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Chinese Literature Translation Archive

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Bizzell Memorial Library
401 W. Brooks St
Norman, OK 73019
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The Chinese Literature Translation Archive at OU seeks to provide a more dynamic experience of the full life world of Chinese literature in the West by providing researchers with draft materials, correspondence, notes, and other important historical materials. The CLT Archive currently houses over 6,000 volumes and thousands of documents from some of the greatest translators of Chinese literature in the West: Howard Goldblatt, Wolfgang Kubin, Wai-lim Yip and Arthur Waley.

According to its founder and Curator, Dr. Jonathan Stalling, the mission of the archive is to change the material conditions for translation studies, moving from a comparison-based approach (comparing individual translations to their originals) to more historically informed research methods supported by a far richer artifactualization of the translation process in historical time.

The following videos provide additional information about the archive and its mission: