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Box 1



1. Correspondence, 1925-1950.


2. Contracts, appointments and other legal papers, 1929-1948.


3. Miscellaneous newspapers, including editions of the Chicago Daily Tribune and the Shawnee Evening Star.


4. Blank Army forms from WWI, including clinical records, patient passes, and officer's pay vouchers.


5. Hospital orders, memos and other paperwork from U.S. Army General Hospital #3, Rahway, New Jersey, 1918-1919.


6. Army papers, 1925


7. Medical War Manual #5, Lessons From the Enemy: How Germany Cares for Her War Disabled, by John R. McDill, M.D., 1918.


8. Papers on medical topics, including:


        frontal sinusitis

        "What the General Man and the Pediatrician Should Know About Childhood Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat"

        infections of the middle ear

        foreign bodies in the crystalline lens (of the eye)

        diseased tonsils as a factor in focal infections

        syphilis of the eye

        "Some changes in the fundus associated with disease elsewhere"

        complications of the exanthemata



9. Camp Fire Girls material, including a 1936 handbook.


10. "Membership certificate in the 7th War Loan E Bond Quota Club," 1945.



Box 2



1. Insurance policies, including one from Lloyd's of London.


2. Shawnee Rotary Club Bulletin,1944-1949.


3. Medical Laws of Oklahoma (1950-1954); Supplemental Official List of Licensed and Registered Physicians and Surgeons, 1953.


Also includes date books for 1941-1945.

Box 3



1. "A Short Review of the Pottawatomie County Medical Society and Some Suggestions for its Future Welfare".


2. The Bulletin, a publication of the Oklahoma County Medical Association and the Oklahoma City Clinical Society, 1942-1953.


3. The Bulletin of the Tulsa County Medical Society, February 1950 and July 1953 and January 1950.


4. Preliminary Program Announcements for the Southern Medical Association Annual Meetings for 1947 and 1948.


5. Constitution and By-Laws as Amended by the Pottawatomie County Medical Society, 1933.


6. The Bulletin of the Garfield County Medical Society, September 1949.


7. Program for the 1954 Annual Conference of the Oklahoma City Clinical Society, 1954.


Also, several issues of The Bulletin of the Pottawatomie County Medical Society, 1946-1955.



Box 4



1. Selective Service memos, orders, letters, forms, etc. re: physical exams of registrants, 1940s.


2. "Handbook of Conservation Practices for Seminole County, Oklahoma 1946 Agricultural Conservation Program" by the United Sates Department of Agriculture, March 18, 1946.


3. Special Report of the American Medical Association. re: physicians as members of the United States Congress, December 21, 1956.


4. Several issues of Trends, a newsletter analyzing economic developments and tendencies, 1948-1950.


5. "Instructions Governing Re-Examinations of Employees" of Rock Island Lines (Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company).


6. Miscellaneous Rock Island Lines handbooks, manuals and publications, 1928-1950.


7. Miscellaneous programs, invitations, business cards, bank books, etc.


8. Masonic laws and handbooks, 1910-1914.


9. United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Pensions "Instructions to Examining Surgeons," 1916, 1922, 1928.


10. Ciba Clinical Symposia, July 1952, May-June 1953.


11. CA, A Bulletin of Cancer Progress, July 1953.


12. "The Pathology and Treatment of Corneal Ulcers" and "A Valuable Aid in Intra-Capsular Cataract Extraction" by Oscar M. Nugent, M.D., 1931, 1932.


13. Quinine Formulary, 1940; Cortone, A Handbook of Therapy, 1952.


14. An Aural Atlas by Dr. Gallaher, 1946.



Box 5


1. Account ledger, 1919-1936


2. Operations and appointment book, 1922-1936


3. Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Ledgers

1921 to 1927

1928 to 1930


1934 to 1935


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