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Putting Materials on Reserve

To request materials be placed on reserve:

Use the Reserves Request Form or email the reserve department to place materials on reserve.

There are several options for sending the item to the reserves department. You may:

  • Bring or send the original item or a photocopy to Bizzell Memorial Library circulation desk,
  • If you have found an item in one of our databases, send the name of the database and the author and title of the article,
  • Send us the call number and other information for an item in our collection, but please be aware that if we have to find the item on the shelves ourselves, it will take longer, particularly at peak times at the beginning of each semester.

Please plan ahead and allow at least two weeks for items you would like to have on reserve at the beginning of a semester; requests are handled strictly in the order they are received.

What Must Be Included:


  • All photocopied materials must include a photocopy of the copyright statement from the original (with © symbol) and a complete citation.
  • Sections of Books must include: the title, edition, volume, place of publication, publisher, data, ISBN and the pages copied.
  • Articles must include: the complete name of the journal, volume, issue number, issue date, ISSN, and the page copied.
  • A completed Reserve Request form must accompany all items.

Using Materials in Consecutive Semesters

Material may be reused in subsequent semesters if the initial use was determined to be a fair use under our copyright policies.

The Reserves Department does not maintain a list of Reserve items from semester to semester. Instructors are responsible for notifying the Reserves Department before the end of the current semester if they wish to retain the item on reserve for the next semester or hold it over the summer for fall semester.

Placing Personal Materials on Reserve

The Reserves Department is not responsible for any loss of personal copies of books, videos, or computer software.

The Reserves Department is not responsible for wear and tear, mutilation or marking of personal or departmental copies. The Reserve personnel will label all personal copies with several adhesive stickers and a magnetic strip.

Copyright Guidelines

Please review our section on Copyright & Reserves 

Reserving Videos for Classroom Use

If you are planning to show a video owned by University Libraries in class and want to ensure that the video is available for your use, you can put your video on reserve a few days before your class and remove it a few days after. This way students who miss seeing it in class can borrow it for 4 hours to view. Make sure you note the day you will be showing it on your reserve request form, and contact the reserves supervisor by phone at (405) 325-5704 or by email the day before class during business hours to ensure the video will be available for your class.