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Geology & Geophysics

Getting Started Databases

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Publications

A compilation of articles and analogs about petroleum exploration. Provides access to the AAPG Bulletin and AAPG Special Publications, including the SEPM Journal of Sedimentary Research. Materials indexed include bulletin articles, book articles, and meeting paper abstracts. Full text is available.


A part of Elsevier's Engineering Village, GeoBASE covers human and physical geography, geology, oceanography, geomechanics, ecology, nature conservation, international development, and related disciplines. Materials indexed include journals, books, conference proceedings, and reports.

Geological Guidebooks of North America

This database consists of references to geologic field trip guidebooks of North America and contains information from the print publication The Union List of Geologic Field Trip Guidebooks of North America, sixth edition.


A part of Elsevier's Engineering Village, GeoRef is an international database of geoscience literature of the world. Materials indexed include journal articles, books, maps, conference papers, reports, and theses. Covers the geology of North America from 1785 to the present and the geology of the rest of the world from 1933 to the present. This database includes references to all publications of the U.S. Geological Survey and is the electronic equivalent to Bibliography and Index of Geology.

GeoScience World

GeoScience World is a comprehensive resource for research and communications in the geological and earth sciences. Built on a core database aggregation of peer-reviewed journals, this database is linked and inter-operable with GeoRef. Provides access to journals by over 30 earth sciences publishers and indexing for over 2,000 books.


OnePetro is an online library of technical literature for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Indexes papers from the Society of Petroleum Engineering.

Petroleum Abstracts

Access abstracts related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Includes bibliographic references and abstracts for scientific and technical articles from more than 300 journals and conference proceedings, patent descriptions, government documents, dissertations, books, and other sources.

SciFinder n

Chemical Abstracts Service database of the chemical literature; indexes journals, conference proceedings, patents, dissertations, reports, and books. Includes step-by-step synthetic procedures for reactions, as well as retrosynthesis information. Some full text is available.

Web of Science

Multidisciplinary index covering topics in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. It is the electronic equivalent of the Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Science Citation Index. Some full text is available.