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Software and Data Carpentry

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Software and Data Carpentry

The Carpentries Foundation 

The Carpentries teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. Hands-on workshops cover basic concepts and tools, including program design, version control, data management, task automation, and fundamental data skills. Participants are encouraged to help one another and to apply what they have learned to their own research problems and workflows. Currently there are three curricula, Software Carpentry (SWC), Data Carpentry (DC), and Library Carpentry (LC). There are new communities such as High Performance Computing that are working to join the other groups. 

The Carpentries at OU: A History 

In the summer of 2013, the first Software Carpentry workshop was held on campus hosted the High Performance Computing group OSCER and the College of Atmospheric Sciences. Shortly afterwards, a second workshop was offered for the Biology Department and the Oklahoma Biological Survey. The workshops gained popularity and are now hosted and sponsored by the OU Libraries to advance its mission to serve the research and academic units across the Norman campus. 

The University of Oklahoma joined the Software Carpentry Foundation (SCF) in October of 2015.  Members of the original consortium lead by the OU Libraries included the College of Arts and Sciences, the Vice President for Research, the Oklahoma Biological Survey, and the South Central Climate Science Center. In January, 2018, Data and Software Carpentry merged to form a new organization called The Carpentries.

Currently, three general beginner workshops are held during the fall and spring semesters. Locations of the workshops have been primarily held at the Bizzell Memorial Library in the HCLC Classroom LL123, and The Core and the Innovation Hub's active learning classroom, both located on OU's South Campus. 

Current OU Sponsors

Topics for Carpentry Workshops

Software Carpentry 

the Unix shell ⇒ automate repetitive tasks

Git & GitHub ⇒ version control to track and share work

Python or R ⇒ programming languages to build modular code

Data Carpentry

spreadsheets ⇒ Best practices 

OpenRefine ⇒ Tidy Data, data cleaning

SQL ⇒ using databases to manage and interrogate data

Analytics & Visualization using R  ⇒ Code provided for simple plots

Future Workshops

Registration for Carpentries Workshops can be found on the UL Events page. You can receive notifications of when new  registrations open by subscribing to the e-mail list below.

Fall 2023
All workshops will be in-person unless indicated. 

Software Carpentry (Python)
Friday Mornings: 9:00am-12:30pm

  • Sep 15. Unix/Linux Command Shell 
  • Sep 22 Python part 1 
  • Sep 29 Python part 2 
  • Oct 13 Git/Github Version Control

Data Carpentry for Social Science (R)
November 20-21 (2 days w/ breaks)


TBD Geospatial Data Carpentry for R
Decemeber After finals 
Let us know if you are interested. 


Version Control Git/GitHub (Virtual on-line)
October 18
9:00am - 12:30pm

Introduction to Docker
October 27
9:00am - 12:30pm

E-mail For future notification of Carpentry Events

A listserv mail group has been created for those who are interested in receiving more about up-coming research workshops. Questions and discussion about the Carpentries and/or the lessons taught can be sent here

Past Software Carpentry (SWC) and Data Carpentry (DC) Workshops


March 14-15 DC
May 18-19  SWC

Carpentries Virtual On-line Workshops


Data Carpentry on-line

  • Mar 20: Data Organization in Spreadsheets
  • Apr 6: Cleaning Data with OpenRefine
  • Apr 20: R Part 1
  • Apr 27:  R Part 2
  • May 4: Data Management with SQL

August 19-20 SWC
November 22-23 Canceled
December 20-21
Software Carpentry On-Line