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Bibliographic, Citation, and Reference Management Software

Bibliographic management tools, also know as reference managers or citation managers, allow you to gather, organize, cite, and share all types of research sources in multiple citation formats.

University Libraries currently supports and recommends the tool Zotero, which is free and open source. Zotero lets you create sharable "group libraries" in addition to helping you organize your personal references. Librarians are available to answer questions and provide instruction in the use of Zotero.

OU IT provides a license for EndNote, but OU Libraries is unable to provide assistance with using it.  For help using EndNote, please visit their Training and Support page.

Getting Started with Zotero

For more detailed instructions on using Zotero (including an installation demonstration video), please see our Zotero research guide. If you have questions, need help using Zotero, or are interested in scheduling a Zotero workshop for your group or class, please contact your liaison librarian.