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Digital Scholarship Fellowship

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Through the generous support of donor funding, OU Libraries hosted their inaugural Digital Scholarship Fellowship in 2020-2021. This structured program provided financial assistance and expert support to empower students and faculty to gain a deeper understanding of digital scholarship research methods. The program is not currently active, but faculty and students can contact the Libraries for general project assistance.

The Fellowship aims to:        
  • Foster collaboration across subject disciplines
  • Build a community of practice in digital scholarship
  • Provide high impact, project-based learning for students

Listed below are faculty and student recipients, 2020-2021: 

Project Title: 3D Digital Archive of Ancient Trans-Saharan Trade 
Faculty Partner: Dr. Thomas Fenn, Anthropology    
Student Fellow: Ian Miller, Economics major 

Project Title: Plainscapes: A Digital Project: Black Space and Community on the North American Great Plains
Faculty Partner: Dr. Kalenda Eaton, African and African American Studies   
Student Fellow: Sally Johnson, English major

Project Title: Digital Humanities, Popular Geopolitics and the Subreddit r/polandball 
Faculty Partner: Dr. Darren Purcell, Geography    
Student Fellow: Carson Schlittler, Economics major 

Project Title: Indigenous Archives across Publics: Collaborative Digital Curation through the Mukurtu Platform
Faculty Partner: Dr. Amanda Minks, Honors College   
Student Fellow: Kamryn Yanchick, Political Science major

Project Title: Digital Mapping Wyman’s Florida Travels
Faculty Partner: Dr. Asa Randall, Anthropology   
Student Fellow: Laura Pott, Anthropology major

The projects involved the following research methods: 

  • Analyzing data and textual information
  • Recreating delicate and endangered artifacts or spaces using 3D modeling to allow virtual and collaborative study 
  • Geo-mapping data to identify patterns
  • Creating a digital platform or online exhibit
  • Understanding concepts of programming and algorithms


Fellowship Program Facilitators

Jessica Davila  
Associate Dean for Digital Strategies & Innovation  

Theo Acker   
Digital Scholarship Specialist  

Dr. John Stewart  
Assistant Director of the Office of Digital Learning