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LL2 Access for PhD Candidates

Doctoral students who have completed their coursework, passed their qualifying exams, and are currently enrolled in dissertation credits may apply for access to the Faculty Focus Rooms, the Faculty Research Room and other amenities available in that space. If you qualify and would like access to this space, please apply online. Library personnel will confirm your qualification and then provide access to the space via your OU ID. You will be notified once access has been granted. 

Students should refrain from allowing unauthorized users into the space. Students who abuse their access privilege by allowing unauthorized users to either use their OU ID or open doors for them may have their access revoked indefinitely. Per Sooner Card policy, an OU ID should only be used by the person to whom it is issued and will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder. Inactivity for more than ninety days may result in loss of access; students wishing to regain access will need to reapply.

This program and its sustainability will be reviewed annually.