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Graduate Student Focus Rooms

A desk and chair

Type of Space

Focus Room

These small focus rooms are available to graduate students and feature a variety of seating and equipment arrangements. 

Floor: Lower Level 2
Room Number: LL2114, LL2116, LL2118, LL2119, LL120, LL2121, LL2123, LL2124, LL2125, LL2126, LL2128, LL2130*, LL2131*, LL2132*, LL2133*, LL2134*, LL2135*, LL2136*, LL2138*, LL2140*, * = are walk-in rooms
Size (Occupancy): 1



  • These rooms must be reserved to be used. 
  • Only OU graduate students are allowed to reserve these rooms.
  • A maximum four hours can be reserved at a time, up to one month in advance.
  • Food and drinks with lids are allowed.