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Faculty Focus Rooms

Example faculty focus room

Faculty focus rooms provide privacy and flexibility for faculty users and allow for longer-term reservations. Faculty can reserve many of these spaces for up to eight hours at a time, one month in advance; others are available for as many as seven days at a time, up to three months in advance. Walk-in, first-come,first-served spaces are also available. The faculty focus rooms feature a variety of furniture, including large traditional desks, sit-to-stand desks, lounge seating, and treadmill desks. For more details please see our Reserve a Room page.

Floor: LL2
Room Number: LL2501, LL2503, LL2505, LL2507, LL2512, LL2514, LL2515, LL2517, LL2518, LL2519, LL2520, LL2521, LL2522, LL2523, LL2524, LL2525, LL2526, LL2528, LL2531, LL2533, LL2534, LL2535, LL2536, LL2537, LL2538, LL2539, LL2540, LL2541, LL2542, LL2543, LL2544, LL2545



  • Room access and room reservation privileges are limited to faculty.
  • A valid and functional OU ID card is required to access the faculty area of LL2.