul McKennon, recounting his experiences in the Seminole Nation (1894-1896) with an explanation of how criminals were punished under Seminole law.
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Jumper, John (1823-1896)
Printed materials 1874-1928
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1874-1929) by and about Jumper, and regarding the Peace Council of 1874, and the status of Christian missions in the Seminole Nation.
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Lilley, (Mrs.) John B.
Diary 1842-1857
1 item

Missionary. A typescript of a diary (1842-1857) kept by the wife of John B. Lilley, a Presbyterian missionary to the Seminole Nation. The diary describes the Lilleys' arrival among the Seminoles, the hardships of living in Indian Territory, problems with slaves, friction between the Creeks and the Seminoles, Wild Cat's (Coocoochee) departure for Mexico, and tensions prior to the Civil War.
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Micco, Hulbutta (ca. 1835-1905)
Printed materials 1898-1905
.10 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1898-1905) regarding the Seminole Nation, and Hulbutta Micco, who was the last regularly elected principal chief of the Seminoles before statehood.
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Ramsay, James Ross (1821-ca. 1890)
Manuscript ca. 1890
1 item

Missionary. A typescript of Ramsay's autobiography (ca. 1890) in which he relates his education and experiences as a Presbyterian missionary among the Seminoles, hardships during the Civil War, and accounts of medical treatment.


Seminole Nation Papers
Papers 1840-1979
.10 foot

Indian tribe. Typescripts of correspondence (1840-1939) and newspaper articles (1906-1933) regarding John Jumper and Seminole land disputes, along with resolutions and ordinances (1969-1979) of the Seminole General Council.
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Shumate, Enola
Ledger ca. 1897
1 item

Collector. A ledger (ca. 1897) containing census cards recording members of the Seminole tribe in Indian Territory.

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