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Western History Collections: Sound Recordings

Finding and Using Sound Recordings

Our sound recordings include over 2,500 cassette tapes, compact discs, records, and reels of Native American songs and folklore, and oral histories by Oklahoma pioneers. Highlights are audio tapes of the popular radio program Indians for Indians Hour, which aired from 1941-1973, hosted by Don Whistler on OU's radio station WNAD; the Doris Duke Collection of oral history interviews (1967-1972) with Native Americans in Oklahoma; and recordings of Oklahoma School of the Air broadcasts from the 1950s.

Contact us to find sound recordings on your research topic.

Copy Fees

Copies can be made of some of our sound recordings but often require that we send them off-site to be converted. Contact us to place an order. Copies will generally be provided as a digital file.

The copy fees are:

  • Digital .wav file: $20
  • Reel-to-reel tapes: Minimum $65 per hour conversion cost; price may vary