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Reserved Bookshelves

Bookshelves located in graduate student and faculty research rooms are available for storage of research materials on a first-come, first-served basis. Bookshelves may be checked out to graduate students for 60 days and to faculty for 365 days, with the option for one renewal. All library materials stored on the bookshelves must be checked out to the individual. Library items not checked out to an individual will be returned to the library collection. Personal items left on unassigned bookshelves will be taken to the Lost & Found located at the circulation desk on the main floor of the Bizzell Memorial Library and are subject to the Lost & Found Policy. University Libraries is not responsible for items stolen or missing from the bookshelves.

Rows of shelves

To checkout a shelf: Find a shelf that is empty and is tagged “Available.” Take the “Available” card to the circulation desk on the main floor of Bizzell and use your OU ID to check out the shelf. Circulation personnel will keep the tag, and your shelf will be labeled reserved. It is then yours to use to store research materials for the duration of the loan period. At the end of the loan period, you will receive an email notice from the library to either renew or remove items from the shelf so it can be used by others. If you do not renew, items should be removed from the shelf within 5 business days. Items left for more than 5 days on an unassigned shelf will be returned to the library collection and/or taken to Lost & Found.