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Alerting Services

Alerting Services can be used to automatically generate lists of search results from various online resources available to OU Libraries users, either via RSS feeds or e-mail. With many of these resources, you can also set up journal alerts to notify you when a new issue of a journal is published. The methods used to create these alerts will vary from resource to resource; below are a few examples of how to set up search and journal alerts in some of OU Libraries most-used resources:


To access the Discover alerts system you will need to log in to the library's website, then click on the "My Books" link. From here you can perform a Discover search. Please note that performing a search through the Discover box on the front page without first accessing "My Books" may interfere with alert functionality.

Creating an RSS feed of these search results is as easy as simply clicking "RSS" in the left margin of the results page, and subscribing to the feed with your RSS reader of choice. Please note that the Firefox web browser currently cannot handle Discover's RSS feeds and an alternative browser will need to be used.

Discover search alerts can also be sent to you via e-mail. You must be logged in to the OU Libraries website to use this function. Click on the "Save Query" link in the left margin; this will create a pop-up menu. In this menu, click "Save & alert" and fill out the required information.

EBSCO Collection

Once you have reached the EBSCO Collection search results page, both RSS and e-mail alerts can be found in the "Share" drop-down menu, located at the top-right of the search results. You will need to be logged in to OU Libraries to use these options. Simply click "Share", then select either e-mail or RSS alerts, and follow the instructions provided.

To create a journal alert using EBSCO Collection resources, click on the "Publications" link at the top of the page. Locate the journal you wish to set up alerts for either using the search bar or the alphabetical list, then click on the title to view the journal's details.  On the details page, both e-mail and RSS alerts can be set up with the "Share" menu, located in the top-right of the page.


Alert setup options can be found on the top-right of the Proquest search results page. Click "Save Search/alert" and choose either "Create RSS feed" or, for e-mail alerts, "Create alert", then follow the instructions in the subsequent menu.

To create a journal alert in Proquest, click on the "Publications" link at the top of the page and locate the journal you want to set up an alert for. On the left side of the journal's details screen, directly beneath the journal title are links to create e-mail alerts and RSS feeds.

Google Scholar

To set up an e-mail alert for Google Scholar results, click on the "Create alert" link in the left margin of the search results page. Once you have verified the e-mail destination, simply click the "CREATE ALERT" button.