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All material, unless noted otherwise, is typescript.






1.         Editorial on Tiger, from The South McAlester Capital, September 21, 1899.  Letter October 13, 1900.


2.         Biographical sketch of Tiger, from The Broken Arrow Democrat, September 20, 1907 and Eufaula Republican, September 13, 1907.


3.         Editorial on Tiger, The Indian Citizen, September 19, 1907.


4.         Biographical sketch of Tiger, the Coalgate Courier, September 26, 1907 and Hartshorne Sun, September 26, 1907.


5.         Editorial on Tiger, the Weleetka American, October 11, 1907.


6.         "Last Meeting of Creek Council", the Bixby Bulletin, October 11, 1907.


7.         News item of Tiger, The Muldrow Press, November 15, 1907.


8.         News item of Tiger, The Dewey World, April 15, 1908.


9.         Editorial on address by Tiger, The Indian Journal, October 9, 1908.


10.       Editorial on Tiger, from The Beggs Independent, March 19, 1909.


11.       Editorial on call for extra session by Tiger, from The Beggs Independent, April 16, 1909.


12.       Editorial on Tiger, The Guthrie Daily Leader, January 8, 1910.


13.       Letter from Tiger, October 15, 1910 (from the John Ross Collection).


14.       Editorial on Tiger, from The Oklahoma State Capital, February 18, 1911.


15.       News item of Tiger, from The Nowata Star, December 15, 1911.


16.       Letter.  re: Tiger as chief, January 24, 1914.


17.       Biographical sketch of Tiger, by Capt. G.W. Grayson, December 2, 1931.


18.       Editorial on Tiger, January 10, no year.


19.       "Fifty Creeks Ask Removal of Chief Moty Tiger and Delivery of Land Patents", unidentified newspaper clipping.


20.       Excerpt from Notable Men of Indian Territory, edited by Paul W.H. Dewitz, n.d.


21.       Letter.  re: freedmen and the allocation of land, February 19, 1914.


22.       Letter.  re: freedmen participating in the division of the tribal money, February 21, 1914.


23.       Two photostat copies of a certificate signed by President Theodore Roosevelt appointing Tiger as principal chief of the Creek Nation in Indian Territory, September 5, 1907.


24.       Reproduction of a poster titled "Grand Rush for the Indian Territory! Now is the Chance to Procure a Home in this Beautiful Country!"  Advertisement is for a colony leaving from Independence, Kansas on May 7, 1879 by the Kansas City, Lawrence & Southern Railroad.



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